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  1. Can someone PM me the video if possible, needing a good laugh
  2. Gascoigne for me followed closely by Laudrup
  3. I’m on the 10 month plan mate, not sure if that has made a difference in terms of getting my verification email.
  4. I got an email pretty much straight away mate with a link to update my cccs preferences and payment methods.
  5. Mine auto-renewed but went on to change to the 10 month payment option as I just can’t manage the 4 month payment plan in the current circumstances. Not had any confirmation if this has been successful or not. Anybody else switch to this option? If so, how long did it take for you to get an email regarding your application for credit?
  6. While I still wouldn’t be interested in a refund as it’s money I’d piss up the wall, surely our insurance premium would go up in the event of a payout.
  7. I don’t want him to leave as I still think he can turn things around. As well as that, I would be worried about who replaced him. Not got complete faith that we wouldn’t end up with another Caixinha type in charge.
  8. TBagalag


    Thought he was excellent today along with the rest of the back line. Well in Tav
  9. I stand corrected, you’re right enough mate
  10. Last season I got 7 away matches through CCCS, this season only Livi and now Hearts up to the split🤦‍♂️
  11. Ah well, that’s that fucked then, will be 4 or 5 by the end no doubt.
  12. Penalties being taken now mate
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