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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Especially after (in McInnes’ words) they were murdered on Saturday. Got to be expecting a big reaction from the sheep players. Although in all likelihood they will do what they do best, shite it and get pumped 3 or 4 nil.
  2. Dundee United

    Just had a look on their site because I didnt fully believe they would offer something so shit. They do and it’s £35 a head with the food being ‘freshly’ delivered from a chip shop that’s a couple of miles away from the ground.
  3. Ever Sat In The Away Section At Ibrox?

    Sat in the away end at Ibrox for the last game of the 6 in a row season in 93/94. Wasn’t a season ticket holder at the time and my Dundee supporting mates gave me a ticket for nothing. Was a boring and relatively low key 0-0 draw, stayed to celebrate at the end with a surprising number of ‘Dundee’ fans joining in.
  4. Another shambles from the referee.

    ????, that would be some sight ya mad man!!!
  5. Another shambles from the referee.

    If it was the case a player had to be on his feet before being sanctioned, I would imagine managers would be instructing defenders to feign injury, stay down and get stretchered off if they committed an offence where a second booking or straight red was imminent.
  6. Another shambles from the referee.

    Surely that can’t be right? As I understand it the injured player must be booked before leaving the field of play if a booking is deemed appropriate for the offence.
  7. Another shambles from the referee.

    Your comment reminded me of when Albertz got brought down in the box from Lambert. Cunt was on a yellow already but ref let him off purely on the basis his teeth were scattered on the Ibrox turf. Always thought it would have been great if the ref dished out the red as he was lying on the stretcher.
  8. Another shambles from the referee.

    Indicative of the refereeing all night mate.
  9. Another shambles from the referee.

    Was just watching footage of the pen and to me it looks like the initial contact is definitely from the defender.
  10. Another shambles from the referee.

    True, I’m not generally one for seeking protection for our players from refs but as you suggest, some of the challenges against our players that go unpunished are at times criminal.
  11. Another shambles from the referee.

    Inconsistent? Tonight was just general incompetence from that baldy bastard.
  12. Delusional sheep

    Only just mate, the new stadium’s proposed capacity is 20,000 with their current hovel holding a few hundred over that.
  13. Where do you sit?

  14. Fraserburgh game in Barcelona

    The Dow Jones Bar will have it on, decent wee boozer, away from La Ramblas and not Irish.
  15. Pedro and Cruz Azul

    He must have some patter when it comes to interviews, I thought nobody would touch him for a long while after his spell with us.