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  1. I don't think the majority of Warburton's signings can play never mind want to play. It's also looking like Pedro is out of his depth so lose, lose all round. Hopefully I'm wrong but I fear another miserable season.
  2. 1. Goram 2. Porrini 3. Amoruso 4. Cuellar 5. Numan 6. Albertz 7. Van Bronckhorst 8. Gascoigne 9. Laudrup 10. R. De Boer 11. Mols Manager. Walter Smith
  3. Couldn't make up the shite our media write: "Leigh Griffiths might have been having a bit of fun winding up the home crowd but the reaction was way out of line." Having a bit of fun? The wee dick was asking to get his cunt kicked in.
  4. This all day long, get a decent win one week then an utter dog shite draw or defeat v Montrose or some other mob the next. I'm preying that getting knocked out of the Europa League was just a freak result but unfortunately I think it's going to be another testing season for us supporters to say the least.
  5. So that's a no from you then😁
  6. Was just about to say the same, was a great day out and was chuffed to fuck for Halliday with that finish.
  7. Gazza for me.
  8. Sold being the operative word here. I was worried we would end up having him sitting out his contract before we got rid. Hopefully we can get something for the other deadwood floating around Ibrox.
  9. I thought he had a lengthy contract with his current club and would be too costly to bring in hence any interest never went further.
  10. It's like he's had a scrap with a Gucci shop and the shop won.
  11. I shudder at the memory of that
  12. I agree that a loan with a view to permanent move makes sense, but the childish part of me wants this as a permanent signing as a wee statement of intent about our business this transfer window. It is a big step for the lad but from the limited amount I've seen he does look like he would stroll this league.
  13. Really hope it's a permanent signing rather than a loan if that rag is to be believed.
  14. Like others I renewed early doors but honestly don't feel like going to matches next season after that shite today. Scunnered!!
  15. Worst thing is we are debating whether it was a red or not, those cunts could have played with ten men today and still beat us. Absolutely gutted!!