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  1. Need to be able to adapt to a different formation. We need more physicality in the middle of the park, games against Killie for example shouldn’t feel like 50/50 contests. We need more goals from midfield/wingers and we need quality options on the bench if things aren’t going well.
  2. The Monk

    FIFA 20

    In seasons yesterday I beat a guy playing Besiktas to win Div 1, he was all over me and I got Morelos sent off, scored an overhead kick from a corner with Davis then scored the winner in the last second of the game with Kamberi on the counter to win 2-1. One of the best moments I’ve had so far on fifa.
  3. Orange kits if done well can look great, personally I thought the orange kit hummel gave us wasn't great at all, in fact as much as I liked the home kits, I wasnt overly impressed with any of Hummel's away/third kits.
  4. Utter shite 😂 apart from Arsenal’s, the Adidas kits look poor so far this year
  5. Katic linked with Dijon, I know some dont rate him but I'd be disappointed to see him go. He has poor games but for the most part he's looked a very promising young defender who hasn't looked out of place in European games. Imo he is a much better player and prospect than Edmundson
  6. Both us and tims are going to be heavily linked with Jordan Ibe I reckon
  7. I don’t believe we are that bad generally speaking, just terribly lacking strength in depth which is where the tims are vastly superior and ultimately won the league. Compare the starting 11 between us and the tims and the difference is negligible. However, when one of their key players aren’t performing they could turn to Ntcham, Rogic, Elyanoussi, the Thumb, when our key players like Kent, Morelos, Jack etc stopped performing the alternatives were Brandon Barker, Ojo and the likes and so we had no answer to players being badly out of form other than to play them and hope they improve.
  8. Tbh I thought we might have been able to get some money for Foderingham, didn’t realise he was out of contract. Nevertheless a good decision to let them go all round, most need to be playing regularly and they won’t here, especially feel sorry for Halliday but there was no justifying keeping just because of his mentality.
  9. Yep, so many games we are lacking a physical presence in midfield. If Jack is injured there's pretty much no one to fill that void. I think we have to adjust the 4-3-3 a bit to accommodate Hagi as a No.10 so that it's more like 4-2-3-1. Main positions to strengthen are a defensive midfield, a right winger, a striker and a right back to compete with Tav or replace him if sold. Obviously will need two strikers in if Morelos is sold.
  10. Im actually finding the fact they are acting like this is a momentous achievement pretty funny
  11. Most of those cunts haven’t even got 9 teeth in a row
  12. The wording below from the Castore email this morning made me think we will get some sort of reveal today if they’re already talking about a pre-order window: We will shortly be launching the new kits for the 2020/21 season and are incredibly excited to unveil the designs to you all. An exclusive pre-order window will be offered for all MyGers members and we look forward to sharing more details soon.
  13. Only by Judy Murray so far
  14. Do you think it will be an actual reveal of the kit or just an announcement of the deal?
  15. The only reason for keeping them imo is that if they are removed you'll have countless taigs foaming at the mouth with the new club rubbish, although to be fair they'll find anything to obsess over. Other than that I'd much rather we had them on the arm or back of the collar than above the badge.
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