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  1. Ah ok, today might not be his day to start due to the risk of too much change but I`d like to see him get a good go in the future
  2. Can`t quite remember but what did Caixinha say in his press conference about Dodoo, being impressed with his attitude or something? If there`s anyone in our squad delighted about Warburton going its Dodoo, hope in the next few fixtures he gets a good chance, he`s a raw talent but he looks a natural finisher and has that pace we`ve been lacking up top.
  3. I would love to sign Cummings tbh, Walker would be good too. Just a question of whether Caixinha wants them really or what targets he has in mind.
  4. As a 3rd/4th choice option then most certainly I`d keep him, however I have no idea if his wages are sustainable for him to be kept as just a back-up so if he`s a high earner then best to let him leave.
  5. I`m gutted I won`t be able to next season but also hoping to get my first the season after, can`t wait.
  6. Could really do with favour from Hearts this weekend (I know how bad that sounds) but I`m still optimistic about getting 2nd, those 5 games are certainly winnable.
  7. I`m hopeful he`ll stay, would like to think Murty has told Caixinha just how important it is to keep him. I`ve noticed Gilmour seems to be enjoying his time here going by twitter and tbh the smart decision would be to stay.
  8. I can't believe their fans have had a meltdown on this scale over a 1-1 draw with us, can't even imagine what they'll be like when we eventually win 55
  9. Considering the circumstances I'm absolutely chuffed with that, feels a while since I last screamed and jumped around after a goal and our fans their got the chance to shut those cunts up a bit. We weren't great today but far better than any of the 3 games previous. Thank you Mr Hill
  10. No doubt Griffiths will come on for the last 10 mins and act the big man when he's done fuck all for them this season.
  11. Always find it beyond cringeworthy when they have all their unwashed fans by the team bus hurling abuse at our players as some kind of intimidation tactic
  12. I think I`ve now entered that stage of delusion positivity, 2-1 Rangers.
  13. Surely we aren't going to lose all 6 games against them?
  14. I would fucking love to win through the most dodgy decisions to send them into overdrive.