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  1. I don't think the team are that terrible footballers, they just don't have what it takes to be rangers players.
  2. Missing the game today and gutted, saving this point of the thread so I can read through the match bit by bit tonight
  3. Heartbreaking news
  4. Brendan is an arrogant fucker, guarantee if they are not winning at around the 60-65 min mark he`ll bring on Griffiths for a midfielder, key to this game is just to keep them out as long as possible and wait for the spaces to appear (although any style of play so long as we win suits me )
  5. Where`s Alex Schalk?
  6. If he plays then either (a) gets sent off (b) at fault for a goal (c) misses a pen in a shootout, it would be fucking tremendous.
  7. I will be away for this game so won`t hear anything until I can get internet later that day, weird feeling as that means I`ll miss all the emotions both good and bad but just praying we do this. I believe we can do it, they`ve dropped points recently suggesting they could be a bit sloppy, no wonder as the league`s won but that could work to our advantage. The previous OF games have for the most part gone horribly wrong for us bar the last one and I would argue a lot of that was due to MW`s car-crash defending, Murty showed in the last game so long as you keep it tight and press them they will make mistakes. The optimist in me is saying 1-0 but I wouldn`t be too surprised if it was settled in ET or possibly pens. Dodoo has to start but whether that`s for Waghorn or McKay I`m not sure, both were poor yesterday but if we were to replace both I don`t know who else would come in apart from Windass or Halliday?
  8. Sun reporting were chasing him on a pre contract
  9. Dodoo and Miller have to start up front. Maybe a 3 man midfield of Toral, Holt and Windass with Hyndman in behind the strikers but I thought Toral and Holt worked well last week as a deeper partnership. Would probably bring in Hill for Bates if he`s fit but defence on the whole has been fine last 2 games.
  10. If he keeps up the same kind of form as today I'd like us to go for Toral either loan again or permanent. Has no chance of making it at Arsenal so expect he'll look to leave this summer.
  11. Seeing the Sheep fans walking away has made my weekend
  12. That was fantastic play from Dodoo, what we've wanted to see from him for a while
  14. Bates is a vulnerability but doesn't help when Tav fucking leaves him exposed like that
  15. Pleasantly surprised or suicidal surprised?