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  1. To be fair, if we get past Hamilton it looks like it`ll be the tims, sheep and Hibs in the semi`s so either way we`ll have to play one of the worstcunts.
  2. Got a feeling we`ll get Hibs in the semi if we beat Hamilton
  3. Alnwick Houston Senderos Hill Wallace Toral Hyndman Miller McKay Dodoo Garner Dont know why I bothered posting this considering it won't happen, never even seen Houston play but fuck it. Selecting a team at the minute is a juggling act to chose the players you dislike slightly less than the others.
  4. On my stream just there you could here Tanner practicing his lines
  5. Never works for me on FIFA, Murty out!
  6. The guy is a grade A bellend, even thought that when he was at Liverpool, we're going through shit at the moment but I hope he's there just long enough for us to eventually win the league and ram it down that smug cunts throat.
  7. Seen earlier the Tims are pushing for a 48 team CL, as much as I disagree on them with almost everything, we absolutely need this to happen. As much as I hate them both us and them should ideally be Champions League regulars. Absolute joke how small leagues are getting shafted and even if we were to win the league next year, we`d have four rounds to play first. If things continue as they are the champions league will eventually be solely comprised of English, French, Italian, German and Spanish teams.
  8. Fair enough but you get my point
  9. I find it strange that in the last two managerial regimes we`ve had Ally McCoist and David Weir, yet in the fomer we couldn`t score to save our lives and in the latter we defended comically.
  10. Sorry, never realised that!
  11. McLeish at the game, would have to assume he`ll be given the reigns until the summer then?
  12. To be fair I wouldn't be surprised to see a few u20s in the squad today considering they're the players Murty will know better.
  13. Id forgot about that, getting excited now that in the future I might not shit myself everytime we concede a corner.
  14. Don't get me wrong I thought he needed to go, just find it sad seeing things unfold like this