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  1. Whilst I do think Wolves would probably have too much for us, last season they seemed to do better against the stronger premiership sides then kept cocking up against the games you thought they’d win so could work to our advantage being underdogs.
  2. Fuck I’m already looking at Eurostar journeys to Ghent. Wolves would be very easy to get to but I’d rather not be knocked out and can’t understand why anyway would go to Wolverhampton by choice, it’s an absolute fucking dump.
  3. Legia is probably our best draw but I’d like to knock Gent out and see us tear Lustig apart
  4. Off topic but I was just wondering in terms of booking flights now if there’s any chance there will be the odd few single OF tickets available for the 1 September game. I didn’t bother trying last season as I thought there’d be no chance but heard from quite a few people who were able to get spares.
  5. Candeias always looks better when we aren’t playing hammer throwers with eleven men behind the ball. He has his limitations but he is a severely underrated player.
  6. Have they confirmed it’s £12 on RTV? I was more than happy to pay the £5.99 last year but think that’s taking the piss a bit. Very glad that we buried the tie against St Joseph’s the other day is it gives us more breathing space to experiment a bit today and Thursday.
  7. They are going to really struggle to qualify though if this is their easiest game
  8. I have never seen him play so cant properly judge myself but a lot of people that actually follow French football don't seem to rate him at all.
  9. Calum McGregor is a good player, just don’t see it with Tierney
  10. A bit worried if they get that much for Tierney, I’d much rather he stayed there as he’s injury prone and isn’t that great anyway when he does play.
  11. Think he’ll be a good signing for Hibs when he’s inevitably loaned out. The guy has potential but I don’t really see what the big fuss is about him, I’d like to think the tims have been forced to spend more a lot more than they were prepared.
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