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  1. I’d be tempted for us to try a midfield diamond like below at some point but this probably isn’t the game for it tbh McGregor Tav Goldson Katic Barisic Davis Arfield Kamara Hagi Morelos Kamberi
  2. Off the top of my head I think Morelos, Barisic and Kamara are one booking away from missing the 2nd leg although I may have just made that up. Jack is already suspended and I think all bookings get wiped next round though.
  3. You just know we’re going to get fucked over by VAR somehow 😂
  4. We’ll really miss Jack in midfield (he’s suspended isn’t he?) and we really need Barisic back.
  5. Clicked on the hesgoal link and the comments section is pretty much just tims, fucking hell man
  6. Jammiest team on the planet, to think they’ve only dropped points in 3 games despite being this shite for most of the season
  7. Hope not I’ve booked flight and hotel 😂
  8. 10 in a row isn’t my biggest worry at the moment, it’s the tims getting to 55 first
  9. Our performances in Europe have papered over so many cracks for Gerrard. We’ve improved, of that there is no doubt but we haven’t improved enough.
  10. I can’t even remember what it’s like to have a season actually last until the final few games
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