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  1. Candeias title talk

    Bargain for 750k I think it was
  2. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Rangers 2-1 Hearts Morelos (34), Murphy(61); Lafferty (87) Not sure why I'm making such a precise prediction but there you go.
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Personally I think it all comes down to momentum in league run-ins. The tims` form is deteriorating and whilst we`ve been inconsistent the entire season you get the feeling under Murty we`ve been on the cusp of building a solid run several times. If that time is now then anything can happen, every game becomes a cup final etc.
  4. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    If we beat Hearts, and knowing us its a big "if", then I think it definitely becomes an actual title race
  5. The table shows how much Hibs have changed the complexion of the league, near enough the differences from last year is that points seem to be redistributed to them. You can say we`ve barely improved from last year but I think the league is much more competitive this year.
  6. Would be funny if it was a record fee for a Scottish club, just to fuck with the tims even more.
  7. It is a great deal, I just worry about who we’ll replace him with in the summer.
  8. We need a more physical holding midfielder to complement him but I really like Goss as a deep lying playmaker.
  9. Jordan Jones Trolls The Legomuncher

    Actually hope we sign Jones and Mulumbu in the summer, in fact they`re probably the first two players I`d look at along with a CB.
  10. Is it on BT? Actually desperate for this just to hopefully get the Hibs game out of my immediate memory, with the league over I think we should just go for it really and I`d be looking to start Docherty and Cummings for this. Catching Aberdeen and hoping for a miracle in the cup is all we have to aim for now.
  11. Jordan Jones Trolls The Legomuncher

    Looks like he`s playing duck duck goose
  12. Anything less than the Scottish cup

    They`re out thankfully
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Rodgers` regime is starting to unravel but it is disappointing we`ve fucked up any chance this season of being there to take advantage of that. Next year, I truly believe we have a decent chance of getting 55, we`re clearly not there yet as performances such as yesterday have shown but we`re not a million miles away either.
  14. Steve Clarke

    I think he`s quickly becoming the most logical candidate, would be disappointed if we didn`t at least try in the summer.