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  1. Jones won’t last a season with us, will be loaned out or sold as soon as the January window opens.
  2. I'm confident Kent will be here next season whether that be on loan again or permanent. So apart from that I think we need: Quality replacement for Worrall (Cooper is the obvious option). Squad player CB to replace McAuley. Two quality creative midfielders. One of which id hope to be a physical box to box type. A wide forward (Lovenkrands/Novo type)to give us an alternative to Candeias on the right. Another quality striker to compete with Alfie if he stays. I'm assuming Flanagan, McAuley, Worrall, Coulibaly, Davis will be leaving and possibly Lafferty, Defoe and Dorrans also. So I reckon 6 would be enough in addition to Kent providing there are no major sells, two of which can be cheap squad players. The bulk of our budget has to go towards the two creative midfielders, the alternative to Alfie and Worralls replacement.
  3. I’m sure “Craggs” will be looking for that bit of quality
  4. We look every bit as much of a shambles as we did last year now, all the enthusiasm and promise from the first half of the season has just evaporated. I don’t know where we go from here’s because I can see another 3rd place finish coming.
  5. I swear nearly every headline I see on us it’s along the lines of “ex-celtic star gives his thoughts on Rangers/Gerrard/[insert player]” 😂
  6. First time in years I genuinely don't have a clue.
  7. He has games where he looks outstanding then another 3 or 4 where he’s horrendous.
  8. I’m losing the energy to even moan
  9. If we keep it on the deck and play quick passes like we did against Hamilton and Killie we will win, can’t give Aberdeen what they want and turn it into a scrappy stop-start battle.
  10. Cheers mate, was able to get one earlier although there’s not many left at all.
  11. I’m probably wrong but was that a friendly when we’d just signed Cuellar? Weird how that feels like a lifetime ago now whilst only being just over 10 years. If I could pick the perfect European group, I’d love to see us (well unless we got battered 😂) play: Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Ajax. For some reason I would love to see us play Anderlecht also at some point.
  12. Online sale starts tomorrow for this, does anyone know what time the tickets come on the website? Id have guessed 9am but was hoping to buy them before starting work.
  13. Think our best bet is either him, Moyes or a foreign manager who’ll try to radically change their style of play in the hope of improving them in Europe.
  14. Wait all week to get to Friday now I’d rather jump in the bath with a toaster
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