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  1. The Monk


    Useless prick, get rid.
  2. Fair play to all the Kilmarnock fans for making it to one game this season.
  3. Can’t wait for them to revert to the non entity they are when Clarke leaves
  4. So Broadfoot grappling Goldson by the neck is perfectly okay then?
  5. Happy about that, Boyata wasn’t great but was still probably their best CB and it’s another player they’ll have to replace without receiving a fee for him.
  6. Not going to happen but I remember years ago there were rumours that HBO approached Bethesda about a game of thrones game. Just think that would be amazing having a sort of gta type game where you could pick your house and wreck rival cities etc.
  7. There is no way in hell they are getting away with this now. It's just a question of how severe the punishment will be.
  8. Apparently Wolves fans were starting random cheers to make Liverpool fans think Brighton had scored earlier 😂
  9. Seeing how miserable they all are after that just makes my heart melt.
  10. More important to keep than Morelos.
  11. I just don’t bother watching their analysis anymore, we can’t win a game without a bit of controversy. The game in December as a prime example led to month long (at least) witch hunt of Morelos.
  12. They are going to have a big turnover this summer with loans expiring, players wanting out etc. If they don’t get their recruitment spot on then 5ey are there for the taking. We are only getting stronger this summer.
  13. A lot will happen between now and the start of next season but we honestly made that look easy. We are nearly there to winning 55 and they know it.
  14. Need a second but a good strong start, Katic and Tav have been immense. Need to make every effort this half now to prevent them from getting any kind of rhythm with their passing.
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