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  1. Far better this half. I think that’s what frustrates us so much because when we raise our intensity we can smash these teams
  2. Some pass from Jack as well, he’s upped his game massively this season
  3. Morelos is honestly one of the best players in Europe in terms of using his strength. That was brilliant
  4. Don’t think there’s anything wrong with him going with Helander and Goldson as his preferred two but it is weird that Katic is out of the squad altogether.
  5. Think it's as much to do with the fact teams in Europe actually try to play football compared to the usual 10 men behind the ball tactics in Scotland where their intention is to disrupt any decent football being played.
  6. The Monk


    We are a far better team with him in it, particularly in terms of pressing and aggression.
  7. Superb tonight, just hope we don’t regret those missed chances. Crazy to think we really should have Feyenoord dead and buried at half time.
  8. Started really well but gutted we missed that penalty, for some reason he didn’t look confident taking it
  9. Does the day trip essentially count as an application for a ticket? I know you get your ticket with it but do you apply and then not pay until it’s confirmed you actually have a ticket? Never done his before.
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