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  1. Anyone know anywhere in Nerja likely to show the game?
  2. The Monk


    His transformation has been incredible this season, gone from a weak link to indispensable.
  3. Haha Rangers go 2-0, let’s talk about how bad Livingston’s form is
  4. Have to say that looked very much like a Defoe type finish, think he’s been having an excellent influence on Alfie
  5. I'd maybe have Arfield in for Ojo as the only potential change. Arfield hasn't had the greatest season so far but think he'll allow us to play a higher press and be a bit more physical
  6. Perfect, job done, now fuck off Hearts
  7. Aribo has been growing into the match, much better from him the past 10 minutes or so
  8. The Monk

    Jaap Stam

    Hopefully they disregard the Europa League and focus on rescuing their domestic season.
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