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  1. Actually pretty sure it's fake
  2. Think it's his actual twitter and he posted this
  3. It's meaningless obviously due to the first leg but glad its a bit of a reality check for the people in the media making them out as superstars, if anything hopefully it might dent their confidence a little
  4. Yeah definitely, I worded that wrong I think 63-66% is what we need in general to start getting near where we were before
  5. We need a manager who can get around 63-66% if we are to have any chance of winning trophies IMO.
  6. Apart from Morelos our striker options are woeful
  7. Having a bit of a disaster and already thinking of using my wildcard
  8. The more and more I think about it the worse an appointment it appears, honestly just want this Mr Bean fucker gone.
  9. McInnes was unfairly treated at Bristol City so not sure it's fair to use that against him, was given a failing squad with little resources, Lansdown has only recently started to invest proper cash.
  10. The obvious names are McInnes, McLeish and like a lot of people have said Allardyce would be great if we could get him. Probably not the time for another gamble although a couple of outside the box options could be Aitor Karanka, Claude Puel, Urs Fischer and Erik ten Hag although some may be unrealistic.
  11. Have to admit, I am starting to come round to the idea of McInnes, he's an uninspiring choice but he's in similar vein to when we brought in McLeish in a way.
  12. Luckily I'm on holiday so will miss this
  13. You can't spend £10million and still look worse than Aberdeen, just unacceptable.
  14. Hopefully Mark Allen has Roberto Mancini's number
  15. The crushing thing is that the board won't sack him anytime soon, the writing was on the wall for Warburton for a while and they only got rid of him because his agent fucked up. Think we'll have to wait until Christmas till he's gone but by then it'll be too late.
  16. We won't win trophies under him so what's the point in waiting any longer, he has to get so far to fuck after this.
  17. An unconvincing win against Motherwell. Woeful game against Hibs (albeit the ref fucked us) Borefest against Hearts Fuck off Pedro
  18. Another doomed league campaign, so fucking fed up of this shit
  19. We desperately need another striker
  20. The thing that pisses me off is that cunts like Dembele and Griffiths have basically had free opportunities to lord it over us we've been that bad, just want a competent team that's capable of putting them back in their place and showing were no easy ride. Roberts is a good signing there's no way around it but at least technically it doesn't make them any stronger than last year.
  21. I really hope the £2.5-3 million estimated sum is a load of rubish, we simply cannot afford to piss that kind of money away.
  22. Can`t help but look at this and think how amazing it would look
  23. Best way to deal with Lennon is to pump Hibs next match and have all our players celebrating by pointing at him and laughing at him for the cretin he is.
  24. I'm not far off becoming demented to be fair. Nah I'm sure things will eventually start going in our favour it's just that with 10 in a row were racing against the clock.
  25. Tbh I wouldn't know I'm only 21