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  1. “I can take a lot of abuse and can’t have fun back”. Erm you clearly can’t take abuse if you’re crying about it every other week so it just makes you look like a hypocrite you plank.
  2. This is genuinely the first match in my life where Ive had an “I was there” reaction afterwards. I’ve been to some good wins but not many I would necessarily describe as “classics”. Dont know if that’s a bit embarrassing considering it’s Braga not Bayern Munich 😂 but it was one of those games I think I’d be kicking myself for years if I didn’t go.
  3. Don’t get me wrong we’ve always known they are classless tramps but this is on another level. Id genuinely be embarrassed if our club were begging to be handed the title like they are, it’s honestly disgusting considering the circumstances.
  4. The Monk

    FIFA 20

    I love clubs but half my mates fucked off to PlayStation. Trying not to make an arse of yourself as the keeper was stressful as fuck
  5. The Monk

    FIFA 20

    I absolutely never celebrate unless the game is completely dead. Whenever someone does it to me I try a lot harder just make them feel like mugs
  6. The Monk

    FIFA 20

    A taig did that to me the other day then I came back and scored an 87th min winner with Aribo to win division 1 😂
  7. He peaked last season imo, his stats and all round play was phenomenal. This season he hasn’t been awful at all but I doubt we’ll see him reach that kind of form again.
  8. It’s not exactly far away but I’ve always felt that his plan was to move back to Newcastle at some stage
  9. CPT celtic Park Time. Fucking roasters 😂
  10. Their options are to award the league to a team that could potentially lose it or not award the league to a team that could could potentially win it. It’s not even a debate imo.
  11. Nope, if they haven't mathematically won it before the season ends they cant be awarded the title. Same with Liverpool.
  12. There is a very good chance that 10 in a row will be over for them now. Delicious.
  13. The worst that could happen is next season being effected also. The best thing is to declare this season null and avoid and hope all is sorted in time for August/September. Postponing the season will only work if everything will be fine by May/June and it wont be.
  14. 4-2-3-1 McGregor Tav/Paterson Goldson Katic Barisic Jack Kamara Kent Hagi Kamberi Morelos
  15. I’d genuinely start Paterson if Tav isn’t fit. We absolutely need Jack back in midfield also.
  16. I think people will hate on Tav a lot less after being subjected to 90 mins of Polster in an OF game
  17. That game against Braga will live long in the memory imo, personally one of if not my favourite night at Ibrox. Just beaten by a superior team tonight but we’ve had a very successful year in Europe, the shine has just been taken off by how bad the domestic campaign has gone.
  18. Polster wouldn’t stand out if we were still in the Championship
  19. Does Goldson realise he can play them offside?
  20. Kamara with confidence is a fantastic player. Without it he’s horrendous 😂
  21. I didn’t expect us to win tonight but what pisses me off is that all season refs have “missed” things that could have potentially got us a lot more points and the one time the ref misses something we want him to miss VAR is in play.
  22. Edmundson reminds me a lot of David Bates. He’s only playing because Katic had a shite game in Perth.
  23. Jack out is a huge blow. Hagi on the bench is a big call, our best creative spark but he offers nothing defensively.
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