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  1. a question for anyone who thinks we're a new club

    Who gives a fcuk what any one outside the rangers family think. Let them spread their vile beliefs and hopes of us gone , It just proves how big we are for the lesser class to be obsessed with the rangers . At the end of the day they want to be us and have our glory , they won't admit it but their probably jelous of our new journey.
  2. Wilson Playing For Liverpool Tonight

    I Avnt I did a bit of ova time in work that's why I was late home 
  3. Wilson Playing For Liverpool Tonight

    I can jus about see an am usin my Pfone so for bein out since 11 this mornin I think it's damn good
  4. Wilson Playing For Liverpool Tonight

    Pool av only sold the laffin greek an he done well 4 lpool konchesky was Neva a footballer an Neva stood a chance after his mummies outburst on fbook It's jus what lpool need a good scot in there team theology there history theve always done great with a good scot in there ranks an especially gers ppl so maybe they can get bk 2 were they belong And also get rid of those tarrier snatch squads that try an take union flags off ppl at the games their is 2 many brainwashed scum socialist supporters groups at this time in loyalist lpool tryna turn the tide but history proves that lpool was started ny orange men an things av a good way of goin full circle an jus cos their the minority they spout their hard done 2 shite down here 2 but they rnt listened 2 like the r up in Glasgow so they hide their ugly heads prob in shame of their false irishness they tried 2 make lpool fc in2 liverpools Ansa 2 septic but failed cos there out numbered hope the realise that there beloved kiddyfiddlen fc have a strong alligence to manc unt supposedly there biggest enemy but with their green tinted specs bypass tha as they always do Ny way am skull fucked an this made so much sence at the time