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  1. Morelos has called Gustavo and the ref a "puta" in the space of 5 minutes. 😂
  2. Am I right in saying the travel club usually opens up again for new members or is that it for the season now?
  3. The 1/2 zip coaches top in that colourway are online now, all sizes are available.
  4. If he stays I hope he's our first choice striker. We can't rely on Defoe at his age to lead the line this season.
  5. That goalie kit is smart. Katic with a new hair cut for the season.
  6. No Morelos in either of the line ups..
  7. If he was that good then why is he coming to Scotland, why not Italy Spain or England? Can't remember seeing him linked with any other teams.
  8. Is the French boy they've signed any good? Don't believe for a second that they've paid £7m for him.
  9. Polo shirt he's got on looks smart.
  10. I think It's something to do with the sponsor being visible during interviews etc. Could be wrong though.
  11. There's going to be riots in the Premiership this coming season with VAR if this games anything to go by.
  12. Since when were GKs allowed to pass the ball to a player inside the box from a goal kick? Is that a new rule?
  13. Should woman play football on a smaller pitch and smaller goals? The amount of lobbed goals and soft shots hit above the keeper the majority of the time always end up in the back of the net.
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