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  1. Just flicked it onto their game whilst it's half time in the Newcastle game. Strachan description of the goal sounded like it was a wonder goal for griffiths and no one else have scored it.
  2. Few replies to that tweet saying that the water table of the Clyde would be an issue as the stadiums been lowered before and they said that's as low as it could go due to the water table.
  3. I'll put my name down if there's a spare for this.
  4. I'll take any spares going ­čśü
  5. Chase of subject but player of the month for December hasn't been announced, they usually announce manager and player on the same day. Could they be waiting for Morelos to get out to Dubai today for them to announce that he's got it?
  6. If Morelos had went down after the shirt pull from Jullien you just know that he would have been booked for diving.
  7. The police pushing the players back in that video. Alright for lustig to take off one of their hats but god forbid out players want to celebrate with the fans and its a big no no.
  8. Just seen his penalty save again, didn't even have to jump 2 yards off his line for it unlike lurch in the cup final. Stayed on his line the whole time.
  9. Can't believe that was ruled out. Ridiculous man
  10. Gets his tickets from Scott Arfield I'm sure, been on the same bus to away games with him before and I'm sure that's what someone said.
  11. Anyone else just see Fraser Aird giving it the up ye to the celtic fans ­čśé
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