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  1. Apparently we're looking at Madisson that was at Aberdeen. Maybe it was him we were looking at, not Dorrans.
  2. What makes it worse is that prick Brown swanning around the pitch thinking he's Iniesta.
  3. They have so much more power and strength than us all over the pitch.
  4. Someone on FF saying Toral isn't fit? Anyone heard anything?
  5. I'm not worried if Wes is out. I follow Newcastle as well unfortunately and remember watching Jak in a few games, he's a good keeper.
  6. What's this song mate, obviously I know the original but do we have add ons for it? I've seen it on twitter mentioned by a few folk but haven't heard it before.
  7. I was in Byron last month, cool place. Are you travelling round Australia?
  8. Are you thinking of Andrew Mitchell that we got from them?
  9. Dorrans will be one of those players we're constantly linked to until we sign him or he retires.
  10. Dodoo in for McKay, otherwise the same time as yesterday for me. I'll be in Tokyo for the game. Don't suppose anyone knows of a pub that might be showing it?
  11. He's hardly going to come out and say yeah Ryan's joining Rangers. The outrage from the sheep would be funny if that happened.
  12. Cheers. I've been told to look for the Hobgoblin pub and also The Aldgate. I've sent them a message on Facebook asking if they'll be showing the game.
  13. In Tokyo next weekend, looking for somewhere to watch the game if anyone knows of anywhere?
  14. Not sure who else would be the best option for it? Wes? Danny Wilson?
  15. His goal against celtic in the 4-2 win at Ibrox was class.