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  1. If you look at the other pictures of if that they've got of the kids version of it, you can see the top of the sponsor in one of the pics.
  2. Might be a training kit but would there be matching shorts and socks to go with a training kit?
  3. So I'd need to renew it and then get a name change?
  4. Yep, as much as Defoe will score he won't be able to score goals like Morelos has.
  5. If he played for them across the city, would he be treated the way he is? I highly doubt it. He's a marked man as soon as the whistle goes.
  6. Anyone know the answer to this?
  7. Finishes top scorer with 30 goals to his name. Could have been more with some being wrongly ruled out and for the games he missed due to suspension. If he stays then I hope he screw the nut and scores the goals that fire us to 55, if not, all the best wherever you end up.
  8. Never enough for that. Fucking superman dive there.
  9. Firth looks like he's won a competition to be apart of the Rangers bench.
  10. Findlay went leading with his arm there, wheres the outrage from the commentators??
  11. Surely Halliday can't be getting the full game here? He's been rotten.
  12. Only Morelos would get booked for that.
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