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  1. Derek McInnes

    They didn't take too long in their approach, as I said we were given permission to speak to McInnes long before last Monday, however part of the deal was that we didn't disclose this, and we had to wait until after the double header to make an "official" approach. This was to keep Milne and McInnes in the sheep's good books until the news broke. Everything that was played out in the media was just that, a play, everythingwas done way before then and McInnes in the end shat it and f*cked everything up. He was treated fair and square at all times, and in fact we treated them toowell, as the final outcome shows whenhe shat it and didn't even have thecourtesy to tell us he had changed his mind. Rangers cannot say anything about it due to the confidentiality agreement that was signed, an agreement that was signed to keep McInnes and Milne happy. The board did all they could, they just couldn't have foreseen whateventually transpired. No one could. From DocStone on FF who is well known on their as a former member of staff at Rangers.
  2. Club Statement

    Looks like there will be no signings and pre contracts in January then!
  3. Derek McInnes

    True. I saw a couple folk mentioning it on FF. Wouldn't surprise me if them lot have videos from the functions and are itching to post them if, when, McInnes is announced.
  4. Derek McInnes

    Any truth that his assistant, Doherty, is a regular attendee of celtic supporters functions?
  5. *** The Official Rangers v Aberdeen Match Thread ***

    Going to be in fucking Disneyland in Orlando when this is on. Anyone know if there's WiFi there? Hoping I can stream it on my phone or at least follow the updates on twitter.
  6. Derek McInnes

  7. Derek McInnes

    Seen a few pictures on twitter of McInnes at a charity night tonight in Glasgow. Not sure if it's anything to do with Rangers but it's bound to have wound up the sheep fans.
  8. Poppy on the jersey

    Do the club sell the jerseys the players wore today, to raise money for charities? I know some clubs do it. Would be cool to have one up framed in my room.
  9. Michel Preud'homme

    This thread still going? Rangers don't intend to speak to Michel Preud'homme about managerial vacancy, Sky Sports News understands: https://t.co/0r1ke58pvo https://t.co/CJYADFa1lL
  10. Michel Preud'homme

    I thought this guy had been ruled out of the running for the job?
  11. Derek McInnes

    Jim Delahunt has tweeted that it'll be done by Wednesday if everything can be agreed.
  12. Michel Preud'homme

    Yeah, he's usually on the ball. It's going to be McInnes.
  13. *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Niko in the squad. He's in the clubs instagram story.
  14. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    I wonder how Morelos, Pena, Cardoso, Alves, Candeias and Herrera will react to this.
  15. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Sky Sports reported earlier on that it was going to be done tomorrow.