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  1. Where have you been for the last few weeks? Yes that is, obviously, legit.
  2. Dykes to us as part of the deal 👀
  3. Randomly generated by a computer they tell us though...
  4. Players back to training next week. Surely be the first look at some of the training gear, unless they'll just have the plain Castore gear on.
  5. There's a sucker punch coming isn't there...
  6. Goldson take note, that's how a CB headers the ball at an attacking corner.
  7. Kamara should have dropped back and taken Davis off. He's done at this level.
  8. Not sure the fans should be booing the players off at half time... Yeah we're not playing great but it's Bayer Leverkusen we're playing.
  9. Apparently his mum isn't very well.
  10. Yet to see the Rangers fans shown on tv. You can bet if this was celtic they'd constantly be shown.
  11. Motherwell let them walk through there, shock horror. 1-0 to them
  12. Booking Goldson for that is a joke. Gerrard has to go for the refs after this game in his interview
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