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  1. Gazza tonight

    Would have been a good laugh to be at this. One of my mates was there and won a signed painting of Gazza in the raffle.
  2. Third Kit..

    You mean, like every single football shirt in the world pretty much?
  3. Benched I think, going by what he was saying.
  4. Who's captain tonight then if Dorrans is benched? Ryan Jack?
  5. Miller to train with the Kids

    Miller first goal scorer tonight then?
  6. Miller to train with the Kids

    According to NewcoTed on twitter Dorrans won't be starting tonight. He seems to have his 'sources' at the club.
  7. Reading NewcoTeds twitter and he's tweeted that he believes Dorrans won't be starting the game tonight. Barjonas to take his place?
  8. Lee Wallace

    Beerman is also injured.
  9. Where to watch game v them in Bali

    Thanks, I'll have a look. Staying in Seminyak until the 20th but I'll see if I can convince the Mrs to stay longer.
  10. New Training Kit

    Jomas Sampdoria kits are smart.
  11. Where to watch game v them in Bali

    Cheers for that. We're starting off in Seminyak when we get to Bali but have no plans set for where we'll be going next, Kuta might be an option for a few days. Keep me updated 👍
  12. Pedro's Training Jacket

    Looks like more of a golf/running jacket.
  13. Where to watch game v them in Bali

    Have done but only thing coming up is from a few years ago. Cheers for your input anyway.
  14. As per title, going to be in Bali on the 23rd. Does anyone know of any bars that will show the game there? Cheers
  15. Pena

    Press probably wouldn't notice it if the screenshot wasn't posted on here...