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  1. That was about going back to Olympiakos.
  2. No disrespect to Herrera but he obviously isn't a target man, I think he won one maybe two of the long balls that were punted up to him? If that's Pedro's plan b then we would have been as well keeping Garner and Waghorn.
  3. SD don't make the tops.
  4. I managed to get all 3 of last seasons top in long sleeve for £50 off ebay. Pretty sure the seller still has some left if anyone's not wanting to wait for the megastore to be re stocked. Only in a medium though.
  5. He only ever sells stuff through DM and it's by auction. I've messaged him a few times and the current 'bids' are usually quite high, I think he's making the offers up to make himself some more money. You can usually get them on eBay or classicfootballshirts.co.uk for a not bad price.
  6. Pedro confirmed Rossiter asked to play with the u20s so he could get a full 90 minutes. A poster on FF, Kopger I think his username is, is a Liverpool fan and knows Rossiter. He says It's a load of rubbish about him wanting away. He posted: He's not anything like match fit. You don't miss a year of football and hit the ground running in 6 weeks. He's being built up slowly and gradually. It's going to take time, patience a plan and hard work. He's getting the first three from the manager and the club and the player is happy to give the 4th.
  7. On the clubs instagram story, Alnwicks jersey was in the video next to Cardoso. Wonder if he's replaced Fod as number 1...
  8. Another scenario- he's been told that the club are looking to get him off the wage bill, he's said that's fair enough but the only club I want to sign for is Rangers. Kind of puts Norwich in a difficult place, keep Naismith on whatever wage he's on or let him go to Rangers for a reduced fee. A relative of his on FF, posted Tamforsyth, has said he's turned down a couple English clubs already.
  9. Aye but stewaj3 says he's made no impact.
  10. The bit I highlighted in bold was about his previous club. Check his Wikipedia, captain of Liverpool and England u19s. Numerous appearance for Liverpool for first team.
  11. Not sure that's true...
  12. All that's started this is a poster from FF saying there was going to be a 'shock' departure, so might well be bollocks. I'd be surprised if it's him, if true, after getting to the bottom of his injury problem that's plagued him for so long. IF it's true and he is the one leaving, I hope we're getting a good fee and have a sell on clause in his contract.
  13. Any idea where he's going? I'd be surprised if it is Rossiter unless we're getting good money for him.
  14. Pretty sure Andy Devlin is the go to guy from our board so I wouldn't be so sure that this is 'made up shite'
  15. Is the tournament not played all over the world? In America as well?