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  1. The situation is this - Billy is out of contract in the summer A host of top European teams have made contact, Chelsea, Arsenal etc Rangers have allowed Billy to visit a few teams as reported in press NO formal offers have been made because he is only 15 Billy has not decided but undoubtedly has options As I've posted before, stuff about sources from parents, contracts at Chelsea with houses etc are all crap Nothing is agreed It may happen, but at this moment it hasn't Rangers are very much in the running, the wee man played on Saturday too in bounce game That's from a relative of his that posts on FF.
  2. According to a relative of his that posts on FF its not true.
  3. His uncle or some relative posts on FF. It's not true.
  4. Good news, if true. Will definitely drill it into the squad what it means to be at a club like Rangers. Have him in by the semi final and let him say a few words in the Hampden dressing room.
  5. Watched it from a bottom bunk of a hostel in Christchurch, New Zealand at 1am on my phone.
  6. Staying in a hostel dorm room just now. Got up at 1am to watch the game on my phone. Took a lot for me to keep calm when Hill scored!
  7. Who's that right up at the fans?
  8. Time to give Wes a rest and give Jak a chance in goals? Not meaning bring him on today obviously.
  9. Check back a couple pages. Rumoured from FF. Wes Hodson Hill Wilson Wallace Tav Holt Hyndman Waghorn Miller Mckay
  10. In New Zealand just now. Kick off is 1am over here. Now do I try get some sleep and get up before the game or stay up right through?
  11. Didn't realise this was a thread on the English premiership now.
  12. What's up with Windass? His dad has replied to someone on twitter saying he's fit and not happy that he's not in the squad at all today.
  13. We need subs on. Get Mckay off for Doodo.
  14. Does he not work or know someone that works in a hotel that the club uses for players etc. And that's where he gets his info from?