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  1. Why 6 months? He has two years left on his contract.
  2. Why would the SFA need to know the weekly wage of any teams players?
  3. Why not? Man City and Villa probably paid him a good bit more than that.
  4. Re stock on Saturday.
  5. Seems strange having Herrera and Pena here taking part in training yet we haven't officially announced them signing.
  6. Home top only available in a large online now.
  7. Keeping the home shirt and getting a new away one.
  8. Reading the replies on FF about the retail deal, this was one of them... 'Told my daughter last night the bad mans awayll and I've ordered her Rangers kit she's been asking for for a year, ordered her little brother his first Ranger's kit at 2 years old. The joy on her fave when she asked if Rangers were getting the money and i said yes made holding off from buying them a kit worth it. She's learned a valuable lesson, we are Ranger's!!' Have people really been telling their kids that they can't have a Rangers kit because of the' bad man' getting all the money?
  9. Why is there not a long sleeve in the away shirt? It would look class.
  10. How do the Puma shirts size up? I've not had any of our Puma ones.
  11. Where'd you get it for 18?
  12. So have we got a new strip coming out?
  13. King to do the press conference wearing the new kit.
  14. Will any of the games be on tv or Rangers TV?