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  1. It'll be his last. Very rare that a Rangers player gets the player of the month reward
  2. I said this the other day on here and got a few replies saying they'll bring a decent crowd down. There's no chance they would have taken more than 1000 if they were to get a bigger allocation, on a weekend maybe but no chance during the week.
  3. About to start 4 on 4 off shifts at my work so going to need to figure out if I can justify renewing my season ticket for next season. My supporters club usually manages to sell most spare season tickets for games, they keep £5 towards the club and then the owner of the ticket gets the rest, so I'd recoup some of the money at least.
  4. You think the red cards he's had are down to not getting his way? It's down to him retaliating to what other players have done to him. Defenders in a better league won't target him half as much as they do here. There won't be as big a spotlight on him elsewhere.
  5. There is no chance they'll be taking more than 1000 fans down to Glasgow on a Tuesday night.
  6. That's all they'll probably take anyway, on a Wednesday night. Be lucky if there's 1000 of them there.
  7. Why are they complaining about Kamara at corners? He's doing nothing wrong.
  8. Why are we not getting the free kick for that?
  9. Need to stop with the fouls around the box!
  10. Would have been 2 straight reds if we made those challenges.
  11. Barisic looking like this is the first time he's kicked a ball.
  12. Ridiculous that Cosgrove wasn't booked for his dive.
  13. Has there ever been a player in Scottish football that's had so much going against him and hatred towards him than Morelos gets?
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