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  1. Fraser Fyvie also plays for Cove.
  2. I bet you in his whole career no one has ever spelt his name like that.
  3. Pretty much all I heard at work last night 'How can they afford it' 'Where are they getting the money from' 'They'll be going bust soon' It's amazing how everyone is an expert on finance in football, especially when it's not their team. 🙄
  4. Bolongoli more experienced? That'll be why he came off worse Andy Walker you absolute fanny.
  5. Really thought Gerrard would have started with Jones up against either of their full backs. Not sure how I feel about that starting 11.
  6. Yeah, I'd play him over Aribo but then if Aribo doesn't play that's one less attacking option on the park.
  7. I can't decide if Gerrard should play Aribo or not. They'll be out to target him and one bad challenge on him in the first 10 minutes could cause him to go 'hiding' for the rest of the game.
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