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  1. Cunt in my avatar would have handled this game better and he's been deed for a few.
  2. Well sell some bodies, won't be worth a fortune but even if we can reinvest with buys from the portuguese league/second league as Pedro might know a few?
  3. So many people we need to let go of this year. Including Kenny, Shaghorn and Garner. Start again.
  4. Can't give this mob any early indication that we will give in to their pressure, need to put in some challenges
  5. Have they drawn this season? Could we atleast be first to do that?
  6. Tav to bang a free kick from 35 yards, run to our end and take off his t shirt to show a vest with the words "WELCOME PEDRO" all in union jack font.
  7. Got 2 quid on us @ 28/1 for 58.. surely those odds are mental? Everybody get on that. sky bet if anyone's interested.
  8. St Mirren fans are absolutely atrocious. Only song i hear from them is about us.
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