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  1. This league is the poorest in terms of talent I can remember. If we have no money (a few million is no money by today's standards) to spend I would look to experienced players to loan (players that have fallen from the first team squad but who have a better playing history than those in this league and our first team), free's from continental Europe, small purchases from the US, African continent, Asia etc.
  2. I can't say that I have watched him regularly but after we tried him at right back and he was loaned out, he played regularly in that position and played week in week out. He's played in their version of the Champs League etc. etc. while we've been huffing and puffing in the Championship and against the likes of Hamilton. Game time and standards can do wonders for anyone. Should be remembered though that he'd have a point to prove in a game most of our players just want to get through unscathed.
  3. What would any of us do to see him or his ilk in a Rangers jersey today?! I'd argue the boots he is wearing are less iconic.
  4. I was in primary school when Cooper fell ill. It's strange because even when I try I can't remember him playing but what I remember is the shock that went round the playground that he had to be taken to the hospital, every boy in the school was talking about it. If I remember correctly he was filming a tv show for kids called Shoot which we had all been excited about. One of the boys had gone home for lunch while most of us stayed in school with packed lunches and school dinners, on his return he told Cooper had died and the arguments broke out for the most up to date information most of us had was that he was ill but alive. There was a flat out refusal to accept what the boy was saying but as others came back from their home lunch it was tallied up as to who was under the impression he was ill and who was claiming he had died, by the time everyone was back it wasn't looking good but there was still hope that people had got the wrong end of the stick as most of the people saying he had died were lassies and boys that weren't that into football. The place was gutted when we all found out for sure that he had indeed died. I may have things a little mixed up as that's the way of trying to remember timelines of events, that is how I remember it though. Frightening to think how in some ways the time since has flown by yet acknowledging also that despite the tragedy being branded in the memory as fresh, seemingly, as something that happened recently, it is now something that happened a long time ago. A very gifted player idolised en masse who seen his life cut tragically short not much older than I am just now.
  5. Lost a cup final to Hibs and bowed out of the Championship on a dismal run. Didn't invest in the Summer when it was clear we needed to - if you count signing crocks and players from the most over inflated league system on the planet then I suppose you could argue against this. The season was written off by the board imo before it even started. Wheels came off pretty much day one of the league and persisted with it until March of this year (gambled that failing to address significant issues in January window would not haunt us come the end of the season). Created a calamitous situation whereby our manager's resignation was accepted while he's on telly saying he didn't resign. Personally felt bad for Davie Weir as he's one of the last to have put his all into playing for us. What players/managers/investors/sponsors will view that positively?! Murty shouldn't have been taking our first team for any length of time in the first instance. If that's playing a blinder it's in terms of their interests, not ours (without knowing more than we do). Having said all that I like the cut of Pedro's jib, he talks like a manager/coach and he gives the early impression of being one. It's hard to think of anyone around our club (certainly in recent years) who gives off the impression that he's on top of things like this guy. Hopefully, he clears out the deadwood, gets us playing whereby we are head and shoulders above everyone bar them across the city and he's backed in signing players good enough to take them on. Cautiously optimistic about our new manager on the basis of the interviews, videos of him around the club etc. etc. but in a normal year we'd be saying "who the fuck is this guy?" so let's wait and see how it pans out. No point in anointing him with a "magic hat" and if anything we should perhaps be a little concerned for him, will he get the genuine backing in the Summer? Is he only here because no one else would touch this running joke? Will he be the next fall guy for the shambolic running of our club? Good luck to the manager but I am holding fire on praising the board etc until we've achieved something worthy of praise.
  6. Only kidding mate as you know, I've no used it in a good while to be fair to the club but I used to find it frustrating at times.
  7. Have you tried turning it off and back on again? Pretty unusual issue you have there.
  8. Can't decide if this team has the balls to be 1-0 down at half time tonight. Wouldn't be surprised to see us winning and Hearts drawing. Such is the way the league has been this season.
  9. Boy is a finisher but he takes a hof second more than you get in Scotland and let's be honest about it, far better and more expensive players signed by us have seen the same fate on better showings. As an all round player he's nowhere near the grade.
  10. This team is every bit as rotten as the Ally championship team. Both situations could be seen a mile off by a hefty number of fans and yet we walk into it as a club and throw our hawns up 6 months later and say it couldn't possibly have been foreseen. Whole fucking thing stinks like the times we lose goals.
  11. We've certainly missed his presence against Hamilton this season.
  12. I don't read the Record anymore even online so I have no idea if Hill was entrapped, taken out of context or whatever. With that said, anyone at our club who views 3rd as a success should agree to wage adjustments immediately to bring them in line with that of a third place Scottish team. At this current moment than means being on less than Aberdeen's players for the respective positions. Somehow I can't imagine anyone at this club agreeing to that and thus they should get second in the league and not go out of the cup to anyone bar them across the city before finding new employment in the Summer because they are not good enough first and foremost.
  13. This team is bent as fuck with the betting.
  14. At least the Deplorables see a defensive wall as a priority.
  15. This kind of bollocks/run was the end for the previous board. King planning on signing Lambert and Larsson to stop 10 in a row? (Feels like and looks like we are as gash and as incompetent in the face of the obvious as possible). Spent how much allegedly?...yet looking like we could end up 10-15 behind Aberdeen by the end, finishing above Hearts looks like it could be a challenge and check the nick of their erratic form against different quantities. Are we still trying to force some out the club on the cheap before we get our shit together so Dave and Paul and do what they want? Fucking sickeningly disgraceful handling of this club and resources. Fuming because you can see what is coming in the football a mile off and those who know the game and who are running the club can't see for 6-8 months what us mere fans do. I've stayed away from posting because "I knew this would happen" and "This is shite" just gets fucking old and no one wants to read/hear it after the last hof decade.