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  1. Pure speculation from thin air by the looks of it. " May 26, 2017 Staff FT The Portuguese coach would request his services. In addition to the Portuguese Pedro Caixinha would be interested in taking Carlos Peña to Rangers , another of the Mexicans who could leave for Scotland is striker Eduardo Herrera . According to reports Fox Sports , the Pumas attacker could reinforce the new team of Caixinha , who already directed it in 2013 when he was loaned to Santos Laguna and whom he considers a great player in the aerial game. Although he knows that it is difficult to get the Mexican forward, the former coach of Santos would try to take the attempt to take Herrera , as he would also want Javier Abella to be part of his new project. How do you see cracks, do you think Herrera can reach the Rangers ?"
  2. Was he no in Eiffel 65?
  3. NO WAYYYYY that man has a bright future ahead of him, Garner is worth £1.8M and I think that's more than trades off the difference in potential between the two. If we're to let go Kiernan, we'd be looking at someone with the quality to make it to Wigans reserves, reserves.
  4. I'd feel bad taking one of their best players for £1m, seems only fair in spirit if we perhaps did an exchange with one of our best players maybe £1.4m Garner?
  5. It's staged but Gavin McInnes tears that guy to shreds. One of several I've seen...
  6. In terms of visible ability, Khalid Aucho makes Rashid Sumaila look like he plays for/on moonshine.
  7. Well, that would be the red away strip all but assured. (maybe not joining in the spirit of things but you'd imagine we'd do it)
  8. In the hypothetical position that we have £2M to spend, I'd use that on bringing free agents to the club that we couldn't afford the fee for or something akin to that. We were spending more on a single player in the early 90's and times have changed so bearing in mind just how many better players we need on what we have I think spending a pot of £2M on those three won't get us any closer to challenging in reality. I think our dealings since entering the bottom division are exactly the kind of dealings that get you in financial shite if the costs spoken of are accurate. There's no point in asking me what my plan would be because I don't have an inner knowledge of the situation etc. etc. All I was trying to say is that we were said to be spending more than Aberdeen in the lower divisions and here we are points behind them in the league and only a similar amount ahead of St Johnstone (whom I would imagine are not spending nearly as much as Aberdeen nor us), this would represent poor value for money and that is ultimately what leads you to be in the financial shitter.
  9. Not to worry, you actually have to have the best part of £2m for that to happen. I don't believe we paid £1.8M for Garner, Garnier shares perhaps. If we did part with 1.8 for him and we're ploughing close to 2 on that trio then we're well on our way to continuing the fashion of operations that got us in the mess in the first place. Just think about how much more we spent than Hearts to finish as league winners at the 2nd attempt with fewer points in the Championship. Furthermore how much more we've spent to finish below Aberdeen and only a handful of wins above St Johnstone. It's the financial strategy of Woolworths.
  10. Not got a clue but his aerial ability was known to be his best attribute before he came her so we can't claim we were caught off guard.
  11. Lennon taking action so a fan loses his job over a laugh and yet he accuses the referees in Scotland of being part of an anti-catholic conspiracy within Scotland and can't take a minor punishment on the chin. Bitter man who is always just a temper tantrum away from setting the wheels in motion towards a riot.
  12. Need a couple of big German types in that midfield to get it looking remotely credible.
  13. I don't want his physio table to be at the club nevermind him, too fucking comfy evidently.
  14. What 100 points shows is just how on its arse this league is. They have a few good players and the rest are being carried and made to look better than they are because the opposition is garbage including us. If we were efficient in the slightest we could spend what Aberdeen have an be 20 points clear of them on the basis that as the bigger and better club we'd have the edge on the staff and players we could attract.
  15. Hill wasn't getting a game in the Championship when we signed him, he is done for the level we need to be to challenge and win, our defensive record shows this. I read Wilson had a ligament injury and I was disappointed it wasn't his arse instead, he might stay off it long enough to make the challenge to stop us going 1-0 down at home. The fact we're behind Aberdeen says everything you need to know about our players and if that doesn't look at how better in points we are than ST Johnstone. We all know we're gash and while we're optimistic some genuine investment and quality will be brought to the table we all suspect it'll be another year of signing has-beens and no marks to bide time for a pot to challenge. Right now I'd look at Damian Delaney at Palace, I wanted him last season when his contract was up as he'd had a good season. Not had the greatest of seasons just there but he played 29 games+ and it's at Premiership level, we could get a few years out of him and he's on a free with Palace fans looking like they are ready to part with him. I don't know if he's one of them and being ROI that would put some of our lot off him straight away but let's get real he's playing at a higher level than any of our current team will get to, he's free and can do the job for a season or two. Maybe there are better options available but I think he could be a good bang for buck bearing in mind just what all we need to bring in and the likely budget we'll have.