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  1. Morelos while looking like a potentially exciting prospect looks to be making a big step up so I don't expect him to be running a mock. If we play as we have been under Warburton/Pedro then he'll be devoid of service, marked tightly in a packed box, up against teams that hate us so much they play better than they will V Partick the following week, and making a step up - that's a tall order. I'd expect him to be the bench forward for now baring a change in formation/players being unavailable for whatever reason. Pena, a talented individual who is so off the rails off the pitch that it's bled into his game and seen him fall from grace in Mexico to the point he's willing to join our circus. IF he can clean himself up and puts in the effort he should boss it here, we may even get lucky as in he's still got issues but is so good that he still gets pass marks here, time will tell. Probably just not ready yet. If we play to the strengths of our players we should do better than last season with ease (2nd and closer to them).
  2. Pretty close.
  3. While I think we have to be realistic and say few of our players seemingly have the mental attributes or ability to overcome those across the city I do think we are more capable than we show. Imagine for a second that instead of taking 25 minutes to get from back to the final third, allowing the opposition to fall back and form 2 banks of 5 around the 18 yard box, we actually sat deep, won the ball and played a quick through ball to O'Halloran (who is playing CF); who is winning the race onto that ball? Scotlands abundance of pacy CB talent or O'Halloran who is effectively a human whippet? As mental as you may think my suggestion is, remember what you see us do every single fucking week; passing from side to side, slow from back to front, no creation/ no movement/no cutting passes/crosses to no one who can head home. You can only piss with the cock you've got (or in this case, bought) and making use of players attributes to good effect seems to me a better idea than asking players with X abilities to play in a system/strategy that requires Y abilities. Morelos and Herrera would struggle (I think) in the style we've played since our return so play to suit your best bets of scoring. Pena has the ability to shoot from distance with precision (assuming he's ready to go) so I'd like to see that from him, what I don't want to see is us continuing the same bollocks that sees us struggle against every time every week.
  4. Anyone know why this game came about? My prediction is 1 down at half time with us scoring to equalise in the second half after the 65th minute, game finishes 1-1.
  5. Just read the OP there and my view is; Barrie isn't necessarily being a cock-socket by stating that he was treated in a way no human should, he could just be saying it was clear he wasn't wanted by the treatment he received, he may have a point. If Pedro wants to be rid of these charlatans (as we do) then he's going to have to make life miserable for them because it's a certainty that they are going to struggle to get deals to their liking from "bidding" teams and most of them will sit in the stands if it means several £K a week more, simple as that. Would explain why the team didn't lift a finger for huge chunks of that qualifying game, they know they aren't wanted and are on the way out so see it as a chance to fuck up the manager as he's fucked up their easy-street, maybe he'll get shafted before they do kinda mentality. Having made this point is equally plausible they are just utter shite compared to what we need them to be and a host of other things I cannae be fucked speculating again. So I'm not going to rip him as we got some money, he did have a few good days, and generally he just wasn't good enough for this club. Good luck to him going forward; hopefully, the culture shock of being in the Championship will do for him what it did Charlie Adam.
  6. Theories: Pedro and this team are absolutely gash. The dreggs from nightmares past aren't lifting a finger because they expect to be off and the new guys are at this moment aren't anywhere near ready. The players think (like we do) that Pedro is a yes man/gamble/whatever that is merely buying time for the board and who'll be gone sooner or later and they (the players) hope sooner. This is all part of a ruse which sees us look like mugs until the season starts proper (and we put the foot to the floor). We're betting on games. Now personally I think to some degree they all have some truth in them, for the money we spunk in a season we may be a distant second but we should still hand the rest their arse week in week out and we don't, hell we still play like we did under Warburton and at times Ally, the signings (in terms of type) seem to mimic the previous manager etc. I'm mentally prepared for the wheels to come off again but hoping for the best because it's highly unlikely we're going to bring in a recognisable manager and players of the ilk required to overcome that mob across the city and we're too much of a gravy train to spend what Aberdeen do and hit the same level (seemingly).
  7. Was grateful to take the job and cheap to appoint when anyone of stature would have fled. Says "I'm very happy with the backing I've received" and "yes boss" at the right times. Comes with a built-in scapegoat mode that will buy time for the board when this season ends seeing him leave the club (easy enough to make stay into the season after that if he "achieves" 2nd this season). Probably a nice enough bloke to know. Doesn't appear to think players from League 1 will piss it here.
  8. Garner shouldn't have been signed by us for more than 750K at the absolute top end. The reason being that if you look at the market of League One there was someone like Matty Taylor or Billy Sharp being whoored for that price, more potential than Garner, fresh off the back of a good season, important player to promotion hopes etc. etc. and no one wanted to touch him. With this in mind, the idea that we'll get around £750K for Crooks or Windass is fantasy stuff in my humble opinion. Once you also factor into the equation that to everyone else we look shambolic, financially weak, shit on the park, etc. etc. and when we didn't look to be any of those things we struggled to get rid of Charlie Adam to the championship for a couple of hundred thousand you start to get a more realistic picture (once again my opinion), that picture being that if we get the crock Crooks off the wage bill that's fair enough and if we get a couple of hundred thousand for Windass then we've done about all we can do. Neither have done anything to justify fees more than that, if you look at players who've done well in our league the fees they command are a few hundred thousand top end and we can't honestly expect that Crooks or Windass will exceed that on their Rangers careers.
  9. Hence 2nd is the target, frankly, we should have done it last season with what we had.
  10. No chance of winning the league. 2nd is the aim of the board and will be seen as a successful outcome to the plan by them. We should be able to reach a cup final and providing we're not playing them across the city along the way then we might win one i.e. League Cup. To genuinely challenge we would need 5-6 players on an upgrade to what we have with several of them being of the ilk that boss a game nearly every week.
  11. To me it's like someone else other than the manager is making them, they seem to follow a similar pattern as you say. Experienced player whose at the very end of the career. No mark loans. Guy that's went off the rails. Scottish players you can't see improving us or being more than squad filler. Potential players that may or may not develop into something but aren't ready for the job being asked.
  12. This squad's results coincide with high-value odds at the bookies. I'd give them away because every day they are here they humiliate this club more.
  13. Another that can pack his bags.
  14. I'd swap him for Wesley Snipes's character in Demolition Man.
  15. Morelos and Herrera are players that to me will need quick service if we're to have any hope of them coming good and at best we have Pena/Kranjcar in terms of creation at this point (simply nowhere near enough). Candeias has hit the odd cross but we need left/right and through the middle of a much better standard than what we have.