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  1. Excellent signing, he was an absolute standout for Hearts and if he gets a run in a high profile team like Rangers will probably end up as Scotland’s No.1.
  2. I’ve been a casual observer of Rangersmedia for a long time but tend to tune out pretty quickly due to the knuckle draggers. Obviously, everyone is entitled to their opinions but I would urge everyone who is not 100% behind Mr Gerrard to take some time during lockdown with a case of beer or couple of bottles of wine and sit and watch every old firm Match for the last four years and enjoy the progress. We were so far behind it was unreasonable to expect us to get ahead because of a manager, but the enthusiasm, belief, outside interest and excitement the manager has brought back to the club has not only been tangible, it’s been infectious and something each and every one of us has a duty to get behind and accelerate. Divided we are weak but united we will be strong and prevail and only when we all pull in the same direction will we truly progress, therefore, I would urge everyone to focus on pushing our team forward positively and not speculate about changing the manager, not just because he’s the best thing that’s happened to Rangers since the appointment of Walter Smith but also because we can only grow as a collective, pushing in the same direction.
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