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  1. I was at the home leg and tbh i can't remember a lot,i was still quite young then about 11 i think.The away game my da went with a few of his mates and left me ( the bastard did that at a few big games with meπŸ˜‰) at home. Anyway he "borrowed" one of my scarves,a cracking silk one i had and at the game with Rangers getting beat the fans to show their displeasure decide to burn their scarves and my old man promptly threw mine in the fire.Great eh,and he never did buy me another one to replace it.
  2. Ma mrs spotted them in Fethiye Turkey,we were there 3 weeks ago so she says to me " oh look Rangers tops" i said "i'm no fucking buying one of them ! ".
  3. Aye,or just don't say there's only been 1 bid.
  4. Agree with all of that,overall performance was abysmal though.
  5. This is absolute shite.I hope Gerrard changes it at half time.
  6. They will abandon it so not to offend players whose religion forbids alcohol use. In the 4 bullet points under the headline that's the only reason given.Why would it offend anyone ? if someone offers you a drink and you don't drink you just tell them,same as being offered a fag you just say you don't smoke,why would anyone get offended.
  7. What a finish by Defoe,minds me of myself when i was young.πŸ˜€
  8. Aye,unfortunately you are right there.
  9. It's fkin ridiculous 3 of our players are facing bans yet that wee cunt broon who started everything gets off scot free.Our club should say something about it.
  10. bgally


    I liked him but that's too many times he has let Rangers down he needs sold asap.
  11. It makes you sick to think that all those kids who were sexually abused will maybe not see their abusers face the consequences and that those scummy cunts at cfc will get away with the biggest scandal in British living memory.
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