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  1. You forgot about Goldson being shite,but is guaranteed a start.
  2. He's no we've fucking got him! or should i say we're stuck with him.
  3. Ojo should not be a starter for us in any game he's awful,he looks lost when he gets the ball and anything he tries he can't do,Stewart should be in before him.Tav is a joke and has been most of the season so far.Gerrard has to get tough with a few of them and let them know nobody walks into the team ( well apart from Alfredo )
  4. Aye,it's no right. still i'm going for 3-1 to us.
  5. Katic before Goldson every time for me.
  6. Just read it,we need to come out with a statement with the truth or they're going to try and tar us with the same brush as them.
  7. Remember when we bought him ? We slaughtered Stenhousemuir 5- 0 away and a week or 2 later buy their goalie
  8. bgally


    Will he fuck,Gerrard will put out on the right. Instead of sending him back to Liverpool.
  9. Ojo is fucking shite,there is no way he should be starting every game.Alfie does it again for us and hopefully we kick on in the 2nd half and get another 1 our passing has to improve though.
  10. Aye i know,apparently his Range Rover is only worth 160 grand !
  11. bgally

    Kenny burns

    Gowanbank,that was my old primary..........fucks sake 50 years ago time flies eh.
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