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  1. What a finish by Defoe,minds me of myself when i was young.😀
  2. Aye,unfortunately you are right there.
  3. It's fkin ridiculous 3 of our players are facing bans yet that wee cunt broon who started everything gets off scot free.Our club should say something about it.
  4. bgally


    I liked him but that's too many times he has let Rangers down he needs sold asap.
  5. It makes you sick to think that all those kids who were sexually abused will maybe not see their abusers face the consequences and that those scummy cunts at cfc will get away with the biggest scandal in British living memory.
  6. I know ,i thought what the fucks he doing? maybe somebody had a go at him for his shite crossing so far.
  7. this is fkin woeful from the forwards,they cunts will score thats a given with all the chances we've missed.
  8. Nice wee video that.
  9. We're going to win this cup,getting the scum in the semi is just icing on the cake as we will stop them from getting to the final.The hardest part is done getting that draw at the sheep has done it for us.
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