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  1. Tav is the biggest fucking shitebag i've seen in nearly 50 years of following Rangers and he should never be captain.
  2. no he needs to go now,he's fkin shite he dithers and then he passes back nearly every time.
  3. yet another load of turgid shite i know i know we won whoopie doo.Every game since he break has been the same what the fuck happened ?
  4. I agree with you there,Goldson is the only one who never gets dropped but imo is the worst of the 4 centre backs.
  5. As much as that cunt of a referee has cost us tonight, i blame the bunch of gutless shitebag players we have got.Gerrard needs a rocket too as him and his staff have watched this shite since the winter break and not fixed it,another fuckiing title thrown away to they scum bastards i'm fucking gutted .
  6. Aye we'll see what that shit stewart comes out with now.....eh
  7. Too many sloppy players out there again,wtf did the team get up to in that winter break ? i think it should be given a body swerve next year. Now c'mon Rangers let's see a better 2nd half and do this lot i also hope Morelos puts his shooting boots on as he seems to be wearing the wrong pair.
  8. Aye you're right there,they scummy cunts would be greeting all week if it was them.
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