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  1. bgally

    Andy King

    Aye,i remember that one.
  2. bgally

    Left back

    Halliday is the worst of the 3, Barisic could be the best but for now i'd leave Flanagan in as i think he's the best defensively.
  3. fell away to fuck so we have,c'mon Rangers give us another goal.
  4. Hahaha they're doing a giant huddle in the centre circle anaw.
  5. Oh yesss,i watched the last 20 mins...fuck they scum bastards.
  6. What a shite end to the half,we should have been 3 or 4 up instead struggling to stay 1 up. We need to up it again 2nd half and the defence to stay awake
  7. As much as i'd like us to really hammer them,i'll take 2-0 and the points.
  8. That was a very good result,i got a bit worried when they got their 2 goals as i thought we were going to throw it away but in the end it has set us up nicely.
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