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  1. We've played well the last 2 games but just didn't get the results we deserved. 3-0 tonight to cheer us up a bit.
  2. i'll just greet if he starts. i come on to see if there was any word about him as that is my big fear we're man down if he does.
  3. It should be someone else getting a go,except captain tav says it's his ball and fuck every one else.
  4. i honestly think he's the worst of the 4,i've said it before how is he never dropped but as you've said he's one of Gerrards favs.
  5. Gerrarrd has to rocket them they are so slow with their passing and i hope he keeps Ojo in the dressing room as that's the best place for him.
  6. Aye mine too,i agree with you there.
  7. He's been shite for a while now,i think Aribo is getting the ball too deep he needs to get higher up field.
  8. The thing is although we've had a bad 1st half we can still win this c'mon Rangers into them!
  9. Aye i seen him doing that as well,fkin joke blaming somebody else for his shite play.
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