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  1. I do as well mate,as a player he would get in my all time eleven and i'm 63 but with that shite he spouts in the rags well you wonder if it was us or the scum he played for.Shame really but there you go. imo of course.
  2. Nah just Goldson would do for me.
  3. Aye,if they don't play the full season and win it that way then getting it now means they've been awarded it,big difference,so any Rangers fan that accepts their 9 in a row shite needs their heads looked at.
  4. Aye me too,correct me if i'm wrong but i'm sure they are the only club in europe that was leading their league to have whinged and moaned about getting their title,i mean even Liverpool who are so close haven't said a thing and how long have they waited.As you say the scum are just classless bastards to a man.
  5. Aye,after the cunts "embarrassing" line our board should have come out with..."We all know celtic don't do investigations so we didn't have our hopes up of winning the egm" or something along those lines.
  6. I agree with you therer as regards to the board,i just think that lieswell has made it personal with that statement and he knew it,so we have to come back with something...soon.
  7. I have just read a piece in the sun,the fat jap is supposed to have said Rangers dossier is' embarrassing'.That's a direct slur on us so i hope that our club give the cunt some back we cannot be found wanting as DP has said.
  8. Superca............................no fuck it i'm not doing it.
  9. Fucks sake i never thought i'd say that i'm listening waiting for Tom English to come on !
  10. It's a cracker innit,been pishing myself with laughter as well.
  11. Aye, i thought he come across quite well after watching the vid.
  12. I'ts odds on they will be levelling charges against us,and as you say we have got to take this all the way.Just don't back down from them and their media stooges.
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