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  1. What do we name the 13 who stayed?

    Rangers football club
  2. Up to 5 clubs going bust!

    please be aberdeen , please be aberdeen ,please be aberdeen , please be aberdeen, please be aberdeen etc
  3. Is McKenna really a Tim?

    i seen him in manchester......his zenit top was a tight a fuck on him
  4. A Bairns View

    we are the people...dont like it?...fuck off WATP WATF
  5. Gough, the floodgates are open

    once this sorry mess is over , not only will i remember the enemy that has took joy in kicking us on the floor, i will also remember our so called friends. while the every day fan of us has stood up and did their best (turning up to games in their thousands, marching, giving what cash they could spare) players seen as legends to the people who payed them , day after day seem to take a kick. As for the millionaires who claim to support us and have our best interest at heart,these guys sicken me, they had a chance to stop this, to buy us at a knock down price, but choose not to put their hand a little deeper intoo their pocket.. imo, me paying £500 for my season ticket is a lot harder , financially ,than the jim mccoll's of this world spending say £10 m. only my opinion of course.
  6. McDonalds Boycott

    not a dig mate, but did you pick your victims?....not to sure i would have taken nicely to anyone digging me up...with all due respect of course
  7. so how many titles and trophies have Celtic been handed?

    sorry mate, but feck selleck
  8. JJB wanks

    what jjb was it bud?
  9. Summary of today's shenangians

    thanks pal, not long in from work ,couldnt get my head round what was happening, more to come no doubt
  10. Season tickets if in div 3

    im in the govan rear pal, £500 for mine, i dont want to sound like an uber fan here, but i would pay it no probs, im paying to see Rangers and if it can help to build us up again ,well so much the better. not a dig btw, just my thoughts
  11. To Kill A Mockingbird....

    my first post and im glad its on this thread, very well put sir