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  1. Cardoso

    Rebecca Gray got this story onto page 21 of The Sun. Hi Rebecca.
  2. The bastards getting beat was the main story on Scotland Today fs.
  3. Rangers related picture thread

  4. Rangers related picture thread

  5. Rangers related picture thread

  6. Had it down as a draw in my treble.
  7. Murtys 'Presser'

    I remember how some wanked over how well Warburton spoke and that 'they could listen to him for days.'
  8. UB Display

    Top yourself.
  9. Aye, turning water into wine is overrated.
  10. Graeme Murty

    Offered a 3 year deal.
  11. I'm guessing...

    A big sheet of tarpaulin over the pitch since we're skint.
  12. I'm guessing...

  13. Would you take winning the league....

    What about Brendan Rodgers winning Strictly?