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  1. Ticket office queue now

    Just over an hour I was.
  2. Ticket office queue now

    Queued down to the billboards at Argyle House.
  3. Liverpool v Man Utd

    A fine better come Liverpool's way if any of that card display ends up on the pitch.
  4. Ticket office queue now

    Thursday Iam leaving it till.
  5. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Chelsea, Sheffield Wednesday, Wigan, Luton & Motherwell. £5 pays 85. Still looking for my first win this season.
  6. Strachan

    Advocaat will get it stinking from those bastards at Pittodrie if he's still in charge.
  7. Boab Malcream

    Boab Malcone.
  8. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    I wonder if they'll put me in the tarrier end? You can get out for a smoke in that stand.
  9. Boab Malcream

    Mentioned before he worked on the van at my bit with his uncle Wullie when I was a wean. @LaudrupsPatrickBoots probably tipped the press off because he mentioned he was back doing it in the East End
  10. Linked with the Holland job.
  11. Rangers related picture thread

    I ended up with Mols 9 on that shirt because the Rangers shop in EK never had any E's to get Reyna.
  12. Linfield fans not happy

    It was that Chelsea lot again.