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  1. Dunno if that was some strike or awful goalkeeping.
  2. More fans than Chelsea and City will bring aswell mate.
  3. Myself and good friend @Mr Sopranobattle it out today. Fully expecting an away victory.
  4. "You are kicking off at eight o'clock on a Thursday night and your players, [with] the adrenaline, can't get to sleep until three or four o'clock in the morning - and then our league, who are supposed to be our governing body who help us, go and agree a kick-off time at 12:15 on Sunday." Its the gear that keeps the fans up till that time Stevie but i was still in my work at 6 on the Friday morning.
  5. I was telling people round about me they had VAR last night because i read it on here.
  6. Imagine the school weans belted out TBB.
  7. Iain Dowie just said Hastie is the best Rotherham player on the pitch away at Sunderland.
  8. I have every issue of the Rangers Monthly magazine for the archives.
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