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  1. Thank fuck you can trigger a years contract extension with most of my squad.
  2. If that was Clancy refereeing he allows the tarriers to take that corner when Amoruso heads it behind.
  3. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport3/worldcup2002/hi/team_pages/argentina/newsid_2067000/2067942.stm
  4. Fraser Aird and the guy out the Haribo advert wins in. Top marks to who posted it in the other thread.
  5. Ronan Darcy cant get in the team because of Billy Gilmour but Norwich have still offered 5.75m for him.
  6. Lost 1-0 to Arsenal in the 90 odd minute after going down to 10 men when one of my subs got injured and i had made 3.
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