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  1. Babysitting tonight and working tomorrow so none of they shenanigans today mate. Just a wee cargo.
  2. Tarriers taken the piss with that back line.
  3. His opinion don't mean Jack.
  4. It was your hamster the last time!
  5. Take it he's threw in the towel already then.
  6. The word 'ass' irritates me.
  7. A penalty after 2 minutes.
  8. Osman Sow signed for MK Dons yesterday.
  9. Will he remember his EBT?
  10. My birthday was the 10th so it's not to late for me to have a thread then.
  11. I blame Warburton's daughter.
  12. Five more appearances and Barry becomes king of the Premier League.
  13. @Miller time is the fella you want.
  14. Considering Kenny's Maw works behind the bar from where @Buggleskelly supporters bus leaves, but aye he'll have made that conversation up.
  15. It's unreal the amount of shite that you read on here.
  16. Chelsea relegation candidates this season.
  17. What dissapoints me the most is, again. I never got a birthday scoreboard message or shoutout, fs I'll do it myself next year.