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  1. Would have got more likes posting a cargo in a bag picture.
  2. 2-0 up away to Stuttgart at halftime.
  3. Typical when ive still been paying for Premier Sport
  4. Gauld done Hibs a turn didn't he...........
  5. Charlton keep on unsettling my players because i'm rejecting their shite offers.
  6. What happend to the people that thought Greg Stewart would be a decent option
  7. Daryl Duffy also came of the bench in the Champions League when we lost 3-1 at home to Panathinaikos.
  8. Paul Merson just said on Soccer Saturday he followed through on the pitch against Liverpool
  9. How Hummel seen us
  10. Is Jude Bellingham any good mate?
  11. Offer him a square go at the main entrance.
  12. Thought this was going to a Graeme Murty thread.
  13. Think the people with tickets will get a refund or a £5 voucher?
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