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  1. West Ham have bid 25m according to the laugh at tarriers thread.
  2. Waghorn's header.
  3. I doubt Pardew will even be considered after he stuck the head on David Meyler a couple seasons ago.
  4. Jamie O'Hara has signed for Celebrity Big Brother.
  5. Dominic Ball joins Peterborough on loan.
  6. That tarrier at Barnsley we're linked with scored a belter today.
  7. Just noticed I've took Middlesbrough on the coupan.
  8. Because he supports Hibs? He's my favourite still anyway.
  9. Plenty round about the stadium yesterday.
  10. dumbelly? Really?
  11. It's the come down Brian. Brings out the anger.
  12. We at least took him via helicopter though.
  13. He had to wait on babn getting his stomach pumped before being seen.
  14. Halliday is fucking honkin, anyone defending him is deluded. "Played out of position" Pish.
  15. And a nationalist prick.
  16. So you reckon they'll come back with Ebola?
  17. Would still be sleeping if Rydog never text me, got her birthday to deal with now then she'll cook my breakfast.
  18. Iam under the same instructions as yourself so it'll be 10:30 before I get there. 9:15 it's opening apparently.
  19. With impersonating a footballer.
  20. 180's galore.
  21. Starting to think we go on the same bus mate.
  22. Doubt that with Alex Rae no longer in charge.
  23. Klaasen v Chisnall