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  1. Could be the next Claudio Reyna, a midfielder who could play right back.
  2. McTominay ran off the park for a jobby at full time, should see if the kit man has any of Darren Fletcher's nappys left for the next game just incase.
  3. I hope Declan Rice gets sent on for the last 5 minutes tomorrow, gets booo'ed to fuck then England never call him up again.
  4. Some amount of wanking being done because the Scotland team are sticking to UK time in Kazakhstan, never heard any praise when we done it for the Ufa game.
  5. I sent a direct debit form away weeks ago for my boy and they still haven't took any money.
  6. Me and @Vanolihave great taste.
  7. Especially the ones that dont answer their phone.
  8. Hamilton Accies have been described as 'a ginger stepchild' by the Sun.
  9. This one is better. Selfish bastard so i am.
  10. Send him to Kazakhstan with the rest of the arseholes. He probably wants to go.
  11. I thought my effort was brilliant aswell mate
  12. At Ibrox already, bus is empty so is the roads.
  13. May i suggest for your tipple today in memory of @Jam_piece
  14. Fuck knows how its titled 'penalty save.'
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