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  1. Are Wolves fans in the tier above the Man Utd fans?
  2. Get Roma and Liverpool on the blower if he accepts.
  3. wully

    Andy King

    I thought he would have a right Welsh accent, he wasn't even born in Wales.
  4. Total lack of disrespect to our opponents if Halliday and Stewart start.
  5. Steward asked me if it was a valid ticket, naw mate i payed £500 for a dud one. Sent to the ticket office and i missed the opening two goals, same steward was closing the turnstyles when i got back.
  6. Was it just mine that never worked then?
  7. They haven't released their third kit yet. Yesterday's is a belter but.
  8. You come in late and the guy next to you has got his pal from a few sections over in your seat.
  9. Defoe cant wait till East Fife, having Barker. Stewart and Jones backing him up
  10. The new Halliday, his own thread everytime he does his job.
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