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  1. the biggest thing he has to prove is if he's actually able to be a striker at any decent level from what we've seen he's sub-Scottish premiership that's embarrassing enough
  2. Don't let anyone lie to you, we're foremost a Mormon club.
  3. Agreed, but they're only shit because we're split as a fanbase and only a percentage of our support follow such things.
  4. One question - how do you know what other people do or don't do who chat on an anonymous forum? Im starting to think my profile is a little thin I'm willing to admit the lengths I have gone to defend the club have been the odd scrap or verbal with taigs or general conversations and putting money into the club. But the point being made is the position of - no one likes us we don't care - is a moronic one. If we as fans have this attitude then those whom are in power, and can actually do something to defend us see this, then they will be less likely to be pro-active in defending us. if we don't care why should they? trying to say my point is invalid because I don't personally go out like some kind of rangers knight and defend our club is a bit rediculous and misses the point. we as fans are limited yes, but the general attitude of us gets things done or doesn't - if we didn't kick up a fuck about poor results and management we'd probably have won a lot less as we would have been stuck with more mediocre managers for longer.
  5. It's obvious whom should be standing up for the club, yet you're the one that sounds like a little surrender monkey saying no one is going to stand up for us so fuck it - everyone hates us we don't care. I'm saying that is a moronic stance and we should be standing up for our club and not having that attitude - no one attached with our club should have that attitude. So for your information, I'm calling you out for the moronic attitude, and I'm saying the solution is for people to start caring. It's not my fault that others have that attitude. I'm sorry to hurt your feelings, but that's the way it is. Why don't you go and argue with someone else. PS you know what no surrender means?
  6. The board should be, our pr company should be, everyone associated with the club should. This for me is basic. Just because it's not being done now doesn't mean it never will. anymore obvious and pointless questions u want me to answer?
  7. You're right, fuck it, let's just close the club doon.
  8. What's brown and sticky? A stick.
  9. It's quite humorous how angry you are at a fellow supporter whom disagrees with your post.
  10. I think that's shite to be honest, it's head in the sand material and it's cringeworthy. Fact is, we don't like being treated unfairly and it pisses almost all of us off. Maybe if we dropped this kind of attitude, the no one likes us - we don't care attitude, we might actually stand up for ourselves a bit more.
  11. It might actually be us that are >>>>>>PART<<<<< of the problem. We might turn up in numbers, but any little thing and there's moaning and groaning from the stands. We might have stuck by our team through the bad years, but are we actually helping matters by our attitude all the time to a new manager who has radically changed the squad and is trying to implement his new ideas?
  12. What's dignity ever won?
  13. good statement, we all want him to say more, but he probably said as much as he could as strongly as he could
  14. It's the first rangers media forum thread title that's made me laugh
  15. Fair enough mate