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  1. It was wasn't it? I don't think i've ever seen a rangers team not being up for an old firm game so much in my life before.
  2. bombard people with the good things about our club, that's all i can think of it's difficult, it's disheartening, it's not fair but that's the way it is. we should be fighting it, like all the great rangers teams of the past were great fighters - not retaliators we became great due to fighting not looking at other clubs and trying to get one over on them that's what the scum did, and that's why they aren't and never will be more successful than us.
  3. If I did I apologise mate.
  4. My post stands.
  5. Huh? Some people are really thick on this site. Read my other posts, I'm not joining the dots for another eejit.
  6. All you do is name call when someone fights against your opinion, you can call me what you want doesn't make what you say reality. Just a pity you cant use your brain to properly debate, probably because there isn't one in your head. I don't mind differing opinions, what I do mind is play acting and trying to spread things about folk just because you're not getting your way in an argument - very catholic reaction that - I'd hope you'd employ a bit more sense.
  7. I don't believe in the dignified silence either, they should be shown up to be the scum they are. Again, media items like youtube can be very powerful weapons to use against the fiddlers. I wish we could make proper use of it and show the world exactly who the cunts actually are.
  8. To be fair, Pedro needs to be told he cannot act that way at the end of a defeat. A handshake fair enough, all smiles just doesn't cut it with the fans. He has to be smarter than that.
  9. They knew
  10. Anyone who damages the reputation of my club in my opinion is not a real fan. Your move...
  11. Fuck the police, it's clear they're only interested in one set of fans. The only way we can beat this type of thing is film them and stick all of the stuff on youtube etc. I've said all too often we don't publicise enough positive things about ourselves, and youtube is a good way to go about it. If we show how unevenhanded things are then we might see some improvement in the way things are reported and how we're treated. Something that's not achieved over-night of course.
  12. Calling a fellow fan a cunt for what reason? I said I don't care what is said about Martin McGuinnes as he's a cunt, I have a problem with the sucking cocks in hell bit. Are you sure you're a rangers fan talking to fellow rangers fans in the way you are? I simply believe we as rangers fans we should show more class.
  13. it's a shite situation i dont see getting better fast
  14. Ok, I've got the crayons out for you. Me by saying the - let's hate on everyone thing. Automatically means I do not agree with your assessment of Fod, it also hints that I think people are pissed off and are just looking to blame anyone and everyone for today's result. I cannot make it more simpler for you. It is clearly an opinion, and one which is the opposite of yours. Wait, stop eating that crayon, I need it for when @Bluepeter9 comes online.
  15. You mean just like I did? Okays