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  1. He'd have to sit side on
  2. I'd rather have someone like Walter Smith, or a younger guy like McCann whom can convey his opinion intelligently and precisely and who will be very professional while in the role.
  3. Nöoooooooooooooooooooo Not the punssssssssssssss Was wanting a serious chaat
  4. I wondered why spell check didn't come up with any suggestions
  5. I know I'm coming across as a dick here, but I'm making a point. We cannot use our hearts to rule over important decisions at our club. There is no good reason to take Ferguson on other than him being an excellent player and good captain for us. He's a good Rangers man yes, how many of those do we have?!? There are fundamental reasons as to why Ferguson/Bomber etc could be terrible mistakes, and I'd be incredibly bemused if the board go for one of them. I want the best for my club, not the best for me or a past idol. The club is the most important thing.
  6. If you're willing to use win percentages as part of your argument one word irradicates it... McCoist
  7. I'm noticing a trend, folk wanting Ferguson/Bomber/Rae and the same very people having a low IQ. Weird innit?
  8. More experienced in being a shite coach? I've had a lot of sexy times in my life, I'm still shite in the sack. Means nothing. Again, someone answer why Ferguson should be the frontrunner. It's still because you're in love with Barry the player/captain, isn't it? Imagine certain fans actually running the club, we'd be fucked in five days.
  9. Those wanting Ferguson - why? He's a rangers man? Plenty better rangers men to choose from. He's managed/he's a good coach? There's only evidence he's not a good coach, and hasn't done well in management. It's just cause you fell in love with Ferguson the player/captain isn't it? What a load of shite.
  10. There's plenty of other threads out there for your enjoyment then mate. Some of us like watching a car crash even if we have jumped out of the car at the last minute.
  11. King probably left early leaving the bill with Pedro.
  12. The only person we want with true authority is Pedro, he's the gaffer. Much rather have a professional enthusiastic coach that doesn't have much authority than a Barry ferguson type coach - unprofessional, egotistical, and moany. Can easily imagine Ferguson undermining Pedro, certainly not with lovenkrands.
  13. Yeah totally... He'll be in a great position to have full contact with the players and say things regarding pedro like ''well no, I wouldn't have done things like that'', ''I honestly don't think he knows what he's doing'' etc Nothing against the guy, but I think his selection could be a hell of a bad move. People trying to defend him by saying oh, but he's just going to be in the background, he's not going to be hugely influential on tactics, player selection etc. Emm... are you forgetting that even as a player - a player - he was able to create unrest and undermine PLG? I'm sure if certain folk here had their way, we wouldn't have a club. Passion is great, loyalty is great, however sometimes the head should rule the heart.
  14. hallebluejah
  15. If true Warburton is a mongo