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  1. Saying it doesn't make it true mate, boycotts only damage the club. They are pointless.
  2. It was supposed to be tongue in cheek, while serving the purpose of making a point.
  3. What business comes out into the public domain and explains the fine details of their business contracts with other businesses? For the amount I hate Sports Direct this is something I cannot be angry at them for. It's like some folk in here are completely outwith reality.
  4. Folk like you have to look at the big picture instead of taking things so literally all the time. Being on top is about winning the small percentages - it's not about putting everything down to one singular thing. To say it's irrelevant does not tell the truth about the situation. Not wearing strips means the club isn't advertised as much as it could be - therefore it is contributing to us not getting revenues or the publicity we could be getting. All of these things contribute and it's about time people started to understand this concept. There's too many people with their heads in the sand, seeing the amount of supporters going to home games and away games and thinking we do not have a problem - everything is hunky-dory. Well no, we have to plan for the future and stop being so fucking blinkered and arrogant or we could well start going to fuck just as the quality in our squad has gone to fuck. Who'd have thought in the future we'd have the likes of Kiernan at centreback, us sitting behind Aberdeen in third place in the league with us struggling against the dross in Scotland every week while we were basking in the glory of the 9 in a row days? No one. The lesson to be learnt is - do not be so arrogant and leave things to chance - make sure our future is as safe as we can make it.
  5. The thick fucks boycotting merchandise have as much impact as waving a crossed out 6 inch SNP flag in front of Buckingham palace. SNP boo SNP boo. "eh mate, you do know this is where the queen lives?" It's just an excuse to feel some ill-informed self-importance and save a bit of cash.
  6. Fuck Van Vossen, he's the Mexican Waghorn!
  7. Well done mate, it's always nerve racking trying to impress in a new job, hope it goes well for you!
  8. Can we not just have a decent playing squad?
  9. They still have art of the bread man, why exactly?
  10. Well I cant sign it mate sorry, but I can print it out.
  11. That's a lie straight away
  12. Haven't chatted enough with you mate to know your sense of humour, if it was meant in jest then I don't mind at all.
  13. I'd rather we gave them better quality for that kind of money, what about Kiernan?
  14. He is a bit peter crouch
  15. Imagine Lafferty was our only big signing this window? Time to die.