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  1. Derek McInnes

    McInnes thinks Kings a cock? Why would he think anything else?
  2. Classy from the club...

    Well done to your family, my dad had large cell lung cancer and wasn’t given long to live. He’s a good bear too but doesn’t manage to go to many games now. He was given the all clear a couple of years ago, so I know how you feel. It’s amazing what they can do nowadays. Congratulations!
  3. Ally McCoist

    Imagine bumping this shite! As soon as I saw it I ran immediately to the toilet and have been sitting here for a good 10min.
  4. Alan Pardew

    Totally agree with that, but I would say that a lot of the names being circulated are more likely to displease than please the majority. You will always have nutters that think certain people would do a good job, Murty being a case and point.
  5. Nah mate, cunt at this moment in time is solely reserved for you x Gustav has actually explained something to me and included me in a discussion which is what the forum is about. It matters not that we had differing opinions, or does it matter if I or someone else was wrong, or that someone's mind has changed. What actually matters is that there is discussion. You're the one questioning my Rangers support, and throwing your toys out the pram because you didn't get the result you wanted after your unhelpful one worded reply. Therefore I'm well within my rights to class you as a cunt, therefore with careful consideration... I do. x
  6. We are our own worst enemy at times
  7. Alan Pardew

    I used to have an idea whom might get the job, but to be honest the longer this has gone on I have absolutely no idea. I wouldn't be surprised if any of the names that have come up recently ended up with the job. Not very confident it will be someone we are going to be happy with.
  8. Personally I try to give the scottish football press a wide berth and didn't see that he said this, if he did then I don't know how he could be employed by us.
  9. Yes I am, and you're clearly a cunt. Pleased to meet you x
  10. If you're not going to explain in a reply then I'll just make up a load of nonsense to reply back. I'm not doing the legwork for anyone in here, it's supposed to be a discussion.
  11. Mcleish

    3rd and two trophyless seasons I'd hate for him to come back, I agree, we have to find someone better otherwise we are completely knackered. We might have an initial phase of better performances under McLeish, but this happens to almost every manager. I would expect it to be completely downhill from then on.
  12. Mcleish

    He was successful with a large amount of very good players gifted to him by the previous manager. One of the worst things about McLeish, from what I remember, was his bizarre tactics. He employed some right strange tactics which clearly weren't working, and it was making his players ineffective. I remember shouting at the TV pissed off at wingers playing on their wrong side and being completely impotent, but he refused to change it. It might have worked with better players, but he was using players whom had limited ability for this type of thing. He gave me some wonderful memories, however he was found out. He's been found out at every other club he's been at after us. Simply not good enough.
  13. I find all this hatred for Traynor hilarious, as if people actually know what he's been told to do and that he's failed to do it. Ever thought this guy is doing the bidding of the board, and it's perhaps their decisions that are questionable? Like blaming a player for being shite, but he's shite because the manager is using the player in the wrong way and he's simply carrying out the manager's bidding. Just something to keep in mind...