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  1. Jack The Flipper

    Greg Docherty to go out on loan

    Candeias wins player of the year last year and is now shite and should get punted, brainless. 😂
  2. Jack The Flipper

    Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    Underperform and leave us wondering if they'd actually ever signed for us for fun up here
  3. Jack The Flipper

    Where Will We Finish in the 2018/9 Season?

    bottom 6 voters 😆
  4. Jack The Flipper

    Club statement

    True, but guess it's easier for younger players to develop in a successful team than one that's in constant turmoil and getting abuse for performancess
  5. Jack The Flipper

    Club statement

    I think you're being very unreasonable toward other opinions. You cannot keep firefighting, we cant score goals - ok let's get loads of attackers, our midfield is shite -sign 6 midfielders, our defence is shite let's buy loads of defenders, now our attack is shite, let's get more attackers. There has to be a plan and some direction because the team has to move forward as a whole. Morelos is a young lad and anyone with half a brain can see he shouldn't be our main striker, it's too much for the lad and he's not thriving now because of the pressure he's been put under. Anyone could see our frailties all over the park last year, including inability to break down teams when really required. We had a few high scoring games that made our stats look better than what they were. When's the last time we scored against the scum? Our "solid" defense has been tested against whom exactly? 😨
  6. Jack The Flipper

    Osijek Away

    Come on, who thought this was a youth player who'd been let go by us... or a Pedro signing?
  7. Jack The Flipper

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    That bad? I thought he looks to be a good defender/midfielder/striker, doesn't play all over the park, just up and doon up and doon... defend a bit, pass it to himself in midfield, pass to himself up front, then it all falls down.
  8. Jack The Flipper

    Al Kalines

    Worst thread ever... so I'd thought I'd contribute @:¬)
  9. Jack The Flipper

    Curtis Tilt (Blackpool)

    More of an attacking threat than Morelos... He'd run out of defense and fall down in the final third for fun up here
  10. Jack The Flipper

    Club statement

    Why does everyone want to blame Traynor for every single thing written? "Wednesday, 18 July 2018, 15:00 by Dave King" Traynor is told what to do by King, so if anyone's got a problem with the clubs output surely it rests on him?
  11. Jack The Flipper

    Any bounce game?

    2x as likely to get an injury to a Rangers player, in fact, it might be too competitive... like the idea though
  12. Jack The Flipper

    Well done Alfredo

    A lot of us, myself included, noticed his performance dipped hugely after the "Chinese interest". A lot of people refused to admit he was playing poorly, put it down to tiredness or whatever bullshit they wanted to, and were fond of saying "oh, but he works so hard for the team." Yeah, fair enough... His job is striker, and he's not scoring and has been missing sitters for a long long time - and it's steadily gotten worse. As I said when it seemed like everyone else was creaming about him - he is a young player with bags of potential - that is it. The abuse I got for the sentence in bold 😆 He cannot be and should not be our main striker, he's still learning his trade.
  13. Jack The Flipper

    Allan McGregor

    More of a chance of scoring 30 goals than Morelos tbh
  14. Jack The Flipper

    Well done Alfredo

    12m player... can do no wrong... canny score a fuck
  15. Jack The Flipper

    *****Official Shkupi vs Rangers thread*****

    Exceptionally boring and uninspiring, however, we're through and two clean sheets. Would have been three... but I shit the bed again last night (again)