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  1. Chelsea's 3-4-3 formation

    Whatever happened to Svensson? He was supposed to be highly rated, I bet he's fallen into obscurity. Heed like a 50p piece.
  2. Gers Fans Applaud celtic Supporters Ibrox Disaster Tribute

    The reason why this guy should be congratulated is for the same reason certain posters in this thread are being dickheads about this. The very fact that the overwhelming majority of celtic fans do the exact opposite to this guy is why it must have been more difficult for him to do. His behaviour should be congratulated - full stop. This does not mean that we forget the majority of arseholes in the celtic support whom sing despicable songs and spray paint shite about the disaster. This one guy has done something respectful - that is it. It is nothing to do with the rest of the support this story is about him and I say well done to him. I think some of you have lost the plot, and lack basic reasoning powers sometimes. If people see us hating for no other reason than hate itself it will be ignored and passed off as ignorance and stupidity. If we are able to see this type of gesture for what it is - a nice gesture - then it gives more credibility to our real hate for that club. Our reasons for hating celtic are genuine, but we are able to see that not every single supporter of theirs is a complete wanker - this empowers our opinions. Another point - which is separate from this guys gesture - is why does the media report something like this and not the disgusting songs their fans sing week in week out? This is a media problem, nothing else.
  3. News on Alves

    I really wonder about some of our support
  4. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    I'm sick of people banging on about Murty, shows a complete unawareness of the situation. Murty was under zero pressure, and so was his players. That kind of freedom would have created the ability to punch well above their weight. The difficult part of being Rangers manager, or being a Rangers player is to perform under pressure week in week out - no matter what happens and what is said about you. Murty and his players didn't have that pressure at all - so can we please once and for all shut up about it. It is not comparable, unless you are willing to tell half the story - and when is that kind of argument ever helpful?
  5. Where should we be

    McCoist wasn't just in charge of us when we were in the 4th level of Scottish football, he had plenty of time to implement these kinds of ideas and philosophies.
  6. Where should we be

    I think you miss the point Buying high quality youngsters, and giving them a lot of game time - which they wouldn't normally have been given at Rangers and allowing them to play alongside seasoned professionals whom would have been ready for retirement at SPL stage but by that time they would have passed on their knowledge and experience. Instead we bought such shit as Black, Kyle, Daly etc
  7. Are celtic really that good?

    In Scottish terms they're very good In actual terms they're average In comparison to us they're amazing
  8. Where should we be

    Disagree, I think the biggest problem was McCoist. We had an ideal opportunity to start from scratch and build for the time we reached the premiership, instead he turned us into a load of shite with hasbeens and alsorans. In my opinion this is when we made the biggest fuck up. You can then say getting King on board was a fuck up, but it could have been an even bigger fuck up depending on whom else took over in his place.
  9. How Many Managers?

    Thanks for adding to the discussion sweetheart.
  10. Pass Marks

    Think he should be very proud of his performance
  11. Them celebrating

    Like they've ever shown any class
  12. How Many Managers?

    It's funny, we had people automatically assuming that if you didn't want King in charge you had to be pro-Ashley. Nothing has been learnt. I have said that I do not think Pedro is the man for the job on many occasions but have said I hope he proves me wrong. Who are appointing these managers? Who are not investing enough in the squad? If you do not fix the source of the problem - and believe you me IT IS NOT PEDRO then we will keep getting the wrong managers & players through the door at great cost to us.
  13. Pedro: Time to go?

    Where have I ever defended him? i haven't, therefore you're a moron
  14. Pedro: Time to go?

  15. Dirty lego eating bastard

    I wonder when the compliance officer will get on this one...