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  1. Agreed Penny Archaic now - but I don't understand why some fans love it. Simply the best never sounds tired.
  2. The way I see it is, it's last seasons strip - I know a lot of people refused to buy it - but it's still last seasons strip. So, I think it's fundamentally wrong and silly to raise the prices.
  3. That'd be shite if true, they might use the old new stock vs new stock argument
  4. To think he actually tries to make out he's a Rangers supporter, guy is nuts if he believes anyone with a bit of grey matter between their ears believes him.
  5. Do you see that happening or heard any rumours?
  6. I wouldn't agree with creating more hype, the hype and excitement is already there and not being able to meet demand is never good unless there's special circumstances. Most real Rangers supporters will of course go out and buy the strips anyway no matter what - but you'll have those whom are balancing on the edge of getting a strip, and they might just think, ah fuck it - I'll not bother.
  7. Am I new signing? Listen, I've been on this site since 2011, you have not. You know not of any positivity I've thrown the board or my opinion on Ashley or whatever - yet you feel the need to attack a fellow rangers fan as soon as you've signed up to the site. I'll take it and have a little banter with people I've known for a while on here - but a little fanny like you? Get to fuck
  8. Wait you don't reuse condoms? You posh bastard.
  9. Agreed, got all excited there - good grounds for a banning I think. I feel very sad typing that as well @Frank Harrison because I think you're a lovely lovely man.
  10. So you disagree that we missed an opportunity to sell merchandise by not having enough stock? Or you do agree with my statement but fancy a wee attack because your tiny little baws are only big enough to do it online to someone you don't know?
  11. Missed the opportunity to make a lot of money, there's a buzz about buying shirts and they should have capitalised on it. Poor business sense.
  12. King's done a good job of bringing us all closer together as a fanbase
  13. Would you be in favour of signing Vuckic if he became available to us?
  14. That's caught me out before, seeing a transfer thread regarding a very good player become a hot topic - you look into it and find the guy whom has just suggested the transfer is getting the piss taken out of him for not putting it in the suggestions thread.
  15. I'm actually the one saying I care about no other team other than Rangers and I get this? Nae bother, but the wee lassies complaining
  16. Ok, I'll try - and I'll not cheat. Craig Gordon, lego muncher, the thumb... Really, I'm stuck, I couldn't give a toss about Celtic. Even if they score against us it's - goal for celtic, scored by wanker. Second goal for celtic scored by wanker 2.
  17. Aren't you going off topic now? I mean you're talking about website design!
  18. I'm being serious, I'd struggle.
  19. Enlighten me bud, what does it say about me?
  20. I'm amazed how much folk know about the English leagues, I'm even living down in England and I don't give a shit tbh. The only team I'm interested in is Rangers, I'd even struggle to mention more than 5 scum players
  21. Fair play, he must be hurting like hell inside - I know I would be. But when you've not been given any choice you're as well making the best of a shit situation.
  22. Ah fuck it, let's just hate, it's more fun. PS am I going to have to mention Vuckic to get this thread back on track?
  23. You calling me pretty?
  24. don't start that kind of talk, you'll be called a rangers media bully - you want to have that tag? if you're not willing to do the time - don't do the crime
  25. didn't see that one coming, made me chuckle