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  1. Best striker I've ever seen at rangers, a footballing genius in my opinion.
  2. My thread did, it was a thread showing the annoyance of feeling disconnected from our new boss and what he's doing at Rangers. It's not just a Scotland thing, it's what I feel I'm missing because of the Scotland thing and at the same time I have voiced my disillusionment regarding the national side.
  3. I'm Scottish although I'm living down in England, now this International period has been torture for me. I've not watched one Scotland game - I used to but now I just don't give a shit about the national team. The only way I've seen this international period is, a disruption to me being able to watch Rangers and our new management team in action. I kinda felt that all the videos we were receiving during the initial period of Pedro's reign were to appease us for the time we would have to do without - due to the international break. It was clear that Pedro couldn't do an awful lot before the Hamilton game, so no doubt cameras being involved so much wouldn't have mattered a huge amount. But now the real work has begun all the cameras are off and I'm stuck watching old Rangers videos on youtube! Anyone else feel the same? I'm not anti-Scottish by the way, just pro-my club and have become disillusioned by the way we've been treated by the SFA and by the poor regard in which the rest of Scottish football hold us in.
  4. Not another anti post about an anti Scottish team thread, all folk have to do is not read, not post, not complain. But posting in the thread and keeping it alive seems be less of a hassle and make more sense to them. ooooooooooooooooooooooooookay... I haven't seen a thread of this nature, so posted one. Are you trying to say most posts have not been duplicated at some point in the forum's life? Be a Scotland the brave man to say that kinda thing...
  5. It's all randomness mate, get with the programme jeez
  6. How could any of us cheer this shite on? Also -
  7. I think it made a big difference when we had so many Rangers players in the Scotland team at one point, now it just makes me feel like I'm watching the scum and why the fuck would I want to watch that? Fuck bridge building.
  8. It fuckin is, I want my... I want my RTV
  9. I know how you feel mate, I have the same feeling for this strip;
  10. I cannot see past the well known black socks with red turnovers, it's what makes our kit unique. I think it looks amazing. No matter what folk say I do love that 1996 strip, although the collar pissed me off.
  11. I agree he's not the answer but for different reasons. "Pedro, yur tactics are fuckin shite by the way"
  12. Wouldn't be against that mate.
  13. Alright Barry, how did the interview go? Try and remember it's a coaching role being offered, not the assistant manager or managers position.
  14. No idea, he's been out of football for a few years has he not?
  15. Even with the Boab Malcom interview you still want Ferguson? You're fucking nuts, and sounds like you don't give a shit about Rangers, just Ferguson.
  16. Hi Michal Eisenir, I'm Stve Jhnstn and this is Elzabth Ricarson
  17. Naw, baws ache in a bad way, like VH1
  18. Funny, exactly what a lot of us were saying about Ferguson is confirmed. He should be no where near that position. As I've already said, could be Pedros biggest mistake. Cheers for the headsup mate
  19. Pedro has said whenever he's worked abroad he gets a local assistant in mate, so I think this has come from Pedro not to appease fans.
  20. Pedro is as likely to understand what bombers saying as what novos saying. I can't even understand Novo
  21. Dave King in his head he sees this; But in reality this happens;
  22. This thread makes ma baws ache
  23. Come on lads, we should welcome another sevco fan not beat him up