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  1. Proof? Or is evidence no longer of that great importance any more?
  2. to be fair it was just a comment, i'm not wanting to debate otherwise i would have joined in
  3. good riddance if true the type of player we should be avoiding - successful rangers sides have always been hardworking in the extreme and ruthless - forrester is not this also - it's nice to see fans chatting about something other than bad decisions and statements is that really what we've become now, blaming everything on refereeing decisions? always cheated - never defeated? sound familiar? i've been baffled by it all - that's why i've not commented until now. we need the right players, the right attitude and the right management to be a success - not the right refereeing decisions to go our way - that is a loser mentality. we should be aiming to win regardless of a ton of decisions going against us - it's that simple the long list of players now gone from our club being replaced with the correct type of player, with the same uncompromising mentality will help us no end - i just hope these players have what it takes and that pedro knows what he is doing. bye bye forrester, completely uninspiring in a blue jersey
  4. Spelt that wrong mate, it's icebergers
  5. A wee bit of racism never hurt anyone.
  6. Grammar is spelt wrong as well! Maybe the grammer police are a copycat agency of the grammar police - they try their best but in the end they're a bit shit.
  7. I bet you're only 25 or something as well
  8. You know, it used to be only women that bitched about hair - be it hair style or colour. Yet fully grown adult men are talking about this little boys hair. He's a rangers fan too. Then, looking at the stereotypical football fan... you wouldn't think they'd worry too much about that type of thing! It's like the Pena party-man gossip thing etc - why are grown men interested in rumour and gossip nowadays? What's happened? I think men are becoming too much like women and women too much like men. Personally I like difference between the sexes, fuck magazines, fuck gossip, and fuck worrying about someone's hair.
  9. Had a great first 20min, then just died away. He was all over the place and playing some sexy football, don't know what happened after that. Tiredness? Mentality? I guess he's young and maybe we shouldn't be so harsh.
  10. well done mate!
  11. Love it when pedro starts to snigger straight after he hears percentage mentioned i guess he knows how retarded the scottish football press are now
  12. Frank Harrison thinks someone else is a bellend I'm going to have to start quoting you again mate!
  13. just a bit of banter mate
  14. I think it's fitting the OP's avatar is a cock
  15. Agreed, and I feel that too. But I'm firmly in the once bitten twice shy camp
  16. This is why I hate gossip and rumour, does far more harm than good. I do think there is some truth in it, but not in the way it was being taken previously. I think Pedro lost part of the dressing room when he said certain players were to stay and some were to leave. I have no doubt this became even more a reality when he made it... easier for certain players to fuck off. The players whom are part of his plans and whom have been brought in definitely look to be buying into what he's trying to do, and there does seem to be a togetherness about the players. So to sum up, it was all a load of shite and it was wafted so much in social media folk could taste it and started to wonder is Pedro a dead man walking. Hope you're enjoying your lunch after reading that.
  17. I think it's important to not get carried away, but also to accept things look to be on the up. We're a weird bunch sometimes, one bad result and everything is a mess and everyone's a useless cunt. Similarly a good performance and result and suddenly everything's going to be great. I think it's reasonable to feel optimistic after that showing, however, I for one am not going to say we're going to do this or that. Let's just see, and hopefully we are pleasantly surprised.
  18. Fuck up with that pish, Windeias is his name.
  19. Fucking fantastic performance Well done to all the lads and pedro!
  20. Warburton's ears just pricked up... In his next press conference he'll be using that
  21. Yeah, let's turn Pena into a fat cunt who eats like shit and goes out partying and getting drunk. It's easier before he actually has much game time to lump him in with all of that because then if he doesn't perform we can draw on all of this and hate on the player. Come on, worse than women on here at times with rumours and bitching, can we not just leave these guys alone? He's not been a Rangers player for very long and we don't need this type of crap flying around.