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  1. Think he needed a shite and those exercises weren't the best ones for him to do at that point in time.
  2. Cheers mate, I just have to convince the other half
  3. lol the nincompoops didn't get a look in, he's far too intelligent for them
  4. Cheers mate, do you have any advice on getting a hire car in Malaga? I was told on here to get holiday car rental insurance to make sure I don't get hit with the excess but... the cost of the separate insurance for just over a week is just a couple of pounds, and renting a basic car is only something like £10. I must be missing something here and don't want to end up getting shafted as we have very little money.
  5. This cannot be debated. Do you think they've seen Pedro's devil?
  6. Let's hope the players have seen Pedro's Devil, I bet senderos is as skinny as an Ethiopian due to anxiety.
  7. Agreed mate, and I do think he started to look very good before he got injured. The guy took a while to get up to speed but he's not a spring chicken. You never know, once he's used in a system which plays to his strengths instead of him being furiously shoehorned into a poor system in a blinkered stubborn arrogant way - he might look better than what he did before his injury injury injury.
  8. Warburton signed him up till 2300
  9. The mobile phone generation are full of mongos. Been to concerts where rows of them hold their phones up for the entire gig, spoiling it for everyone behind them and they're not even watching it for real themselves. I don't think they understand that the best way to enjoy an event is through your own eyes, and your brain is there to remember it not your fucking phone. Winds me up, and I'm 33.
  10. Yeah DBBTB there's something not right about that whole situation. I think he's having mental problems, I don't think it's a physical problem. But, that's me just guessing really.
  11. Lol, Bar None in Malaga, Indian Takeaway right next to it - perfect - looks like they serve Tennents too. All excited noo.
  12. Cheers mate! Hope you have a good one, I'll hopefully have a hire car - I'll check Bar None, we are over that side of Malaga!
  13. What about Malaga? I'm going tomorrow for a week.
  14. Sorry, but we'll have to agree to disagree. Even take that old firm game no urgency, no aggressive closing down, no real urgency going forward. Look at so many games when we just kick into action when we go a goal down. Why? Because they now know they have to work for it and might not get a win as easily as they think. I'd say they're giving 60% at most. Might be due to psychological issues, but for whatever reason it's no where near good enough and they should be ashamed.
  15. I'm giving the guy a chance and have said exactly what you have just after the old firm disaster, don't get me wrong I'm saying this is not working because of those players. I do not believe any manager will be able to do anything with that squad and the only way Pedro can really succeed is by bringing a lot of his own players.
  16. That will make matters worse, I can deal with someone not being talented and trying like fuck. But these players are semi-talented and cant be arsed. This is what's killing me. How many of us would burst a gut for that team without payment? What luxuries are these guys getting?!?! They are the polar opposite to what Rangers players need to be, this is why I feel the way I feel.
  17. I doubt it, I still think they're wanting to win things - they're just not good enough mentally. Not Rangers players by any stretch of the imagination
  18. He did, but he was being a little bit more diplomatic I think.
  19. The soft way hasn't worked - Warburton reign is proof of that - Pedro's way doesn't seem to be working - but I'd rather this bunch of dicks were put through some pain so that they perhaps understand how we feel every time they perform like twats. Therefore - the hard way - no other
  20. Anyone else starting to actually hate these players? I've disliked players in the past, but not hated. Of course this is not aimed at all of them, folk like Miller don't deserve to be slated.
  21. "Record Sport also understands Caixinha has ripped into his players and accused some of deliberately failing to follow his tactical orders during the first half of Sunday’s defeat." That's just a conspiracy theory...
  22. Fuck them, hope Pedro speeds a few of them into a nervous breakdown and a couple into a padded cell.
  23. Quote me saying that.
  24. What movie's that taken from?
  25. Had to look twice at that, thought it was a waghorn gif