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  1. 😂 Hook line and sinker on your part mate. I read that so posted in here for a laugh
  2. The occupational health doctor at Michelin in Dundee (Dr McCormack) used to be the Rangers doc, had some cracking stories when I was in for a medical.
  3. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/club/osonyq-named-new-official-sports-drink Better giving the club the hits
  4. He just sent me a pm Raging for sharing this mate gona delete this
  5. @Rfc52 sent it to me, his uncle works for Hummel hence why the inside info. Give him a PM mate, think he can get his hands on a few now
  6. Came back with this to top up my likes
  7. Is this our European change strip? *Apparently new training strip* Will be cheaper if it is.
  8. They need to order the extra material from Vietnam mate
  9. You're getting as bad as STG, lose a bit if weight and slag folk for being a bit heavier. Pathetic imo
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