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  1. I'm the same but some fuds in our support are creaming themselves at the thought of him coming back
  2. Flirting with me won't make me pay any quicker
  3. Fuck you're worse than him haha, I'm sure he will tell you I'm a pain but always good. Just seen his post so on me the account details plz and I will go into the bank and pay it in. Saves the wife questioning what in spending my money on lol
  4. Will sort it soon was offshore then away. Just home an hour ago but will stick it in GBs account in when I get paid
  5. Free tampons for when they are moaning cows
  6. Seen that on Twitter, also rumours miller went for hyndman in the dressing room and the manager walked out when it happened. (Read on Twitter so could be bullshit)
  7. Newco Willis?
  8. Hopefully you can have a good relationship with him
  9. Likewise. Just came on to see what the masons were upto now
  10. Wonder if one of them was the player saying they had options hoping for more money
  11. Bit torn on this tbh, decent money but I'd prefer us to keep our best players. Thought Wilson might.of had a word with him tbh but if he is getting offered good money, mum & dad's mortgage paid off etc can't blame him. I'm guessing he doesn't go until the end of the season? Would anyone give him his debut?
  12. My favourite player this season, would of kept him as a squad player/youth coach tbh but understand we need the wages for other players. wish him all the best!