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  1. can you post that in the OT for me please
  2. The cunt had only made one post before trying to say I had stole his patter, he hasn't even recieved the taigs accusation yet and he is acting billy big baws. Will get the hairy side of my hand if he starts anymore shite
  3. Who the fuck are you?
  4. Jimmy bell is on it mate
  5. I was trying to post it as quick as I could before the usual knob rot likewhores got it up.
  6. Welcome to Rangers
  7. Wonder if they will make more of last season's top if they sell out. They should of put the price up to 30 and made a lot more off this rush
  8. I knew that, was just being an even bigger dick than I usually am
  9. Can you not copy and save so we don't give hits to the daily pape
  10. Any chance someone can post the download for tonight's show please, would be much appreciated
  11. Has the prices gone up again?
  12. True, would be a nice gesture tho
  13. They should of gave the fans that had season tickets from div 3 up this game for free as a thank you
  14. Hopefully someone that hasn't even been discussed yet