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  1. Not one to start another rumour but @Rfc52 starts most of these rumours
  2. I love it when the Uber fans ignore stuff like that. Same cunt moaning saying we shouldn't use the gers store too. Id rather see more people jumping about in Rangers gear that they got on discount than win some "I'm uber as fuck points"
  3. Says on the site to go a size up
  4. We need him for when Gerrard leaves.
  5. Peter lovenkrands ate ma dug ohh oh oohhh oh oh
  6. How? His ban was for something shite. Definitely didn't deserve a permo ban
  7. Is @plumbGER getting back on then?
  8. Make a post saying you miss mike Ashleys involvement in the club and tag FF
  9. Why don't you email cushy and ask for the password?
  10. Im sure I seen somwhere he is going back to livi
  11. Gazza for me, guy was my hero
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