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  1. 😂 Posted at the same time. Could u imagine
  2. https://www.change.org/p/Rangers-fc-for-Rangers-fc-to-revoke-club-bans-handed-to-supporters-for-kilmarnock-away-04-08-2019/u/25434313?cs_tk=AsWnNJUkjnHEGzuE6V0AAXicyyvNyQEABF8BvMfycinkyIZFUec3rMl_r_Q%3D&utm_campaign=b1228d9e957f4a60971aa4b35441a3d6&utm_medium=email&utm_source=petition_update&utm_term=cs Update 2 DEC 2019 — All of those who were banned by the club and also had a football banning order (FBO) in Scotland as a result of the police investigation have since had their temporary FBO’s removed in a court of law when pleading either guilty or not guilty. The condition in each of these cases involves not attending a regulated football match at Rugby Park. As a result of this, Rangers should revoke the club bans, re-allocate season tickets and re-instate members on the relevant CCCS schemes that they were removed from. The law deems each of these loyal supporters fit to attend matches so therefore Rangers should reward their loyalty and refrain from such punishments until, if, a fan is found guilty of these in a court of law. All that Rangers would be required to do is not ballot the accused fans for the match against Kilmarnock away from home In February.
  3. That will be the Rangers board hunting for you to ban you now.
  4. Was talking to a few lads who were going at Edinburgh airport, landed at Heathrow and the bars there were full of blue. Wish I was going
  5. Obviously waiting for black friday and is gona entice us with a good donating deal😂
  6. I've a meeting at Ibrox tomorrow about taking over the contract, black pudding doughnuts are my unique selling point
  7. Yes the one with the belly hanging under the t-shirt at broxden. Welcome back @FSM
  8. Tin hat on here but when I was at auchenhowie Ian Black was the most sound player I met, couldn't have done enough for me and the wee man
  9. The worst thing about that is my sons first game he was on the front of the program so I now have John Daly in a frame on my wall next to my RM sponsors seb faure shirt
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