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  1. Hopefully he turns out to be a decent player for us
  2. It is, wish I had done a screen shot
  3. Regardless of who they support, if they are now referred to as footie fans surely if they were all Rangers fans they could of still been referred to as Footie fans
  4. 2 celtic fans (one used to play for Arbroath and cowdenbeath) went into a pub, started on 1 Rangers fan 1 Aberdeen fan and I don't know the other guy so can't say who he supports and got done in. The 3 "Rangers" fans (now changed to footie) got jailed for it.
  5. Me too
  6. Because they were, the 2 celtic fans started on the 3 then got leathered because they weren't as hard as they thought they were
  7. Bottom line is they should check facts before just assuming because it was old firm day and the "victim's" were Celtic fans the accused must of all been Rangers fans.
  8. The original article said Rangers fans, then went on to say the 3 Rangers fans........ As you can see your copy and paste says footie as they changed the article. The whole thing was bullshit anyway, they 2 lads started on the 3 and got leathered. Seems to be a common occurrence with Celtic fans
  9. They changed it just after I posted it. The original article said 3 Rangers fans which is bullshit. Look at my link, try and copy and paste the same article now.
  10. They just changed the headline to footie, surely the club must have Lawyers that can take action against headlines that paint the Rangers name in a bad way
  11. The club should be preventing headlines like that! Colin is an Aberdeen fan, they have ignored all the pics of him in an Aberdeen strip and used one of him without to have a pop at the club.
  12. Cheap shite!
  13. Was this not done so he could asses the squad, bring in his players and hit the ground running this season? I know there is a few other threads saying his times up, I think we learned the hard way last season giving Warburton so long to get it right that we can't take the chance again this year. As much as it pains me to say it I think we need someone who knows the club and knows what is required to steady the ship. I'm a believer in leaving Walter in peace and I am no fan of McCleish coming back but I think one of them is what we need right now to sort us out.