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  1. Aye mate I agree. Was just being a fanny having "banter" that I normally have with him, not even thinking was bang out of order I agree. Apologies
  2. Donated. All the best for today mate
  3. Anyone wanting to donate to mine pm me 👍
  4. Just signed up. Send me yours and il donate too
  5. As much as I dislike the majority of Ferguson's articles in the DR I actually hope he calls tav out for it rather than kissing taigs arses all the time
  6. Any decent free agents about?
  7. He left barrhead once in 1997. Gets sweats every time he has went to the welcome to barrhead sign since
  8. Knew 8 would win fucking knew it. 5 will win the next one
  9. Morelos value has dramatically decreased. Be surprised big we got £17m for both at the moment. Only thing we can hope for is Morelos has a storming rest of the season to try and win a big move away.
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