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  1. Happy birthday Clint Hill

    Getting in early now Lloyd is back
  2. Rangers Poppy Badges

    https://www.poppyscotlandstore.com/poppyscotland-collections/scottish-league-football-pins-collection/poppyscotland-Rangers-football-club-pin.html Will not be dispatched until after 30th October
  3. Rangers Poppy Badges

    Think these will sell out. They already have a notice saying they will take longer to be delivered due to high demand
  4. Happy birthday Clint Hill

    Happy birthday big man and thanks for all you did for us. He is on Twitter now too
  5. 100k Rangers fans over 6 days

    Ah ok I thought it was an actual league. Seems to be decent though and will hopefully develop the players a lot better and it also gives us a chance to scout players from the teams we are playing as well.
  6. 100k Rangers fans over 6 days

    This new youth league seems decent!
  7. There will be an official Tuesday night sash bash

    You no fear today?
  8. Under 20’s vs Alkmaar

    That wee subbuteo ref cracks me up
  9. Millers Agent

    Isn't it ironic that Miller has gone to fuck since QH changed his name
  10. There will be an official Tuesday night sash bash

    Fuck you ya blackneck cunt
  11. There will be an official Tuesday night sash bash

    I used to like you mate
  12. New Strip old strip back

    And will probably be available for £20 in 4 months again