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  1. Club legend excited about tomorrow

  2. Club legend excited about tomorrow

    Who me or Kerkar
  3. Policing at game tomorrow

    Is Mikey making an appearance tomorrow?
  4. Would of loved him to get a extension with us for this season but in hindsight I'm glad he never because he is viewed highly by our fans for his contribution and will always be welcome back. A poor season this year would of seen the fans on his back. Hope he has a good season with Carlisle.
  5. Jim from coronation street

    Was a good watch that
  6. Jim from coronation street

  7. Rangers vs Tarriers - Premiership

    Sorted for a ticket now
  8. Ibid tour with Big Marvin Andrews

  9. Jim from coronation street

    Rosie will be raging with him
  10. Rangers vs Tarriers - Premiership

    Have done
  11. Rangers vs Tarriers - Premiership

    What's the face value?