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  1. New Tops On Sale

    What they needing funds for?
  2. Michael Mols son

    Think if he turned up at Ibrox like that he would have got a pie scudded off his helmet
  3. Michael Mols son

    One of my favourites
  4. Michael Mols son

    I presume you aren't familiar with the full kit wankers website?
  5. Michael Mols son

    Full kit wanker
  6. Michael Mols son

    Passed his driving test looking staunch as fuck😀 Is he in our youth system?
  7. Jason Cummings

    Got home last Thursday, was offered a ticket for hearts but the wife was away. Hopefully be through for the killie game. I can't see Cummings staying tbh the lads been shafted with the lack of game time. By the time the board get their fingers out their arse with a manager the buy now clause will have expired and he will be off somewhere else. Would rather we had a manager in who would have got a feel for him and let him know he would get games if he stays
  8. Jason Cummings

    Ipswich in for Cummings https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/2544923/Rangers-jason-cummings-ipswich-town/
  9. Union bears

    You can hear the hearts manager shouting his instructions. The fact you have a signal says how empty it is
  10. Union bears

    I know the stadium is half empty but you fairly notice the lack of atmosphere without them. I really don't know why anyone complains about them. Let the haters hate lads, looking forward to hearing you back in full voice
  11. Foderingham

    Im wondering if he has been involved with what went on recently
  12. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    The bench is fucking terrible. Not one "game changer" on it
  13. Foderingham

    Is he Injured? Not even made the bench today
  14. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Is fod Injured?
  15. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**