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  1. Perth_Campsie_Ger

    Edmiston Drive

    Superb mate
  2. Perth_Campsie_Ger

    Edmiston Drive

  3. Perth_Campsie_Ger

    Edmiston Drive

    Nice one mate
  4. Perth_Campsie_Ger

    Edmiston Drive

    I think everyone can see how respected he was whether you liked or disliked him, im sure there was even a petition in the OT at one point to get him back. He had a way of telling a story giving just enough info to have you interested without giving it all up on a public forum, there was more than one occasion I wanted to PM him to find out more. its ashame some of the newer posters only got to see him the way he was posting in the last few weeks but I get the impression thats the way he wanted it. Genuinely sad he is gone
  5. Perth_Campsie_Ger

    Edmiston Drive

    I was supposed to meet him for a beer when I wad on a course in Aberdeen, never managed to meet him for one reason or another. Kind of regret that now, you always expect there will be another time. Didn't know him so might be talking out of turn here but tried to get him back on after his ban because I enjoyed his posts. I heard he had been back on and banned under a few more names for his antics in the board room section. Half of me thinks he would like it due to his sense of humour and half thinks he wouldn't due to the way he wants a no fuss cremation. @backup & @Moody Blue Legend might be best to advise if it would be a good lasting tribute to rename the boardroom section after the big fella? @gogzy
  6. Perth_Campsie_Ger

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    MONTREAL MOVE Rangers form partnership with Canadian side Montreal Rangers to enhance reputation in North America The three-year deal will see coaches from the Ibrox Soccer Schools travel across the Atlantic, while some of the Canadian team’s top talent will head to Glasgow Rangers have formed a partnership with Canadian side Montreal Rangers. The three-year deal will see coaches from the Ibrox Soccer Schools travel across the Atlantic, while some of the Canadian team’s top talent will head to Glasgow. The Light Blues hope the move will continue to enhance their reputation in North America. Gary Gibson, Rangers Soccer Schools Manager, said: “We are delighted that we will be working with Montreal Rangers. “Through this partnership we will assist them to grow over the coming years through camps events in Montreal while we work their players and staff and deliver sessions based on our game model within in our Academy. “The next stage will be Montreal Rangers players coming across to experience an elite environment at Rangers, along with seeing some of Scotland’s historic landmarks. The agreement is another sign of the club’s continued progression in North America through collaboration with football organisations that are eager to develop their club and players. We are making great inroads over in Canada now with partner club such as Calgary Rangers, Lakewood Soccer Club and now Montreal Rangers, and we are eager to increase this further.” https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3337675/Rangers-partnership-canada-montreal-Rangers-north-america/
  7. Perth_Campsie_Ger

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    That one I wanted can go uo their stupid sfa arses. Honestly fuck the cunts! The amount of English that I work with that find it crazy I support England over Scotland, this is just another reason why. FUCK THE SFA
  8. Perth_Campsie_Ger

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    I will have one, fuck the cunts
  9. Perth_Campsie_Ger

    Edmiston Drive

    Absolutely horrible news, definitely a character that will be missed. Gutted to hear this news
  10. Perth_Campsie_Ger

    Edmiston Drive

    Horrible news, thoughts are with him, his family and friends. Horrible news. No Surrender ED
  11. They have had since April to produce the tops so not buying they never had time. Anyone with half a brain that seen the fans clear out sports direct after the boycott would know we would buy in numbers. Someone told Hummel to produce an orange top knowing it would be the best selling top in years yet we have a lack of stock and a shitty effort without an embroidered badge
  12. Perth_Campsie_Ger

    Smart new seats in the dugout!

    Wonder if they are selling the old ones off, would make a good gaming chair