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  1. Which is why the fannies on the board should be spending money bringing in proven players, we don't need the turn coats just quality players. We need someone to build a team around for starters. On a side note I think some of our players would play better if we got the 433 to fuck
  2. Not digging it OP, I can see coz miller came back after playing for them and has done well why u might think it could work. Tbh I still ain't fully forgiven miller for that either but as for the traitors.......... They should never darken our door again. The lot of them can fuck off, no loyalty so what make you think they would do well coming back? There are a lot better players out there that could do us a turn rather than giving they turn coat bastards our money.
  3. Hopefully, will have a look at the fixture list and see if I'm home for any
  4. Just been catching up over the last few days, il see what I can do. Be good if he could get some big hitters following him
  5. Looks like the badge from FIFA rather than an official one
  6. So basically he gets 5k followers then uses the account to your tickets
  7. @govanblue needs some for combat stress mate
  8. u still do that? The guy that picked me up was a bear, from broughty Ferry
  9. RIP, horrible news!
  10. Is the woman in the seat the other activity
  11. Cheers mate, always wondered why the link to us just assumed like someone said it was just because he was a soldier.
  12. Of course not mate, wasn't meaning anything by it, just wondering why us that is all.
  13. We need the deeds before we can consider anything
  14. Not got any issues with the fundraising but was Lee Rugby even a Rangers fan? Why would there be any issue with someone posting pics of a Ibrox tour? Anyone could and many probs have done the tour and posted pics on social media?
  15. I couldn't step foot over the border into the south
  16. Go to stokes dad's pub and watch it and show everyone pics of stokes muff diving for added effect
  17. Hopefully he will sooner rather than later, there's been a few times he has been slated to fuck by the rumour mill then had to defend himself
  18. It's a joke how much our club is split, everyone has their own agenda's for their own glory or the blue pound. It's a charity match for a worthy cause FFS. No one owns the "legends" in actual fact there rarely is a legend in these teams. Konterman a legend? Really? at least he showed up for a worthwhile cause tho regardless of who was making threats. If this story's true I'm actually sick of these so called Rangers men, I wish some rich Arab or something would buy the club and get all these self glorified cunts to fuck
  19. Did you get the money ok from me mate
  20. Cheers mate will do.
  21. No worries, anything to help. Just glad someone uses my ideas coz @govanblue has been ignoring them for years
  22. Cheers mate, don't leave until the morning but great news