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  1. Steve Clarke

    I was told by a family member of his that he turned down the celtic job because he couldn't be doing with all the hassle etc on the flip side I think he would turn us down too for the same reasons apart from it would be worse because his family would be giving him shit too
  2. maybe not the most popular of opinions however.

    Totally agree with this, I would actually go as far to say he is the best manager we have had in the last few year, he appears to be a good man manager and had different tactics for different situations rather than the do plan A better pish Warburton used to spout. The players are letting him down, I think partly due to them not being good enough and partly because I the jersey is too heavy for them and they don't have the must win attitude. In January we need to invest in 2-3 quality players that can lift the whole team not just a walker etc which are little more than squad players in a quality team. If we continue to buy squad player rather than quality players we will win fuck all and are throwing money down the drain
  3. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/1941169/Rangers-new-training-complex-auchenhowie-stand-fans-youngsters/ PARK LIFE Rangers get the go-ahead to build new training complex for youth players at Auchenhowie which will include a stand for fans to watch Gers starlets The club submitted an application to East Dunbartonshire Council earlier this year and it has now been granted by planning officials
  4. Walter behind the scenes?

    Noticed Wilson called him Murty in his presser so obviously is very friendly with the player which can sometimes be hard to shake off when you move up the chain
  5. Alves v Hill

    I agree, would of loved Clint to get another years contract but I'm glad he never because he would of been a whipping boy this season and left with most being glad he was away. He has left with his head held high and a place in our hearts
  6. Would you take winning the league....

    No I don't want them winning anything
  7. Would you take winning the league....

    Still not convinced mate
  8. Harry Forrester - Hasn't trained well

    He will end up like Negri and play for the legends team
  9. Would you take winning the league....

    They still bang on About the last European trophy they won mate and I would say the Europa is a bigger achievement than the spl. Yes us getting the league would be a great success for us their media team would go into overdrive
  10. Harry Forrester - Hasn't trained well

    To busy with his geography mate
  11. Harry Forrester - Hasn't trained well

    I pretty much just said the same and hadn't read your post
  12. Harry Forrester - Hasn't trained well

    Imagine having the talent and the opportunity he does and spunking it. He will be the type of person that's in a bar in 10yrs getting bought pints while he tells folk about when he played for us.
  13. Would you take winning the league....

    Very difficult because we would never hear the end of it. On the flip side it's the same if they get 10 in a row so ultimately we need to win a title ASAP. Tbh I don't want they horrible smelly cunts winning anything.
  14. Hats Off To The Media Team.

    Hopefully they keep doing these. The music started doing my head in after 30 secs tho
  15. Fantastic support

    Things like this and the RM Erskine fund is why we truly are the people
  16. Fantastic support

    I don't know if he still works lol you are a cock!
  17. Fantastic support

    Because it's coming up for Xmas and he will likely be unable to work
  18. Youth training facilities (RFFF)

    Hopefully they name it after Sandy Jardine
  19. "Just now"

    Hope you win your battle mate
  20. DOF signing the players from now on?

    Sounds like a plan mate
  21. Moult

    Has signed for Preston. Really though he would of signed for us
  22. Austin Macphee

    Back to managing Cupar hearts for him soon lol
  23. Rangers book help

  24. Rangers book help

    I have one mate will ask the Mrs where she got it from.