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  1. He failed his medical because @Lloyd72 kicked fuck out of him to stop you getting the glory
  2. Sorry mate lol
  3. I think he will end up doing a fleck, move down south and float about having a half decent career
  4. Mebey he knew he was for the off a lot sooner than we realised
  5. I should of checked my facts just like the paper should of
  6. I knew it was the somebody.. epic fail
  7. (@thehost) @thedude you sold your soul writing for that shitey paper, I know you need to earn a living but fuck me man, I would rather chap doors offering to wash folks cars for a few quid a pop than associate myself to that shit rag
  8. You tell him steve
  9. He never managed to "gee up the squad" last season
  10. Cheers mate
  11. Where is best to download the shows mate, I'm offshore and the WiFi is too slow to stream
  12. The Rhecord would probably time a photograph as we lift one hand higher than the other and write a story about the big bad Rangers fans doing Nazi salute
  13. Lol didnt read this before posting the bamboozle, amazing how entertaining that was
  14. For the youngsters that don't know what Teletext was proper HD quality
  15. Haha it will be crazy trying to explain that to our kids. "It was kind of like the internet but you only got it on your TV" Quick check of the score then over to channel 4 for the daily game of bamboozle
  16. Think we need one of those to work out why you have gone missing from the OT
  17. Of course I did and it was brutal, of course I want us to be doing a lot better but it would also be good to have the other teams competitive. Would it not be better to win the league after a good season with good football on show?
  18. They will be going bust lol hope the greedy cunts are sat on a load of stock
  19. Yes mate, your account will be emptied but this is to check it is an active account so don't report it as suspicious activity until I'm in Nigeria sorting your dembelee dollars
  20. Might be cheaper to fly from Aberdeen to Frankfurt?
  21. I thought we were gona have fans in telling the players what the club means to us
  22. Tin hat on here, I would be happy to have McLean in our squad but it frustrates me like fuck that when a team does decent us or the scum sign the best players from the team, I would love to have a competitive league where we get a good game against teams
  23. Anita shit
  24. What year were you born? Also I have forgotten, what is your mums maiden name again?
  25. Welcome to Rangers