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  1. If it wasn't for you in the first place it would of been more unlikely to happen so take a bit of credit mate.
  2. No mate, I'm gutted. Been trying to sort something out so I could make it but can't get out of it. Would of been good to meet @mark adair and family. Will definitely catch up with you and GB before the end on the season
  3. Well done everyone involved! Really wish I could make it! Have the press picked this up @mark adair hopefully you can get a bit more coverage. Hope the players have a whip round too. @govanblue someone needs to nominate you for an MBE and give you the job as fans liaison
  4. Stealth I'm a rich bastard
  6. Frustrating as hell seeing how much comic relief raised for other countries and Joshua gets no help from it!
  7. Thanks, pm me your address for your 70th card
  8. We all chipped in and got you a happy 60th card
  9. Love this pic! No Surrender!
  10. Youd do know they are both on loan right?
  11. He would of been as well being in the crowd lol
  12. Wonder how many guys have a fit girl that sits next to them that can't wait for an old firm goal and a cuddle
  13. The guy in front of them lol where the fucks he off to
  14. Haha is gregco running that account
  15. Surely if People do that and he does resign it will make him free to take the job with the club? Would be pretty uncomfortable with him being the fans liaison officer
  16. Same as what happened to rossiter
  17. Funny how if it's us it's Rangers tops but if it's them the culprits were in green and white tops
  18. bit late mate
  19. I will try and get through for this
  20. Whens the auction
  21. For sure congratulations to all the winners but Joshua is the real winner
  22. Congratulations @Poetry_In_Blue
  23. Clearly smiling because he thinks a camp guy from Perth has won the star prize not knowing that campsite is for my ABOD club