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  2. If u reply to my tweet I will know it's you. If not I just called another Lloyd a dick
  3. Aye or no lol
  4. Are you the same name on Twitter
  5. Would rather all this was sorted before safe standing is considered tbh! Waste of time putting in safe standing if they don't look after the core of the stadium!
  6. Stupid boy! Had the talent. Will be one of the guys sat in the pub In a few years telling them he used to play for Rangers and getting them to buy him a pint
  7. There is a difference between sponsoring and looking to make money. They will have had hurdles put in place and they have thought it's going to be more hassle than it's worth
  8. Probably hit the nail on the head
  9. Is it the guy that pulled the plug or GCC?
  10. You can see Warburton in the mirror if you zoom in
  11. Some heed on the cunt
  12. Was only going to be one sided when the ref turns up dressed as a priest
  13. Yea it is but like you and @K.A.I were saying it might be a shock for the chairmen to turn up for their wee jolly to Ibrox expecting the top class hospitality, fine dining food and nice wine etc to get handed a can of juice and a plate of sandwiches. They might think a bit different on how they treat us then
  14. I remember a boy I knew telling me he went with a team for a game at auchenhowie and said they were treated like stars all day, food was amazing etc, he was with a shitey team like Raith rovers or something at the time. He was by no means a Rangers fan but said they were treated way beyond what they would of expected
  15. Queue
  16. The queue has started already
  17. That's brutal! I do remember they refused to have a collection for wee Josh when we were doing that on here. To be fair to them though they did make a donation and said that they don't have collections in the pub as a rule
  18. Must of been brilliant circa 1940 when we had over 100k gentlemen inside Ibrox who were united by their love of Rangers. Social media should bring fans together but it seems to divide ours
  19. At least some decent tunes! Too much blackneck pish for me in this thread
  20. Would take back handers for fun up here
  21. Added security against car attacks etc?
  22. Pretty frustrating!
  23. I have wanked over better things to be honest