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  1. Happy birthday Clint Hill

    Getting in early now Lloyd is back
  2. Happy birthday Clint Hill

    Happy birthday big man and thanks for all you did for us. He is on Twitter now too
  3. Rangers Poppy Badges

    https://www.poppyscotlandstore.com/poppyscotland-collections/scottish-league-football-pins-collection/poppyscotland-Rangers-football-club-pin.html Will not be dispatched until after 30th October
  4. Rangers Poppy Badges

    Think these will sell out. They already have a notice saying they will take longer to be delivered due to high demand
  5. 100k Rangers fans over 6 days

    Ah ok I thought it was an actual league. Seems to be decent though and will hopefully develop the players a lot better and it also gives us a chance to scout players from the teams we are playing as well.
  6. 100k Rangers fans over 6 days

    This new youth league seems decent!
  7. There will be an official Tuesday night sash bash

    You no fear today?
  8. Under 20’s vs Alkmaar

    That wee subbuteo ref cracks me up
  9. Millers Agent

    Isn't it ironic that Miller has gone to fuck since QH changed his name
  10. There will be an official Tuesday night sash bash

    Fuck you ya blackneck cunt
  11. There will be an official Tuesday night sash bash

    I used to like you mate
  12. New Strip old strip back

    And will probably be available for £20 in 4 months again
  13. Kits- megastore

    You just know it will be another fuck up when they get released
  14. Kits- megastore

    Surely it wouldn't of been too difficult to release batches of stuff rather than stocking the whole megastore
  15. Pedro's gone [opinion]

    Body language says it all.... All the best in your next job
  16. Miller to train with the Kids

  17. Andy Goram Loyal FB page

    Haha he actually did mate. Made the Copland Nutter close the pub early so he could take us out.
  18. Andy Goram Loyal FB page

    When I worked in the bluebell in Magalluf he came in and took us on a night out. The first bar you came to after the bluebell was Mulligan's, he was giving it all the "I'm not drinking in a taig bar" etc then at the end of the night went home with this manky taig girl who had dressed up that night like she was going to the Oscars clearly with the view of firing in about Goram.
  19. To be honest mate I would rather not either but like I said if there was a reason like you have since stated there was then fair enough....... If it's just someone who posts of a football forum then it's bad crack
  20. McCrorie

    Think he is going to be some player for us! Really hope he doesn't become a whipping boy and is allowed to develop
  21. Pedro the man.

  22. Miller to train with the Kids

    I have a long one and still remember him in the green and grey shite punching the badge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!