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  1. I was gona but couldn't be fucked getting passport numbers etc so just ordered one
  2. https://europaleague.tickets.uefa.com/lottery/welcome_en.html Ballot open now (just incase) you can get a flexi ticket incase Rangers don't make the final
  3. Aberdeen were out there too. Pretty sure a few of the teams were away during the winter break
  4. Will be away down the road telling everyone how good it was
  5. Even at the end still wearing the scarf. Class.
  6. I thought it was this guy at first😂
  7. Up the falls derrys walls we will follow on.......
  8. The stuff they took off king does make you think there is more to it than just a robbery. Add to that the Morelos stuff and now this its like they are doing all they can to install fear within the club and unsettle people involved with it.
  9. 6 month loan to a club in a better league next season and maximise how much we get for him
  10. Could have been if he hadn't signed for them.
  11. I mentioned it years ago when we were down the divisions about getting someone from RM to attend press conferences. Some of they lads should have got in then
  12. Bamboozling imo. @Dan Deacon knows the P.I im led to believe
  13. Just spoke with Mark, good to hear young Joshua is still going strong and growing. He sent me a couple of pics of him at Marks wedding, good to see him looking staunch in his brown brogues.
  14. Remember someone posting not long before he got ill that they met him on the bus on his way to a game. Humble as fuck apparently.
  15. I think we should keep Herrera around until the end of the season
  16. Didn't realise I was so disliked🤣
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