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  1. Lafferty is at a wedding in Largs today. I was invited but in Glasgow on the sauce instead. ftp.
  2. Windass starting....mind boggling.
  3. I find that original post absolutely baffling. Miller is coming so deep because he realises how pathetic the midfield is and he feels like forcing the issue. And I cant remember a pass from him last night that didn't teach a teammate, bar the one for Windass when the coward was on the wrong side of the sheep defender. There was idiots on our bus as well 'whats Miller doing in midfield, does he think he is Iniesta?' Naw he's just the only player that gives a flying fuck. He is a quality player and I'm absolutely sick of cunts that still hold grudges against him or are to blinkered to see the effort he puts in.
  4. Despise the sight of him. Makes Nicky Law look like fucking Vinnie Jones. We will get nowhere with pussies like him.
  5. What makes you think Hill wouldn't want to play? He is a top pro.
  6. A fairly talented wee player. Not someone that you would expect to be starring in a league winning team but probably has the ability and scope to be a useful squad member. Cant see him featuring at Bournemouth anytime soon.
  7. It was barrel scraping at its best signing Senderos. He's probably a nice guy but what happened to his career? He looked a shell of a footballer whenever he played for us. Gave me a good laugh at least v Morton, running around the pitch like the Terminator.
  8. He is a top professional, a proper defender and seemingly a cracking guy. One of the very few positives from this season and I wish him all the best. Would have liked to have signed him a few years earlier.
  9. Do you go to games? You don't think at that moment 'och its only Partick', you see that net bulge and the elation, and relief, takes over.
  10. Some right fucking lunatics on here. If you didn't get excited after that goal then I would question your feelings for the club. Yes we were bloody dreadful but the elation of a last minute winner is something that should always give you a buzz.
  11. Turgid. Absolutely woeful stuff. Waghorn makes me ill. Monstrosity of a player. Windass much the same. Even Kenny looks like he has admitted defeat which is hugely uncharacteristic.
  12. Stuck a tenner on Levy and Weiseberger in the golf 3-balls this morning. Both lost but it was settled as a winner and I've got £60 returned. What would you do? Gamble it? Withdraw? Or let it sit for a few hours and see if they rectify it?
  13. Ball was superb. My MOTM that day.
  14. Lets get into these mucky bastards. Caixinha has it up his sleeve, I'm sure. FTP and the IRA