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  1. Surely time for 3iar. 3-0 and a full Ibrox goes home/to the pub happy.
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    That Michael Stewart cunt is despicable. Defo a tarrier. In fact didn't even make it as far, HIV prick.
  3. ***Official Golf Thread****

    Two in a row for Justin Rose. Nice way to end the year and will help any pain from Augusta!
  4. Miller

  5. Graeme Murty

    The wee fella is being overlooked by most of us but should and will he be under serious consideration for the job? Has the performances under him been down to the typical response from teams when losing a gaffer or is he working things? He speaks very well. Should he be our next manager?
  6. *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Love Rangers. Brilliant. Murty is a cracking wee cunt and Miller is a legend
  7. Miller

    Legend. Sick of cunts mentioning his period at the fenians. He has well and truly made up for it and we all make mistakes. Still had a part to play!
  8. What now happens to Morelos?

    Crazy post
  9. Good Luck Pedro

    Good cunt.
  10. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    A shambles of a night from the team to the officials to Kilmarnock's footballing ability. That game showed more than any the major issues in this team. A severe lack of heart, a severe lack of leadership and a severe lack of game plan. Kilmarnock were pretty woeful Imo but you knew they were due a goal and would have been right to feel aggrieved having not got a result. That speaks volumes for me. Regarding the Jack incident I was livid he even got in the situation. He's a fucking liability and said so after the Hibs game.
  11. Pedro for the chop

    I like Pedro but it's clearly too big a job for him. He's not the type to admit it though so there will only be a bitter break up. His signings haven't all been bad, Candeias and Morelos could have futures here, but it's basic principles of the game that are the undoing and the reliance of constantly poorly performing players.
  12. Rangers related picture thread

    Bet she got her fanny felt that day
  13. Pena

    Bang on!
  14. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    The set up of the team is rotten. Absolutely no presence up top, a soft midfield and a disorganised defence. Alnwick spraying a ball out to Nemane who is about 4ft sums the team up. Clueless. Windass is absolute torture. Never a pro footballer. Pena is one frustrating waste of a jersey. He genuinely plays and looks like his head is completely elsewhere. Doesn't give a flying fuck.
  15. Konterman CIS Cup game

    Maybe an odd question; but does anybody know why there was so many empty seats at that game? I was only going to the occasional home game at the time and wasn't at it. I remember watching and it looked half empty. A full Hamdump has no atmosphere so must have been shit that night. Until Bert stepped up anyway.