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  1. Got one. That's Livi and HIVS for me. Or does the final count too?
  2. That will do. Can't alway be pretty in these away games but obviously some need to improve on that showing if we are to keep getting the 3 points. Somebody needs to tell Barisic to quit the play acting its embarrassing. Greeting and rolling about every time he's touched.
  3. Anybody else's money no came out yet?
  4. Needed a Rashford assist for £700 😢
  5. Me and my bro both allocated ya beauty
  6. Only email I'll probably get
  7. Wrote him off early tbh but did very well against Midtjylland
  8. Says so much for the progression under Gerrard that we didn't even play particularly well but beat a quality outfit like Porto 2-0. Was slightly half cut but don't remember them have many great chances either
  9. Looked good but for me felt a tad cringy waving during the games. I know that's the way footballs going now but the great atmospheres years ago were amazing pure passion. Last night was deid until we scored.
  10. Was an absolute warrior. Just wish he never punched the ball against Villarreal
  11. I'm sure he was at a game a few years ago and had a haircut like a lesbian?
  12. ready1873

    COD Modern Warfare

    This is why I'm finished with video games. Fucking sick of constant updates when all u want to do is turn it on and play. And for £60 too, it should be ready to go. Infuriates me
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