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  1. I know its a tad random, but how did you rate the fella? For me he was solid, rarely excelled or dismayed. He scored THAT goal which we will never forget and almost gave us a special result v a tidy Valencia team, was it nor him cancelling himself out! He seemed a likable fella and one I cannot say.a bad word about. FTP
  2. Aye Carranza was good from what I can remember (I was young)..I mind Ketsbaia playing against us after leaving Dundee, with Famagusta. I'd put forward Sol Bamba. Maybe not always convincing at Hibs but now has plenty of caps under him with Ivory Coast. Scott Allan too.
  3. I'm going on the Sunday. Hope its a nice day. McIlroy, Scott, Stenson, Reed, Kuchar and Fowler playing amongst others so its a good field.
  4. A guy on the tipping competition I play had Xander the other week and entered him as 'that shuffle fella'.
  5. Xander Schauffele..what a shit name. Good win for him though and numerous of bonus's including a PGA Champioshio entry alongside Augusta next year. I was on Harris English, Nick Watney and Webb Simpson so not much excitement there betting wise. Anyway, anyone else here heading to Dundonald Links next week for the Open?
  6. O'Halloran is one I'm against the grain on. From what I can remember he hasn't started through the middle for us at all, and given the way he played at Ibrox against us before we signed him I don't get it. He might prove to be as limited as he has already looked out wide but I'd chance him there. Dont see it happening now anyway as his relationship with Caixinha is probably broken and if the boss didn't try it last season with that squad, he won't now with the new signings.
  7. For me it is absolutely the Scottish Cup final v hibs. Nothing else in recent times comes near. Zenit? They were a compact, attacking, well oiled machine and a better footballing team than us. 5-1 Old Firm? After a few minutes the writing was on the wall and you could not be shocked at it. It was just part of a horrible campaign and not surprising. Unirea, Kaunus, Malmo etc were bad but dont reach the level of the hibs game. It really does stick in my throat. Personally the game when Hesselink scored in the last minute is close but not just as bad.
  8. Some right fannies in here.
  9. When this flood of players came in only a matter of weeks ago, you would be mad, as a Rangers man, to say you didn't at least have niggling worries it could be another Le Guen-esque situation. It's already looking like a disjointed squad of likely foreign journeymen. Infact Le Guen and his squad at least showed aptitude in Europe.. I'm not grabbing the pitch fork yet. Bruno Alves is a good acquisition, I have no doubt. You only had to watch the Confederations Cup to see that. Cardoso does have something about him. Dorrans would be a very solid signing and I believe Jack is. Dalcio and Candeias look limited but it's not to say there isnt more to come. Morelos I wouldn't judge yet, nor would I Herrera. Pena has to come in too with potentially more at some point. Caixinha has it all to prove now and he better make advancements quickly or its game over.
  10. With a no-nonsense defence that is nothing if not solid and organised. We also need a leader in midfield that isnt scared to let his teammates know what is expected. And preferably wide players that wouldnt prefer football to be a non-contact sport.
  11. Looked ridiculously slow.last might. High pressure games like ones v the manky.mob, the sheep, hearts, hibs etc will pass him by. Games at tight away grounds wont suit him either. He's luxury player for Partick, Dundee etc at home.
  12. Pretty fucking distraught at that shambles tonight. Caixinha has left me bewildered at times since he came in and that game was total bewilderment. The players have also let us down badly and I really fear for this season.
  13. I said the same to my brother regarding Darcheville. It worries me what Caixinha is seeing/thinking regarding some players performances. Waghorn was brutal and played the majority. This happened alot last season too.
  14. Ryan Jack my man of the match, eased it. Miller pass marks as per, Waghorn fucking useless and Wallace brutal. Dalcio looks an impact player, Cardoso looks like he is potentially classy, Morelos got himself about well as did Candeias. Bates is never good enough for us. The rest were meh..
  15. I had one of they cards in the 2006/07 season before I started my season ticket. Not used it since. No idea why we dont push it more though. Hardly expensive to produce...