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  1. ready1873

    celtic PFC: China Syndrome

  2. ready1873

    Qualification From the Group Stage

    Quit clearly ruined it in these two games v Spartak.
  3. We didn't even play well IMO yet still scored three in Moscow and have came away with zero points. Not good enough for us. Albeit the fact we're even playing games like this is brilliant after last season. In terms of the performance found the team a little disorganised especially in the middle. The midfield was non existent at times and I wonder how important Arfield is. Flanagan had a nightmare and is perhaps showing that his off the field issues over the years have hampered his talent. Came through at Liverpool and looked a player but he has been shocking a few times already for us. Katic was out his depth. Made so many silly, infuriating mistakes and schoolboy errors. He actually ushered Flanagan away from marking Bochetti for an opposition corner, taking the reign which looked impressive, then completely misjudged the ball and nearly gave Bochetti a goal. Goldson had an unlucky night tbf. Made a howler at the OG but we've all been there. Morelos put in a good shift and scored that great goal which was wrongly disallowed. What a ball from Candeias and just after the latter had made up for giving Spartak the equaliser. Gerrards timing of subs is some issue for me. Not just tonight (he didn't have much attacking options) but in general its seriously frustrating. All in all a right sickner. Need to win on Sunday.
  4. Got a good feeling about this. 1-0 to the Gers.
  5. ready1873

    Hearts emails out

    Only got Motherwell so far ffs!
  6. ready1873

    Kent injured

    We seem to get a lot of fucking injuries. Been going on for years too.
  7. Getting sent to Dundee the morra. Fucking grim. Will miss the 1st half.
  8. It's this type of shit that comes back to bite us on the arse.
  9. ready1873

    Biggest You've Ever Staked

    Ouch. Mind seeing a guy put £17k on Liverpool in a CL game years ago and they were short odds on, not sweating it thinking 'easy money'. He was right, they beat Besiktas 8-0. I know if I had put that money on Besiktas would have had a glory night.
  10. ready1873

    Biggest You've Ever Staked

    £350 on Treve to win the Arc and complete a three timer in 2015. Knew turning for home she was beat. Golden Horn the victor. Coral had text me in the morning offering £100 at 11/10, as I had the rest on at 10/11 I thought fuck it. Bastards. Had £200 on us last week at Hampden too fs.
  11. ready1873

    Oli McBurnie

    No as Rangers daft as Sadiq.
  12. ready1873


    Worrall is utter shite and can't understand why Katic isn't in before him. Would like to see Mcauley fit and try him and Goldson but got a feeling we won't see much of him.
  13. ready1873

    UVF Thursday night sash bash

    I've reported a few people in here for sectarianism. It's soured my evening.
  14. ready1873


    Never impressed me at all and know a boy with close relation to a player who told me Dochertys passing is abysmal for a midfielder at this level.
  15. ready1873

    Jim Delacunt

    Absolute fud and so is his stalking, fenian bastard, weirdo brother.