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  1. Got a £2 free bet off Bet Victor and turned it into this. Would be only £2 Fs.
  2. He's far from shite.
  3. Four placepots yesterday. Two down in the first and two in the second. Ffs how hard can it be to pick a placed horse...
  4. In fairness, in some of the recent games v them it looked like some of our players would rather not be playing. Notably in the Scottish Cup semi last season.
  5. 2-2. Morelos and Arfield with the goals. I've got the shining.
  6. She's no braw but I'd rattle the fuck out it. Something about her.
  7. Few caps for Germany and a good age. What could go wrong....
  8. This is torture to get a coupon up on. Been down on the first game nearly every week this year. Got Price the night
  9. This is a must. Halliday is more of a fighter but desperately lacking in quality as we seen on Friday.
  10. Exceptional tonight. Real quality player.
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