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  1. World Cup vs Europa Qualifying

    I have to question how much you really like the sport then. From when I remember I loved Rangers but the World Cup and the Euros have always been a must watch as well. I've not missed many World Cup matches and find it an excellent watch. Any football fan I know loves the World Cup.
  2. Liverpool pumped (bear with me)

    He's aggressive because he's responding to such a fucking frivolous, bullshit cunt like u.
  3. Martin

    He's woeful.
  4. *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    We'll win. 2-0.
  5. Return of the McKay?

    Makes Windass look like Terry Hurlock.

    That team would win up there.
  7. Expectations Yr 1?

    Fs buck up your ideas son
  8. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Just oozes confidence and comes across as a real winner.
  9. Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Speaking extremely well. Cmon Stevie son.
  10. What really summed the club up yesterday

    Not what I said you tit.
  11. Absolutely pumped on the field with the tarriers support rubbing it in at every throw in or corner we had. Not one player really went in for a scrap with a rival or a dodgy tackle. I know Cummings had a wee go early on and Morelos shoved Boyata but under Walter somebody would have probably got sent off. And yes I know getting sent off would not help whatsoever, but its an indication of the weak minded, defeatist and poofy attitude at the club from top to bottom. Another mass clearout is required and we have to deal with this problem. Buying 'Rangers men' evidently isn't the answer.
  12. Gerards first team talk

    I will be praying tomorrow Gerrard will not be our manager. Huge error.
  13. Felt sorry for Alnwick today

    Oh well give the boy a break, he's competing against the mighty Foderingham.... Oh wait a minute, theyre both fucking pish hahaha. Typical Rangers. We are fucked.
  14. Hurting

    Rank feeling. Verging on laughable. We are a riot.