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  1. This is something that has always done my fucking tits in with Gerrard. Make a fucking change ffs man!
  2. ready1873

    Joe Aribo

    Class act and we will get a big fee for him eventually.
  3. Very good interview. All the guys involved were positive. Shame Defoe just does not suit us whatsoever. Cracking wee player but not suited to our style.
  4. The state of the 3 stands around the main is embarrassing. Need a good clean and get the fucking yellow panels to utter fuck. Also, it's very petty, but the signs on the main stand indicating where St holders go etc are yellow and its unsightly. A very very cheap fix but has been like that for ages.
  5. Knew thag would happen after saying he doesn't fit in haha. Yas! Wee cunts clinical.
  6. Aye I'm being harsh but defoe is a man down in this team.
  7. Defoe ruins this whole system. Not his fault, just isn't suited whatsoever to it.
  8. Didn't even notice and I was sober fs
  9. Why did he say we went to 9. Did I miss something wtf
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