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  1. Was unreal man. A pure wall at the back
  2. Aye I'm no betting the now but though their odds looked decent. Fucking pumped.
  3. Left Rangers for Leicester. Couldn't compete with the taigs. They've won every league game after 34. Got a prime James Maddison, Rodrygo from Real Madrid, Sinisterra, and a regen whos wanted by Liverpool and Barca. Unplayable
  4. Aye Kelly turns out a solid wee player. I had big offers for Kent but he just doesn't want to leave 😁
  5. For anyone thats done a longish save with us who remains after about 5 years? I'm in my fifth and only got Tav, Kent, McCrorie and Jones left and Jones is leaving soon. Goldson and Aribo were both still here recently but left for playing time and release clause. Stephen Kelly and Ritchie-Hosler from then youth.
  6. Aye same. I'm at the point now when a highlight shows up and it's a 1 v 1 I know its no a goal. Especially my strikers. Midfielders sometimes score them,
  7. They fell away my 2nd season and I won the treble but struggled apart from that. They had only beat me twice in 26 games heading into this season then theyve won 3 in a trot. My 3rd season got 98 points and lost the league.
  8. Scott Hogan fs bad memories, Managed a major coup in my Crewe season getting Hogan in league 1 and he was utter pish. Was paying him a relative fortune and done nothing,
  9. I'm five seasons in with us and they are unplayable. Played 19 won 19 in the league conceding 5 goals. 2 of them were against me away recently and they won 3-2. Spent £360m total last three seasons. Also topped their CL group, Fucking sickning.
  10. He went to Man Utd for £22m in my FM so this would be a mistake
  11. Is this the best shite the papers can mustard
  12. Sickening. Left me for man utd a few season back now he's there boak. Cue him scoring from a corner when I play them
  13. Retires in a few month tbf haha. Been the worst player on the park 3 games running
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