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  1. Ball was superb. My MOTM that day.
  2. Lets get into these mucky bastards. Caixinha has it up his sleeve, I'm sure. FTP and the IRA
  3. And to answer the OP, I have in the past tried at Hampden when I wasn't allocated a ticket, or couldn't source one beforehand, and never seen any spares. I've done it at the piggery a few times and always been successful but never at Hampden. I did however hand a willing steward at the turnstile £30 to let me in at a game and they didn't hesitate. If you find a turnstile without a steward checking tickets then you could chance it. They stewards are earning fuxk all so £30-£50 in cash is a no brainer. And its not as if you need to find a seat to park your arse. Also, if you do try to blag a steward, be cautious. My mate tried it at Hampden and was nearly in until some cunt in the queue behind him kicked off because he had a ticket and my mate didn't. Most bears would be willing you on but there's the odd cunt.
  4. I couldn't care if we were playing them in the Champions League final, even the thought of sitting in their end has always boggled me. Why on earth would you ever do that? If you have no chance of a ticket for our end then get to a Rangers boozer and watch with fellow supporters.
  5. Shocking news! RIP
  6. At least he netted this one..
  7. You are either the most blinkered idiot to ever watch us or an utter troll. McKay looks very uninterested most of the time and that wont change. He is a shitbag and never has the mental fortitude to cope at a club like ours.
  8. I've dropped more than an Old Firm ticket running for the bus ffs!
  9. Would do well as an impact sub for a team like Bradford. Decent technical ability, horrendous attitude and a physicality built for bowls or some poofy shite. Millions according to some? Id take 500k easy.
  10. You can see his age is catching up, unusually scrappy at times but shows his hunger and desire that he always tries to win it back. Same as when he was screaming at that carthorse Waghorn. He has been terrific over the years for us. What a finish today for that opener.
  11. Classy when he's on song. Not his biggest fan but brilliant today.
  12. Strange game. Looked like the only team scoring as the game progressed was the sheep, then it looked a 0-0 all over after some Foderingham saves..and boom, boom, boom 3-0 game over. Loved Caixinha's reaction at the third goal. Support in fine voice.
  13. Beerman excites me. Good prospect there and might give Wallace a boot up the arse. Bates is not near the level required. Would have been solid in division one.
  14. Don't particularly find him likable but glad he has a major to add to his top class career. In terms of betting, Schwartzel saved my skin on my ante post bets. Had a cracking 3-ball treble up on Thursday and managed to trade out Westwood after his good start. Chunky bets lost on An, Hadwin and Holmes.
  15. Schwartzel is my only real pre-tourny chance left. Few in-play tho.