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  1. 7 of the 8 bottom EPL teams wear

    Spooky as fuck. I'm well scared.
  2. Premier league darts

    See that fucking Toure song. Makes me hit the mute button. Annoying as fuck.
  3. Kenny

    You need to tie your players down for their best years. Who knows what Kenny still has to offer.
  4. Jason Cummings baby

    Cummings could be a fucking great here but our set up is not suiting him at all. I was at Firhill the other night and he was as visibly getting frustrated. He wasn't offered one chance at all. The wee cunt showed for Hivs he can deliver and his attitude is spot on but we need to help him. Morelos can fuck off his attitude disgusts me.
  5. Hearts Game Sold Out

    Yyaasss ftp
  6. Jason Cummings baby

    Wee man is brilliant. Will get annoyed being s isolated tho. Get the ball to him and he will score.
  7. Spot on regarding Holt. Like the wee cunt but physically not enough
  8. Looking forward to it purely based on the fact I'm working in Bearsden then heading to Firhill with a bevy. Get Windass and Bates to fuck. The former never has the mental capacity to play for the club and the latter has extremely limited ability. The league is a write off in terms of challenging the fenians after that mess yesterday, but need to beat the sheep to 2nd so Tuesday is a relatively big game.
  9. Josh Windass

    I'm the same but most bears I know disagree or dingy Windass for games like yesterday. He infuriates me. Would happily never see him play again for us.
  10. Gazza

    Seems to have turned a corner and that's great. Looking healthy at present. Shame he had to watch that pish.
  11. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Again boils down to having players who are not mentally capable of playing for Rangers. To come out to a noisy full Ibrox, against they bastards, after the taigs dropped points, and to let HIVS dictate the game early on shows it all. That team easily has the ability to beat that lot but the mentality is miles off. Let us down every big occasion.
  12. Josh Windass

    Not good enough for the club and never will be. Does not have the mental capacity. He scored a hattrick on Wednesday and should have been confident and up for this but he went completely missing. I knew he was missing that one on one. He doesn't look for the ball and floats about like a balloon. Positional sense is rank and his passion is severely lacking. The only time I've see him try to man up and be physical with an opposition was against Fraserburgh and that says it all. Infuriating.
  13. kranjcar

    With Niko seemingly staying I was thinking about how he can be of use in the team. Would it not make sense to, in certain games, deploy him deeper in midfield and let him use his passing range and vision without having to make forward runs? This would make more sense at home to mid-low level teams in the league rather than in an old firm, away trip to Hearts etc. He will be on a healthy wage so we should be trying something with him.
  14. Cummings Reaction

    A cunt you will want on your side. He's made for us and I see good things becoming. Ftp
  15. LAST time we had a hero??