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    Turned in to such a composed player. Never panics even against a quality outfit like Feyenoord and his distribution is generally spot on. Will always give a fight and strong in the challenge. Some fans, probanbly myself included, were critical at times last season but Gerrard has clearly always liked him and we're seeing why.
  2. Tremendous in the first half and some of the 2nd. I think there was glimpses that Feyenoord are decnent but we just didn't let them play. Stepped off a bit near the end which was a tad frustrating but it worked I suppose. They didn't have many clean cut chances. Barisic's best performance for us imo, actually looked braver than I've seen him and not constantly turning back. Tav usual; frustrating as fuck and out of position constantly, fluffed the penalty but then again does make some vital challenges to halt attacks and does get back. Goldson started well and was very good on the ball but then made a few errros and Helander done really well I thought, looks accomplished at this level. Jack was terrific and looks so composed even when surounded by some really good players pressing him, Davis went about quietly but done well and Kamara was caught out a few times but not often his fault and was solid enough. Morelos started terrifically. Nightmare for their defence but was frustrating in the 2nd half and a bit greedy. Class goal from Ojo but he is one annoyinfg wee bastard sometimes and doesn't want to dart up that wing. Arfield was quality and a shout for MOTM. Shagger excellent as per on this stage. All in all that's a very good start. Would love to get something off them in Holland too, fans are fucking wankers
  3. We've won the treble since then under eck have we not
  4. Mad to think he scored a double v us at Ibrox for Porto in the game Kyrgiakos got the winner. Seems a lifetime ago.
  5. Honestly canny mind who the fuck aaron nemane is
  6. Needed a Falkirk goal for £240 and they missed a penalty with five mins left. 😓
  7. ready1873


    Shut it ya couple of benders
  8. ready1873


    Aye nae bother Warburton
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