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  1. Can't ignore Wilder at even money. Class bet imo. Raging at the time of this. Couldn't be worse actually
  2. Brutal game and fucking baltic. Much the same approach with the usual pass forward, pass sideways and pass back slowly routine. Only difference is Hagi who has the turn of pace and intelligence. Liked Kamberis cameo, very direct and pacy. Which Kent should also be but he's looked shocking lately. Bit worried aswell by Morelos' input today. Looked like he wasn't giving a fuck and not playing for the team. Soon as he was subbed he chucked his wristband on the pitch and strolled off like a spoiled brat. Needs a rocket up his arse.
  3. ready1873


    Must have been at the wrong game Halliday was pish and is pish.
  4. Abolsutely fucking sick of it. Sideways then backwards. No forward momentum or changing of gears going forward. Even when we do get into attacking positions we slow it down. Been like this since Gerrard took over so why the fuck isn't he learning or adapting. Brutal
  5. I fucking despise that ginger prick. Geniunly one cunt, above ex tarriers, I'd happily punch fuck out of if i ever met. Despicable rat.
  6. Monday Gerrard said
  7. Fucking chances of this! Just watched the old firm in my dinamo Moscow save, the same game which was played last at the paedodome. Rangers win 2-1 Katic with a header in the 56th minute. 😂
  8. Gave everything he could for the jersey. Some may hate him for wearing the taigs shirt, which I understand, but he gave us some memorable moments and I do think he regrets his stint at the paedodome.
  9. Absolutely furious.
  10. 33.333/33.333/33.333?
  11. Glad we got over the line can't say there's much changed from the previous couple of games. Hagi adds a new dynamic which is positive and Alfredo makes a huge difference back from Defoe but midfield was still poor. Davis will try his utmost hardest not to shoot and his passing is becoming so wayward. Arfield has been rotten too. Tav is obviously a big improvement going forward from Polster but the amount of balls he skies is unreal. Like big Edmundson at the back and thought Goldson was terrific as was Barisic. Still need to be quicker and more direct in attack. The amount of times Kent stalls attacking play for such an agile player is not on.
  12. The refs are fucking tragic but it's no a conspiracy. We've lost the points as a team and down to performances vast majority of the time.
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