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  1. What a fucking mug you are
  2. For years I have held Mark Noble in very high regard. Would have loved to have seen him at a top club. Of the same ilk, always liked Scott Parker as a player.
  3. Antonio Valencia is also outstanding.
  4. Chiellini is a fuxking outstanding centre-back. Absolutely dominant and everything you could ever want from a man in his position. Could slot in with Maldini, Cannavaro or Nesta Imo. Mentions for Zambrotta (some engine), Makelele (THE man in Mourinhos first tenure), Cambiasso and Luca Toni (goal machine).
  5. Gerrard. Clearly an inspirational player and a force in midfield, but not up there with the types he was associated with, for me anyway. His short distance passing was way below the best and overall just didn't offer a great deal.
  6. No, am I fuck from Greenock.
  7. Need Brandon Stone and Tyrrell Hatton top five for a few ton. Hatton second with a round left and Stone is making moves after a few holes in Joburg. Would be a wee boost after Grace done me.last weekend.
  8. Last night after another shambolic display, I entered my work. I work in a care home for dementia sufferers. There's an old fella I get on great with. Anyway, he used to hide his support for the Rangers to his father because his father was Morton daft and wouldn't accept his boy supporting us. Last night I went in and informed the old boy of the result. He said "we even got beat off the farmers?" Then he started singing "we are the boys in royal blue!" He reminded me of the core support of the club from years gone by. The big yin was frustrated, even with his.level of dementia. It just reminded me of how we cant let the club dishevel. I hope in 50 years I'm still finding out the Rangers result...
  9. No wonder you fuxking tit.
  10. So...laser tag and monster trucks?
  11. Dislike most our players at the moment and Forrester is one. Cant even stand the sight of him. The team is a joke.
  12. Our very own Tiger Woods.