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  1. ready1873


    Shite and weak as fuck. Could do with a few fish suppers down his gullit, hes as skinny as a junkie.
  2. ready1873

    England related thread

    Have to say worst standard of the World Cup I've seen. Rank.
  3. ready1873

    England related thread

    Hahahaha up them. That's what they get for this constant 'it's coming home' shite and so called pros dismissing Croatia the past few days.
  4. ready1873

    Ibrox refurbishment, the next stage

    Have to get these fucking yellow panels on the side of the broomloan and copland to fuck. Looks shite.
  5. ready1873

    Unpopular Opinions When It Comes To Rangers?

    I feel alot of 'fans' deserted us during the dark time climbing through the divisions and still sticks in my throat. Same cunts who likely made excuses not to go to certain games last season. Kenny Miller is a legend and made up for his mistake joining the scum.
  6. ready1873

    Worst Sports For Rangers Players To Take Part In.

    Kyrgiakos curling
  7. ready1873

    **Official Rangers v Bury Match Thread**

    Left Ibrox last night feeling very fucking good BTW. Some really positive stuff to take from that.
  8. ready1873

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    They look fucking brilliant. Going to cost me a fortune.
  9. ready1873

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    I suppose that game could have went worse for us 😁 Reus goal and Kroos screamer.
  10. ready1873

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Marco Reus better fucking start the day. Better option than Ozil. And I've got £10 each way on him top scorer....
  11. ready1873

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Thought Otamendi was particularly abject last night. Had to laugh at him and Mascherano trying to bully Modric, Rakitic and co. couple of wee tossers.
  12. ready1873

    Mick O’Halleron away

  13. ready1873

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Scott Gregory posts a 92 😁
  14. ready1873

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Shinnecock is looking brutal so far. Some massive scores. A few holes look nigh on unplayable. Canny beat it!
  15. ready1873

    World Cup bets

    £5ew Reus 100/1 £2ew Coutinho 50/1 £2ew Rashford 150/1 £2ew Cavani 25/1 Will do for some interest and will have more bets on the day of the games.