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  1. This isn't the real Ian Ferguson is it?
  2. Good to see us pumping a team we really should pump, which we haven't been doing the past while. Good performances carrying on from the friendlies too. Hastie tried too hard but will be a player, whether or not with us I'm not sure. Stewart is very clever and can be an astute player. Aribo is class as we've seen v Marseille and Oxford. Won't go through every cunt but good signs on our new players. Only negatives I have about the squad right now are Halliday and Polster. Both pish. The former will obviously give his all but is very limited technically and the latter runs like a giraffe and wouldn't look out of place as a Caixinha disaster signing.
  3. Clever player and will be an asset. Odd thread.
  4. Less than 4-0 I want Gerrard out. Sick of this positivity I want Windass and Moshni back.
  5. He's no coming back and imo we don't really need him. Ojk has similar attributes but is strong as an ox. More suited imo.
  6. Bought this and started a season with us but fell away immediately. Fat too much to do now Fs. Cbf going through press conferences, assistant interaction and squad building. Miss CM 01/02
  7. ready1873

    Joe Aribo

    Looks total class. With him and Kamara in midfield I'd feel very confident v any cunt. They are both absolute players.
  8. And BTW Katic has looked like a man possessed so far this season. Abolsute animal. Reminds me of my boyhood idol Amo.
  9. Barisic, Aribo, Davis and Candeias particularly good Imo. Aribo looks a total class act.
  10. Windass nearly gave me a brain aneurysm.
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