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  1. Heard Jimmy Bell pumped her after we beat them at Tynecastle.
  2. All the old alkys round about my way that have never been to Ibrox and think Barry Ferguson is still the captain wear them. Rank.
  3. ready1873


    'The cunt from Dundee' Odd. What you got against Kamara?
  4. Always thought Smith was a true blue but changed my mind after seeing his interview with Simon Ferry. Basically admitted of he knew celtc were in for him when he joined us he would liked to have worked with Stein. Said another few questionable things during it too.
  5. Been saying all season I like Taylor. Was on our books too and we let him go.
  6. One of they days every horse I back looks in with a chance until a furlong out and chucks it. Honestly must have back 10 placed losers in a row. Sickening.
  7. Applied about 2 weeks ago and had money whipped out my bank the day. Not had any correspondence from them though which is odd. And the first payment seems higher than I expected. Wish I had went with the 4 month option with the club.
  8. ready1873


    Well in son! Out of the cold in a huge game, he stood up when it mattered and was very professional. He clearly loves the club and if he stays in, the best back up in the country.
  9. Biggest thing about today. We're potentially back to normal. And that normal is a huge leap from prior years.
  10. Great day. Sticking it to they fake horrible bastards. Only downside was the atmosphere. Fucking pathetic for an old firm. Nowhere near the Walter Smith days for example.
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