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  1. Are celtic really that good?

    Yes they are very, very good on a domestic level. So much stronger and sharper than any opposition. We need to remedy it.
  2. And get those phone lights on!
  3. Candeias

    Love the wee cunt already. A nightmare to defend against.
  4. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Jeez I thought Grimsby doing me for £160 was bad.
  5. France 98

    Mind watching the final in Butlins Ayr. Greeting because Brazil lost and my dad & brother were cheering for France.
  6. Banners on staircase

    Look cheap. Why haven't we sorted the bogging yellow panels on the side of the Broomloan/Copland stands? This shoudn't be a fucking cover-up job. The place needs proper, long term work applied.
  7. Pedro Caixinha leaves Rangers.

  8. Kenny Miller - I've had enough of him.

    Kenny dragged us through games last season. Some mind-numbing posts in here.
  9. *** GOLF PGA CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 ***

    Terrific burst from DeLaet! Backed Day, Casey and Chappell. First two had a good couple of rounds before falling away. Chappell just made the cut but is miles behind after a -3 yesterday Expected him to be right up there this weekend.
  10. Hodson.

    Severely weak in the full-back positions. Doesn't matter how good Alves-Cardoso is, they positions are the major leaks. Needs sorted quickly.
  11. Kenny Miller Reaction

    Well he has done all he can to redeem himself. I know some may never forgive him but to still show nothing but biterness towards him makes me think you have the bigger problem.
  12. Kenny Miller Reaction

    @sassaaaaWhat about the load of goals he has scored against the fenians since? Counts for fuck all? Did you celebrate the opener in the semi v them two seasons ago? Course you did you bamboozled fud,
  13. Kenny Miller Reaction

    Bizarre video to post in the Bears Den
  14. Kenny Miller Reaction

    I mean for what he has done for us, before you get on your high horse.