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  1. Castore is more Premium than Puma and Hummel (So Obviously the price reflects that, but don't worry mate, i think you can find it cheaper over on Mr.Ashley's Store.)
  2. Did anyone order one of these. back when the Home Top was able to Pre-Order? Also, Just wondering if anyone's Away top has been dispatched yet?
  3. Hopefully Castore decide to ditch Hermes after the initial contract is done.
  4. I am actually really intrigued to see and feel the quality of material on the Pro Shirts now.
  5. Personally i don't think Castore realised how big the hatred was for a simple bag with our logo on it is. Don't think that is actually Castore's fault and should be down to the delivery driver to be questioned about it.
  6. That’s not good surely Castore will replace it.
  7. Seems like the top with the missing t in Castore and the issue with the Follow Follow part, is a slight Photoshop job, no?
  8. James Bisgrove appears to be getting a lot of Love from fans on Twitter today. Not sure if it is down to Castore or RangersTV announcements.
  9. Rangers website have links to the Rangers Online Shop and Castore's own website. Castore have also placed a direct link to the Rangers Shop on it's own website.
  10. Was always a risk for Castore doing packaging like that, but it really comes down the courier not making sure the package was delivered to the name on the package.
  11. Nice packaging, good marketing for Rangers and Castore. Courier never stole it, which is good. As others have said the material feels fantastic Also cannot see any defects people are apparently reporting on mine.
  12. Cheers for that! saves me standing in the garden all day for the courier driver to throw it out the window as he passes!
  13. Mines is on it’s way too! 😀 was holding off buying the away top until the home top arrived to see if I needed to size up! 😜
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