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  1. Brutal! Shouldn't be losing a game where you're 2-0 up at any level really. Everyone eased off after we went two up and in the end we got what we deserved for our complacency! At least we're doing everything we can to stop hivs finishing 2nd..
  2. Can't speak for everyone but I find that my love for Rangers FC outweighs my disparity with the political views of the majority of fans. When I go to Ibrox Politics is at the very back of my mind - I'm there to support the 11 men on the park just as my old man did and his old man and most likely his old man.
  3. Accepted it quite some time ago amigo. Still doesn't mean I have to agree with any of those ideologies. Loved the club when I was a boy before I really understood about Rangers fans historic affiliation with unionism, monarchy etc and I love them just as much today, even though I don't share in those beliefs. Maybe you should accept not all fans are unionists?
  4. Go to all home games myself, in sept I voted yes and voted SNP today - really shouldn't matter though cause your political/religious views really shouldn't determine the team you support. And Bears shouldn't be turning on each other as a result of political or religious views either!
  5. your thinkin of makhtar N'diaye (spelling)
  6. agree. but i'd play wallace over papac
  7. do we really? we have all been lied to by whyte IMO.. never know, we might have got sum1 :L
  8. Not the best i've seen. coould do a job but as were about the same level as norwegian league i'd imagine?
  9. fuck him, lets get verhoek in, he will be a big star in the future!!
  10. Bravo Could not have put that better myself. Had we met the 2million valuation initially, we wouldnt be getting told 2.8m isnt enough. fair enough, thompson and houston are two wanks. But i believe had we bid 2million weeks ago, we would have got him. same with verhoek and juhasz for that matter, but now it doesnt look like we're getting any of them...
  11. guess KO mate, far as im concerned, only cunt realted to this forum is Thompson. Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down
  12. Behave yourself, your ruining the mood of profound pessimism on this forum!
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