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  1. ***The Official Rangers v Motherwell Thread***

    Ha Ha. Taigs on Facebook are screaming 'match fixing'!! Fuck off Declan you bead rattling fenian bastards.
  2. ***The Official Rangers v Motherwell Thread***

    Absolutely tremendous from the boys in blue tonight.
  3. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Big Djok Knew Andy was gonna do him.
  4. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Now away and get fucking hammered with Sir Alex!!
  5. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

  6. ***The Official Tennis Thread***

    Congratulations Andy!! WINNER!!
  7. Templeton and Stella. Good work ally.
  8. Right. Been oot getting smashed. Who have we signed,
  9. Why are we still singing about the UVF

    No. It's highlighted the ridiculousness of this thread. Folk are offended easily. We all know that. Some of our songs are not to my liking, but I always get caught up in the moment and join in. I am doing no harm to anyone and enjoy the atmosphere. The anti singing brigade have to remember. The songs you dislike aren't going to stop because you have a wee Internet moan. So you have two choices. 1. Fuck off and don't be offended 2. Chill the fuck out, find your flute and go have a party! I sure as hell will always choose number two.
  10. Why are we still singing about the UVF

    Ones mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.
  11. Ha Ha. Fuck Team England and Wales !! Sene-gooooooooooooooal!
  12. The Enemy Within

    Can't we all just love Rangers for being what Rangers means to you. Regardless of what you sing or feel about other fans, at the end of the day we all have one passion, and that is to watch 11 players in Light Blue, giving their heart, willing to fight to be the best that there is and show why we are the greatest club there has ever been. No set of fans will have the same view, but at least respect others decision to choose how they wish to follow their team. Maybe the ones who continually moan and complain about others should put in as much time and effort for their own level of support.