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  1. A big no from me, he has been awful when he has played this last few seasons, if you watched him in his loan spell at Torino you would have thought he had won a competition to play in nets for the day, his loan spell at West Ham was just as bad. Burnley made him available last summer on a free and they couldn't find any takers for him.
  2. No, he qualifies for England through residency, he is not eligible for any of the other home nations.
  3. IMO it would be a big gamble unless you are getting him for a small wage, i've seen every game he played for Liverpool and some of his U23 games as well, he is a player who has great pace and can beat a player in a 1 v 1 but will then pass when he should shoot or shoot when he should pass, his finishing is poor as well. He has been getting himself in all sorts of trouble of the pitch as well in the last few years, it says it all when Klopp made no attempt to keep him when Bournemouth came knocking, the club were stunned to get £15 million for him.
  4. Its not just going to be podcasters and bloggers that get the info first it will also be journos that do their job professionally or without bias, for example yesterday Bruce Archer at the Express was given the Hagi story along with Jordan Campbell from the Athletic, i would assume that people like Chris Jack from the Evening Times will also get exclusives, this is long overdue.
  5. Utter stupidity to allow this to happen, you are sacrificing car parking spaces, you are adding hundreds of new residents to the area who will then be in a position to lodge complaints should the club apply to do anything at the ground, or wider area. This project needs to be binned, you should never sell land around your stadium.
  6. The Europa League is now officially peado free.
  7. Well pleased with that, that was a great performance. That could be a valuable away point.
  8. Very good appointment, i have read some very positive things about Southampton's setup in terms of recruitment and development and apparently Ross Wilson has had a significant part to play in that. In the modern game a DOF is now essential.
  9. No chance of this happening, Michael Edwards is Sporting Director at Liverpool and is rated as one of the best around, if he were to leave Liverpool he would have his pick of any of the top clubs in world football.
  10. Totally agree about Ojo tonight, his lack of big game experience was there for all to see, he will be better for that tonight, he has only played something like 50 senior games in his career so far and none as important as that.
  11. The vast majority of young Catholics do opt for NI, but you will get some who are from a more Republican background who don't want to play for NI, which is fair enough, its the lads who use the NI system right up to u21 level and then switch that do my head in.
  12. Tonight was massive to yet again deprive them of significant revenue, they have earned around €1,400,000 + gate reciepts from their CL run, if they had've made it through tonight and even lost in the playoff they would have been guaranteed another €5,000,000, if they had've made the group stages that would have been worth €15.000,000 + TV Pool money + gate receipts + their coefficient share + the chance of €2,700,000 per win and €900,000 per draw. We are getting closer to the whole pack of cards folding.
  13. So i did make the right decision to watch those cunts game tonight, get out of the CL you fucking scum. And shove your fields of anthenry up you hole.
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