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  1. Klopp is under contract to 2022 and the club want him to sign a 3 year extension or even longer if he wants it, preliminary talks have been held with his agent. There is every chance the Liverpool job might not be available till 2025 at the earliest.
  2. TNS are far better than teams in the Scottish Juniors, they would be the equivalent of a bottom of the table Championship side or top of the table League 1 side and their players mostly wouldn't give a shit about the Old Firm so wouldn't be like most Scottish teams that would have at least a tarrier or two in them who would be out to hurt our players.
  3. Never a pen, there was no contact by the defender, the Prishtina player simply threw himself to the ground. A bunch of diving playacting cheats in what i have seen so far.
  4. £74 million for approx 9,000 extra seats
  5. It is, but Killie couldn't use it as a training ground like they currently do. Thats one of the main reasons that they have no interest in changing to a grass pitch as they would then have to build a training ground and where are they going to find a minimum of £5-10 million to fund it.
  6. Slap it right up them Dundee Hibs scum. Enjoy another year in the Championship you fucking vermin.
  7. If loads on here have fits about Tavs defending, i can only imagine the reactions afer watching Moreno a few times.
  8. Delighted Flanno has been cleared, as for Barry Ferguson he can go fuck himself with his shitty article having a go at the club for appealing it. Most of our ex-players involved with the media are a disgrace, happy to slag off the club for to earn a few quid from a newspaper, no doubt they still have their hand out for freebie tickets from the club when the big games come around.
  9. At what successful club is there that type of manager? the PL top 6 has Sarri, Emery, Klopp, Pochetino, Solskjaer & Guardiola, not one of them will go into a changing room and start smashing shit, or calling the players all the names under the sun, Real Madrid? Barcelona? Bayern Munich? Juventus? nope. The only place you will get the odd manager who acts that way is in the lower leagues. The game has changed and its sad because a right good bollocking and smashing a few cups is exactly whats needed for some of them.
  10. The game has moved on from those days, if Souness or Smith went into a changing room nowadays and acted like that the players would simply just down tools and eventually get him sacked. The days of going nuts at players are over and thats why Gerrard stayed away from the players as he would have completely lost it.
  11. Here is the stream those two begging twats are actually streaming and asking for donations. http://www.streameast.live/soccer/Rangers-vs-aberdeen/
  12. It will depend on two things; What Kent wants and who comes in for him. If Kent makes it clear he wants to stay here then that would force Liverpools hand a little. If a deal is to happen I don't see it being done until the end of pre-season. From the Liverpool point of view i would imagine they would hope to get him out on loan to a PL team which would increase his value for a potential sale the following summer, plans were supposedly in place to loan Harry Wilson to Leicester next season to see how he performs as PL level and to raise his value but with Brenda now there the plug has been pulled on it.
  13. There are actually very few good ones, there are a long list of awful pundits, I would add Phil Neville, Danny Murphy, Owen Hargreaves, Rio Ferdinand to your list and there is loads more i have forgot.
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