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  1. How could anyone properly answer this question at this point, Pedro has been in charge for 13 games, and only two of them with players that he brought to the club. He may turn out to be worse that Warburton he may turn out to be better than him but it cannot be answered at this stage. Pedro needs to be given the full backing of supporters until Christmas/New Year and if there isn't significant improvement he should be punted at that point in time.
  2. The lad would be throwing away his career going there, he is only a number to Chelsea they use youth development purely as a way of making money to keep them on the right side of FFP.
  3. A rabid tim with a hatred of Rangers who is a shit manager, no thanks
  4. I would be more confident about this appointment if Wilson has had a strong say in it, Southampton have one of the most advanced scouting systems in world football, not only on players but coaches & managers as well, they keep detailed records on something like over 100 coaches/managers which is constantly updated so that should they need a new manager they have their homework already done, look at how well their last 3 managers have done Pochettino/Koeman/Puel.
  5. We should not be rushing to appoint a caretaker manager to the end of the season without taking stock immediately of what is available to us, if there is someone suitable available now, they should be appointed to give them the rest of the season to assess the squad to see what transfer business needs to be done in the summer, if not a new manager will be thrown into a mess in the summer with European games (hopefully) coming up in early July and him not being upto speed on what he has in his squad. As for the list of candidates, most of them are brutal, out of that long list the standouts are probably DeBoer & Gio, the only fear i have about De Boer is how badly he was found out in European games which got him the boot from Ajax. I don't think we have any chance of getting Gio, the only other names of interest to me would be Gary Rowett and Michael O'Neill, the fear would be with Rowett is he another Warburton having limited managerial experience, the question marks over Michael O'Neill would be; would he take it and would fans give him the time he might need to sort things out it took him over 2 years to sort out NI, obviously there is less time to work with players at international level but would our fans tolerate it taking maybe a year or 18 months to see progress?
  6. No its purely a Liverpool policy, although Spurs and Southampton are also going to do the same.
  7. Good move all round hopefully he gets games and can get fit and then can come back next pre-season and see where he is at.
  8. The disparity is greater than that, last season Arsenal banked £100 million from TV rights, the bottom club Villa banked £66 million, this season with the new tv deals included the top club is estimated to lift £145 million with the bottom club picking up approx £97 million.
  9. As you say he was nicked by Liverpool from Barca and they were furious about it, they blocked him playing for Liverpool for as long as they could, its not that he didn't make it at Liverpool, he wan't interested in fighting for a place in the team, he was out on loan to Brentford so wasn't able to get the appearances that the other young players got last season like Kev Stewart, Brad Smith, Conor Randall etc, his loan ended and Liverpool had only one league game left of the season, they gave him his debut off the bench in that game, everyone was looking forward to seeing how he would get on this season after his excellent season at Brentford but he told the club that after playing first team football for Brentford all season he wanted to play regularly so the club sold him. He is a player i have watched many times for the Liverpool U21's and he is technically excellent, with good pace and great trickery on the ball as you say he is definitely a creative player and not a tackler.
  10. I said it when he signed he was not the answer and not what we needed, he was a weak link in the Arsenal's team, was poor at Fulham and a complete joke at Villa. All summer to sort out a defence and we end up with Clint Hill & Senderos, our scouts need to get the fuck out of the UK and stop watching re-runs of the match of the day and sign a few quality foreigners, the money paid to players in mid level European leagues is a fraction of what we pay, there is plenty of talent available in them markets.
  11. Not at all convinced by this signing, i have watched him numerous times for Arsenal and he never impressed me, hopefully he can do a job at SPL level.
  12. Nah you were right first time 50 Annan fans compared to 1,000+ Leicester = more Bears at game than Tims
  13. RTV are getting their signal from BT so it is exactly the same.
  14. Powell has been generally poor during his loan moves, he has struggled to get games and not one of the loan clubs wanted to sign him permanently, his attitude has been questioned as well. Maybe the right move will change his attitude and bring out the ability he had as a teenager, i'm not that bothered if we sign him or not.