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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Referee decided to give PSG the advantage and let that useless cunt Simunovic stay on the pitch
  2. The problem is next months games, i am not even sure drawing with Germany and beating Norway would be enough to get us seeded, after this set of games we will move ahead of Sweden but will still be behind Slovakia in the rankings. If September's rankings would've been used and the current teams stayed as they are we would have squeezed in as the last seed.
  3. The October FIFA rankings will be used for seeding in the playoffs.
  4. Pedro's Press Conference

    Neither have I, i am in Pedros caravan.
  5. New winger signed on loan

    I really cannot see how this could be a loan signing for the development squad. What would be the point of loaning him to us to play at an even worse level than U23 football in England?
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Just need a Liverpool win tomorrow night to put them in Pot 4, fingers crossed they get Real Madrid, PSG & Napoli in the draw and six humpings.
  7. Always out injured?? he averages 42 games a season over his 4 years at the club.
  8. The Sky Sports breakdown isn't correct, it is approx £80 million (paid over 5 years as well - £16 million paid this summer!!!) plus the rest based on a series of unrealistic addons, they are having a laugh with their offer, they got £198 million upfront for Neymar, they have been told not to contact the club again, the whole thing is finished, its time for Coutinho to sort his head out, or he will be missing the World Cup next summer. What has any player done to warrant the fees currently being paid? the market is were it is, he is a quality footballer who is improving year on year, the Brazil team is being built round him and Neymar, thats how highly he is rated.
  9. The bid was £80 million + £34 million in possible add-ons, a joke offer in a market where Lukaku is going for £90 million. Little Phil is going to have to get his head around the fact that he isn't going to Barca this summer. The club have rightly decided he is not far sale at any price, for the 99.9% on here that aren't Liverpool supporters this Coutinho situation is about much more than money, the owners are under intense pressure from supporters not to sell Coutinho or any of the other top players at the club, the club has gained a reputation over this last 10 years or so as a selling club, that is something the fans won't tolerate anymore and its something the owners are now determined to change, also the club are sitting on a pile of money and so don't need any Coutinho transfer fee. Hopefully Dortmund also stick it to those Barca fucks and refuse to sell them Dembele.
  10. Is Pedro worse than Warburton?

    How could anyone properly answer this question at this point, Pedro has been in charge for 13 games, and only two of them with players that he brought to the club. He may turn out to be worse that Warburton he may turn out to be better than him but it cannot be answered at this stage. Pedro needs to be given the full backing of supporters until Christmas/New Year and if there isn't significant improvement he should be punted at that point in time.
  11. ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    A rabid tim with a hatred of Rangers who is a shit manager, no thanks
  12. ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    I would be more confident about this appointment if Wilson has had a strong say in it, Southampton have one of the most advanced scouting systems in world football, not only on players but coaches & managers as well, they keep detailed records on something like over 100 coaches/managers which is constantly updated so that should they need a new manager they have their homework already done, look at how well their last 3 managers have done Pochettino/Koeman/Puel.
  13. New Manager Suggestions

    We should not be rushing to appoint a caretaker manager to the end of the season without taking stock immediately of what is available to us, if there is someone suitable available now, they should be appointed to give them the rest of the season to assess the squad to see what transfer business needs to be done in the summer, if not a new manager will be thrown into a mess in the summer with European games (hopefully) coming up in early July and him not being upto speed on what he has in his squad. As for the list of candidates, most of them are brutal, out of that long list the standouts are probably DeBoer & Gio, the only fear i have about De Boer is how badly he was found out in European games which got him the boot from Ajax. I don't think we have any chance of getting Gio, the only other names of interest to me would be Gary Rowett and Michael O'Neill, the fear would be with Rowett is he another Warburton having limited managerial experience, the question marks over Michael O'Neill would be; would he take it and would fans give him the time he might need to sort things out it took him over 2 years to sort out NI, obviously there is less time to work with players at international level but would our fans tolerate it taking maybe a year or 18 months to see progress?
  14. Billy Gilmour

    No its purely a Liverpool policy, although Spurs and Southampton are also going to do the same.
  15. Good move all round hopefully he gets games and can get fit and then can come back next pre-season and see where he is at.