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  1. Bears&Reds

    Jon Flanagan

    In terms of what you expect from a modern full back then yes i rate Tav and John as better than him, he is nowhere near as good as either of them going forward, his deliveries into the box from out wide wouldn't be as good either, both Tav and John would have more pace than him as well. If you want to play him as a purely defensive right back not pushing him to far up the pitch then he could maybe do a job as he loves to tackle and is one of those old fashioned full backs who likes to hit a winger with an early hard tackle and see what he is made off. I could also maybe see him being used to see out close games doubling up with Tav in front of him.
  2. Bears&Reds

    Jon Flanagan

    The early form thing is a complete myth, when he first broke into the first team he was awful but most didn't hold it against him as he was very young, he then disappeared out of the squad for about a year or so with injuries, he then got fit and after a few defensive injuries he got his chance in the team, he performed better than his first spell in the team but still nowhere near good enough for the PL, that was the season Liverpool finished 2nd, this was his best spell in the team but he still finished that season as the most dribbled past fullback in the PL. If you had've asked me which Liverpool player I would not like to see at Rangers he would have been second on my list only Conor Randall would have been ahead of him. I'll try to end my post on a positive note, two things he will bring to the squad, hard tackling; he loves a tackle and will never shy out of a 50-50 and he is supposed to be a real character in the changing room, that is one of the main reasons he got to hang around Liverpool so long.
  3. Bears&Reds

    Jon Flanagan

    If you genuinely believe that you are going to be very disappointed, Declan John and Tav are far superior to him.
  4. Bears&Reds

    Jon Flanagan

    Brutal signing.
  5. Bears&Reds

    Training pictures

    And thats the important part, its highly unlikely Gerrard will be able to get rid of all the shite in one window, its going to take a few windows to get the squad he wants, we as supporters need to recognise that there will probably be players left in the squad when the windows shuts that we don't want at the club and that just because they are still there doesn't necessarily mean Gerrard wants them there either.
  6. Bears&Reds

    Jason Cummings

    I didn't want him when we signed him in January and he did nothing to change my mind in his time at the club, we need to be aiming higher.
  7. Bears&Reds

    ***Rumours thread***

    A year ago all the top clubs in the Championship wanted him either on loan or a permanent deal as he had been simply brilliant at Barnsley, he made the decision though that he wanted to go to Germany on loan rather than go back to the Championship as he felt that he would develop more there. Unfortunately he chose the wrong club to go to as Freiberg spent the season battling relegation and their manager quickly ditched their younger players to use more experienced players and this seemed to have an effect on his confidence in January he was able to cut the loan short and come back to Liverpool, he went out again on loan this time to Bristol City were he played i think around 10 games, he was by all accounts pretty average. In terms of him coming to Rangers, if we get the Ryan Kent of two seasons ago, he would tear up the SPL with his electric pace, trickery on the ball and ability to beat players in a one v one, he is more of a provider than a scorer, but he can hit a good long range shot. Most young players have good and bad spells but I personally would take a punt on him especially if we can't get Harry Wilson, as even though they play on opposite wings and we could easily play both, i couldn't see Liverpool loaning us Ejaria, Wilson and Kent, but i suppose you never know Klopp might like the idea of the three of them playing together in a competitive league week in week out.
  8. Bears&Reds

    Backroom staff.

    As i said at the time the rumours came out about Beale, he is the real star appointment of that backroom team, a very highly rated coach, who the kids at Liverpool have nothing but praise for. It will be interesting to see how he deal with coaching men rather than young players.
  9. Bears&Reds

    Welcome to Rangers Ovie Ejaria

    I would bet that Michael Beale had alot to do with this transfer, he loves this kid, he took him to Liverpool from Arsenal and does nothing but sing his praises to anyone that will listen. Fingers crossed it works out, he has lots of technical ability but i have my doubts about him dealing with the physicality of Scottish football.
  10. Bears&Reds

    Ovie Ejaria

    There are a few players that could be loaned from Liverpool that would IMO make a difference, Ovie is not one i am convinced about, he is a technically decent and can't beat a player in a 1v1, he is not the quickest player around but he has good vision, in the games i have seen him play for Liverpools U23's he does tend to go missing in games and i am not convinced about him dealing with the physicality of the SPL. If there is any truth in this rumour he is a player that could arrive fairly soon as I can't see him being part of Liverpool's first team plans next season.
  11. Bears&Reds

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    No, still a few years left, the club are desperate to move him on, he is on £150k a week.
  12. Bears&Reds

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    He was on loan at Wolfsburg this season, started off great and then fell away badly, i think the club will probably sell him if they can get a buyer.
  13. Bears&Reds

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    No real connections, just a big supporter who follows closely what happens at the club.
  14. Bears&Reds

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    If it happens it will definitely be later in the window, there are alot of uncertainty about Liverpool's strikers this summer, the futures of Sturridge, Origi, Ings, Solanke & Brewster all have to be resolved.
  15. Bears&Reds

    Gerrards staff.

    Yes, the ones who managed to escape being thrown under the bus by him to save his own ass like he did with Colin Pascoe and Mike Marsh.