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  1. Should be our no1 defender
  2. No tactics and team selection.. Gerrard just got it totally wrong that day
  3. Ojo still fucking starting.. disgrace Apart from that 3pts a must
  4. No fucking mistakes today Rangers.. put this mob to bed early.
  5. Hes failing to admit his chopping and changing is costing us in the big games. Also katic must be raging
  6. A good lawyer will make it work.
  7. If you are 1 of the 20 faces get a lawyer. Go to the cop shop and say u jump on as every one rushed forward and had no choice. Definitely get away with it.
  8. Arfield can play the number 10 well enough. It's the 2 wings where we are extremely poor. A number 10 in a 433 is the attacking centre mid. Arfield infront of davis and jack would work well if we had a decent rw and kent kn left wing.
  9. Disappointed with that line up. Too defensive for me. Playing for a draw.
  10. I would say that yb and us are on a very similar level. There better than feyenoord imo and it will be whoever's better on the day who edges it. Draw is a good result imo. Better chance of an away win in Holland. If we play like we did on Saturday we will have a very good chance of winning.
  11. I have man love for el buffalo
  12. Would start with the same team as yesterday. Dont agree with all the rotation especially in bigger games. Probably best performance of season so far. So same team for next game.
  13. Defence is a different unit with katic playing. Arfield should b an attacking mid. Not 1 of the front 3. Stewart Played very well.
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