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  1. Best celebration from a Rangers player

    allys robot gazza and ally winching aluko lafferty for the comedy value ally doing the machine gun gazzas flute wilkins after volley against the taigs the aeroplane (sterling i think) mo after his first goal against them just a few that came to mind instantly
  2. Ohh Barry Barry

  3. boydy (again)

    wage bill? be realistic we need to stop wasting money not making an even bigger hole for the club.
  4. The official we are going to win the Championship thread*****

    i think we will win the championship but it will be the same dross type of football that we have witnessed the last 2 seasons. its easy to say our manager hasnt a clue etc but the fact is we still cruised both lges going undefeated this season. ally understands that he has to win games every week as 1 loss causes a crisis in the mind of the majority of our support. people can moan all they want abt cup performances but at the end of the day the goal is to be back in the spl in the 3 seasons and we have jumped the first 2 hurdles so far. yes i am frustrated at the football we produced week in week out but the goals of winning the lges were achieved with relative ease so i dont see why we wont do it nxt season aswell.
  5. boydy (again)

    i totally agree with u on the overpaid 'stars', infact i would also put in too many overpaid staff on wages that are ridiculous. starting with the chairman and super(i still back ally) but if he is on any where near the reported 800k a yr then he sould be ashamed of himself. if i was the ceo no one in the club would be earning more than 3k a week in the last 2 yrs and the next 2 atleast but the majority of our support would be very unhappy with what type of player that gets. however a decent manager should be able to build a team that would cruise the lges with a squad of say 20 players all earning around that mark. i bet no other team in scotland excluding the beast has a squad on that amount. if this was done 2 yrs ago when it should of been done we would be sitting in a very nice finacial position just now and not have the problems we have atm. im disgusted at the way the clubs been run since the newco farce and think its pretty unfair that mr wallace is getting the blame when he inherited the job after all these contracts etc had been made. i dont know if wallace is the man for the job but i dont blame him for our financial state although he also should not be earning 300k a yr with a 100% bonus possible.
  6. boydy (again)

    i would take boyd back in a heartbeat as long as he is willing to accept the same wage he is on at killie or a small raise. i am sick to death of players earning vast amounts of money from us in this period as we are not playing at a level where anyone can justify a wage of over a cpl of grand. if he comes back and is given a wage of 5 to 10 grand a week, i would rather do without.
  7. gazzas goal v scotland has always been 1 of my favorite goals ever by a rangers player. if its just goals from anyone then many yrs ago i seen an overhead kick from about 30-35yrds out go in. think it was fiorentina who scored it. jonjo shelveys goal the other week was also a belter.
  8. Ready To Listen Twitter Q&A

    people need to sit and think about the questions answered. if you have any sense at all you would realise that twitter is not a place where the position of our manager should be discussed and i for 1 am glad he did not entertain any questions on this subject. im also sure that there are rules on the amount of information that can actually be given out on a platform like twitter. to answer serious questions via this way would be a joke from any kind of business. the internet is not the place for discussion between the club and fans as it cant be confirmed who is a genuine fan and who is a troll.
  9. honestly? sdm? whyte? these names ring any bells to you. mccoist doesnt sign checks. yes he should be doing things differently but opinions like this are unbelievable. the job( bad job) allys doing at the moment is not even in the top 10 bad things that have happened at/to our club in the last five yrs never mind ever. people need a serious reality check. many teams outside the top division have won a cup(exc ramsden) in the last 50 yrs? just because we are rangers does not mean we should have automatically won cups in the past 2 yrs. we are in turmoil and it will take time for us to return to where we belong and should be. when the support finally relise this and accept it will take time then maybe we can all pull in 1 direction and the transition back to glory will come sooner rather than later, at this current moment it will be yrs b4 we return to our rightful place and the more fighting/seperation thats happens the longer it will take. calm heads and patience are what is lacking most at this time and is going to cause us severe problems in the imediate future. my personal opinion of the job ally has done and is doing are of no importance atm. until a man emerges who has the funds to buy and run rangers correctly comes along we are going to lurch from problem to problem.
  10. personally i am disgusted at the attacks on ally by large sections of our support. although my opinion of the job he has done so far as manager has been extremely poor he has attained the only 2 goals i would have set out for him in the last 2 yrs which were winning both lges. i dnt agree with the players he has signed or the reported deals they are on or his high wage, these are problems that the men with power above him have allowed to happen. i am also of similar opinion that he will be found out next season no matter how much my heart wills it not to happen. i just dont believe attacks on the gaffer are in anyway helpful at this moment in time. until the club is secure and being run by men who are doing a competent job then a change of manager is not going to make a big difference in the imediate future of the club. his goal for next season is to simply win the league again and until he fails in what i see as a minimum goal then he will have my backing. i will leave it there as it would take me about 5 hrs to give out my total opinion of whats going on just now and what needs to be done to turn it around.
  11. queens parks biggest crowd in many a moon. glad to see wee clubs benefitting from us. aslong as they have not wrong us
  12. Police assulting fans in BF1

    wouldnt of happened 15yrs ago.
  13. Pests!

    devlin and more than a fan. dunny for chairman
  14. falcao is fuckin amazing