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  1. Wes Tav bates Wilson beerman Toral Holt Windass Hyndman Dodoo Miller Team picks itself really, Hill for Bates if Clint is fit.
  2. Terrible terrible news. My heart goes out to his family
  3. Is this the truth OP, or has someone stole your phone? Hmmmm managed to access your phone as no password is set, log onto RM and tell some elaborate bull shut story about mtg the gaffer...Next it'll abusive text's sent to friend's and family members, gained access to your bank accounts as the bank you bank with are the only ones in the world that don't automatically log you off after a period of inactivity; and subsequently rip you off for a few hundred quid. You ever lost £50 running for the bus?
  4. 'Caixinha targets silverware' http://www.skysports.com/share/10843316
  5. Ability related you'd be crazy to knock him back, doesn't need to be pacey to play CH - he has all the footballing related attributes we currently lack. However, as a person I detest him
  6. He's not close.
  7. 'McLeish 'wasn't close' to return' http://www.skysports.com/share/10842242
  8. I hope he dies play so when we beat them it's all the sweater...I really hope one of our midfielders gets the chance to, well you know win the ball fair and square when he has it
  9. They're all young kids bates and beerman - we want instant success. Mckay though I'm sure what's wrong but needs to sort out what's going on in his head or reflect upon who else (except his boss obv) is he listening to advice from. I agree he has real talent and potential...I just feel he should be more established though considering his 'journey' thus far. If he could add the mentality of winning and battling to win he would be the best player in Scotland.
  10. Nah not seen enough grit, he's took his place in the team for granted and although that process isn't entirely his fault he needs to reflect and think to why he's been dropped and left out the team. He was a main stay since Warburton came in, he's been in the first 11 for nearly two full seasons so I don't really see him having to have had fought his way into the team or recover from being dropped and seen as not good enough. Look at the game against Hearts when they put 4 past us, they're right back clattered him in the first 5mins - McKay then didn't want to know the full game. Tell me when he repeatedly attacks the space or player when he's having a tough game? Does he jockey the opposition, win the odd tackle, challenge in the air at all? Sorry but your blinkered mate, I understand your frustration at other fans who are uber critical - but come on; stevie wonder can see he's not up for the fight, nor has the mentality at the moment.
  11. First of all stop being a dick, I'm actually trying to debate with your opinions. Why do you feel he needs a rest? He is a shite bag to be fair. To be clear I don't think it's job to be crunching into tackles. Imo his head is not in it, maybe doesn't have the mentality to accept he still has room to improve...Who knows but he needs to improve. My point is without energy, grit and desire he will not fulfill his full potential...Mckay has failed to demonstrate these qualities enough with us, especially when he's not on it...In short Davie Cooper did.
  12. So by your own logic you play him regardless of form, attitude and desire because he is a young inconsistent player?? If he can't get the mentality to play at a consistent 80% of ability for 90% of our season then yes; sell him for most amount possible.
  13. Agreed, looks more like an athletic type of guy. Like a runner. I meet McKay and Wilson last week at soccer camp...Some of the 13yr old were more imposing than McKay and most fathers were more imposing than Wilson. John Brown was also there...Now he is certainly an imposing figure.
  14. I agree with what ur saying, but if he is been given countless chances and he doesn't take them then he deserves to be dropped and in fact sold to the highest bidder. He's a confidence player, most guys know who understand football if your low on confidence and it ain't happening then you supplement that with hard work, energy and determination. Mckay doesn't seem able to do that, I'm not expecting him to fly into every 50/50 but I do expect him to put in the effort for his team mates. Either mentally he isn't strong enough yet and getting poor advice or he believes his own hype and thinks he's a superstar...Really hope it's not the later as than destroy a career. The lad has amazing potential but needs the head to match his ability, hope he can get himself out of this situation.
  15. That's it mate, he's finding his feet and his players that will do as he wants in regards to tactics etc. He certainly commands respect and that's something we have been missing from our management position for a good few years. It's also refreshing to see him play to our strengths, make us more difficult to beat and more aggressive all over the park. Ultimately he will be judged on results, any manager at our club are only 3/4 bad results from a crisis ...