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  1. He's a fan
  2. Speedy and full recovery young man. http://www.football.london/arsenal-fc/players/exclusive-arsenals-gedion-zelalem-facing-13085217
  3. Did u watch the game? Barton did not look Brown in the eye at all in pre match handshake, despite shouting this and that; Barton made a absolute mess of his time here. Don't need to highlight his failings, We all seen it... Apart from you.
  4. Tav is caught flat footed though, he makes up the ground to McGinn well but should never have allowed the cross into the box. A good full back stops both players and balls going past him. Yeah McGinn didn't get past him but the ball did...easily.
  5. Marcin Wasilewski - age is against him obv. A new challenge for him before retirement...Would be a great signing imo.
  6. Ha! That was a disgrace
  7. Yeah agree mate, would rather we develop our own, but they need to be good enough.
  8. Tammy Abraham would be awesome, but sadly totally out of our reach now.
  9. Just passing on what I was told mate, would make sense and a good piece of business if true about Gilmour. Would be great to strike up a relationship with Chelsea as they have hundreds of youth.
  10. Loftus-cheek would be a shout.
  11. I'd guess he'd be one of them mate
  12. 3 youngsters from Chelsea on loan...No idea who.
  13. But but Windass is right to shout at the weans - he's pyre showing passion and that...Some of the shouts from the usual posters on here after the scum game when young Beerman gave away the pen. Windass lacks the heart and determination...hes better playing with A&S where he doesn't need to contemplate handling the pressure - kinda shame really he'll never make it with that attitude to the highest level.
  14. Man - check Warrior - check International player - check Known by pedro - check Get it done ped
  15. Yeah he must be mate, just wonder if a crack at Europe and the potential relationship with Pedro would sway him. Could be a great signing,