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  1. They'll let him ago as soon as they have guarantees to have full payment up front.
  2. Looks very close now, if he signs I expect Pedro to come out with some daft speech and interview to try and reduce some pressure and heat from him.
  3. Sadly not mate, Pedro going after Marcello and Daniel Alves instead.
  4. Aye ok as I said you will never bow out gracefully, have a good night 👍.
  5. With the current squad and working on the principle we go 4 across the middle for the majority imo it needs to be a diamond Jack. Candeis. Dorrans. Niko. This doesn't get the best from Dorrans and if we agree he will be one of our most important players then why would you be happy with him shoved out wide? Now change that to this: Jack. Candeis. Walker. Dorrans. We have more balance, probably more attacking options, more energy, determinations and legs - then why wouldn't that be good? The second diamond also provides Wallace in particular with added protection, given that you highlighted your valid concerns re. our captain. We could argue this one till next season and you will still not see that your wrong and I'm right, but that's opinions mate 😘.
  6. Yip I get that, my point is play players in their strongest and most natural position. Left of a midfield 4 is Niko, Dorrans, Pena, Holt, Barjonas etc. Is not there most natural position. We can get by to an extent with a central minded player playing there, better teams will suss that out and the associated weakness' with that line up. I'm not expecting Walker to be flying up and down the left side and firing in crosses all day long, but more of a Dorrans type midfielder but suited and most natural to be playing on the left. The left side of midfield should be the priority not FB where we have adequate players and cover, nor striker.
  7. Yet no one mentioned are a natural or capable left sided midfielder...surely the days of shoe horning a central midfielder into an. Un-natural position like left midfield are behind us?
  8. Who provides the cover?
  9. Nope I wasn't actually. At the time I rated Gilks ahead of Wes, we don't have the cash needed to buy two quality full backs and a top goal scorer. We've bought Herrera and Morelos, not saying they will tear up trees but that's who we have and both will hopefully be a decent upgrade. Wallace and Tav will be first picks unless a decent bid comes in for them. IMO they are both good enough...Your the type of fan that is impatient and wants a title winning team immeadiaelty and wants proven internationals in every position AND money kept aside in January just in case we need to strenghten; rather than strengthen just now when we have the opportunity. Basing that on potentially saving a few 100k - now that really does seem stupid.
  10. Problem is though, it wasn't a valid point...Actually quite a stupid point.
  11. Always rely on you resulting in personal digs, I would maybe consider changing your therapist mate.
  12. Yeah a bit of gamble mate from a financial perspective...But hopefully combined we would recover 400K say from the dead wood around the club. Meaning Walker would've cost us 250k, he takes MOH wage - kinda even Stevens.
  13. Wouldn't be surprised to see about 650k plus MOH offered.
  14. Walker could have a great half to the season and his stock stays or even rises, English clubs sniffing about and take him for more than we could match fee and wages combined. Not saying he would be our best signing, but I genuinely think he would really enhance our first 11 and would certainly solve the wide left problem we currently have.
  15. Lots of "if's" in your quote earlier. I rate Walker and would be happy to get him in just now. A full back may not be available. 1mil may not be enough for said FB. We may not get him (Walker) for free come Jan.