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  1. Jack Ross

    Michael O'Neil
  2. Roberto Martinez

    Old news. H &H mentioned this a while back.
  3. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Firstly needs to be places on merit and Cummings over Windass for me at the moment. Dropping Morelos back a space isn't that bad an idea and I'm certainly not suggesting he play as of the midfield but rather as the link to hold up play, create space etc. 2nd striker If Murphy is out I'd rather have an extra player in the middle and that's why Holt would come in for me. all about opinions ma man
  4. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    -Wes- Tav-Bates-Martin-John Goss-Docherty Candeis-Morelos-Murphy -Cummings- or if Murphy doesn't make it I would go 4-3-3 -Wes- Tav-Bates-Martin-John Holt-Goss-Docherty Candeis-Morelos-Cummings
  5. Murty presser today.

    Not true
  6. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Bang on mate
  7. Murty - defend the lead

    Yeah I agree, when we went long it suited them - however Cummings and Docherty changed that when they were introduced...we changed to a 4-5-1 and that helped us see the game out imo.
  8. Murty - defend the lead

    Yeah. Let's keep going with same players and hope we score more than the opponent...previous regimes have already tried this tactic - game management has been severely lacking and I'm pleased to see us holding onto the result and being sensible..
  9. Good piece on DJ Welsh lad

    Dorrans in nm.10 role with Holt in beside Jack.
  10. Pena one of our 3 fittest says Pedro

    Cardoso does not deserve to keep his place for the Hamilton game. If Bruno is fit he should take Cardoso's place beside young McCrorie.
  11. Pena one of our 3 fittest says Pedro

    I genuinely believe the high intensity sprints can't be working then. My biggest observations after Saturday is: We never demonstrated any pace over 10yards. No dynamism / sharpness - both that increase with high intensity sprinting...something not right. We lasted the game physically for 90 mins and most players performed as if they had played 3 games in a row that week. Loading and rest days are probably all wrong here, and too much intense work at the beginning of the season then tailoring off certainly won't help.
  12. McLeish claims we aren't fit enough

    After an hour we were mentally spent, done and lost belief. People shouting for a hard man, enforcer etc. will be the same people complaining when he gets a red card! In saying that, we all looked heavy legged and really one dimensional - no dynamism over 10yards...Which makes we curious about training methods. Imo we need mentally strong players with a winning mentality...We only have two of those in our squad and neither of them started the game on Saturday. Pedro doesn't have a winning mentality either, he may think he knows the ingredients to gain such mentality but without first hand experience he has an empty reserve tank. When the pressure mounts, he will struggle and more than likely turn on and publicly blame his players. Before he walks, I would not be surprised if he slaughters the club in an attempt to divert blame.
  13. We need an enforcer

    Would rather players with strong mentality than strong tackles. We are mentality weak, if we can fix that then and only then will we stop the rot. That begins with the board ...
  14. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    I know deep down Murty isn't the answer, but I'm so sick of watching us stumble from one mess to another with Pedro talking drivel throughout the majority of his pressers. I genuinely think he has recruited well - always a risk of getting a few wrong when you bring in so many, however Pena, Dalcio and Herrera were a mistake. Should've went for Moult rather than Herrera and a different CAM. A good manager gets the most out of all employees, he can recognise what makes an individual tick and knows how to challenge and support them. He recognises and demonstrates an understanding to identify strengths, skills and has the ability to utilise them daily and breaths confidence when faced with new challenges and offers them the platform to perform. I genuinely think Pedro needs replaced, there has been examples of managers who make players better...we can't afford nor compete for the signature of the finished article. I'm loathed to keep using the example of Walter Smith, but I can't help it. In times like the now, we really appreciate how good a man manager he was and understood the challenge that was in front of us. Look at the example of Kevin Thomson, when he came to us he wasn't the tough tackling enforcer we enjoyed watching, but more a box to box midfielder who liked getting on the end of things. Smith made him into the one of the best defensive midfielders during my time watching us. surely there must be managers out there who can transform our players, a manger who can mould what we have into something better, something more competitive, something that resembles a Rangers team. Potentially we have a great spine with Alves, Cardoso, Jack, Dorrans and Morelos. A good manager can immeadielty improve us, surely.
  15. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    U really are an r-sole. Read my fucking posts.