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  1. ST Renewal Intentions

    Has anyone had their secondary ticketing money from this season deducted from their renewal price ? I'm just about to renew online but see no reduction in price (£510 for GR7).
  2. Foster & Swanson

    Seems Foster is just as good at punching as he is at football 😆 fucking twat
  3. Check your emails

    My brother and I got tickets today. I received a phone call about an hour ago from the ticket office asking me if we wanted them after being part of the unlucky 1500 from the original cccs ballot. They are in the west stand. So it looks like there maybe a few tickets still floating around.
  4. Semi Final ticket emails.....

    The guy I spoke to on the phone says it doesn't matter how many years I've been on the cccs, it's based on a season by season basis☹️.
  5. Semi Final ticket emails.....

    No ticket for me or my brother, despite being on the cccs for the past 7 years or so. Been to every cup game in that time never missing a payment. Just tried calling them there only to be given the usual pish about how their lines are too busy and then they just cut me off. Fucking shambles. Just got got through to the ticket office there. We got 16500 tickets for cccs but we have 18000 on the scheme. So me and my brother are part of the unlucky 1500. Scunnered.
  6. Should we change to a 3-5-2 formation ?

    Haha ffs !!! I've just saw the other thread
  7. OK we all know the gaffer loves his 4-3-3 and so do I. Some of the football last season was a joy and pleasure to watch. But I was just thinking with the players that we have, would we be more suited to a 3-5-2 formation ? Hopefully the signing of Senderos and the return to fitness for Holt, Crooks, Windass, Waghorn can fix our sluggish start to the season but if not then maybe another formation could be the answer. A 3-5-2 could possibly be the solution to both our defensive frailties and lack of goals. Our defence currently is basically the 2 centre backs with little cover from the full backs. The amount of times a long ball from the opposition gets flicked on and beats our defence is scary. A change to a back 3 would possibly cut that out and make us more secure. In turn this should allow Tav and Wallace to get up and down the park more freely. Also an extra CB can only be beneficial for defending set pieces which as we all know is another frailty of ours. Then we would have our centre mids like we do at the moment with one difference, I'd have Barrie McKay playing in there just in front of the other 2 midfielders. There seems to be a real lack of movement, energy and purpose in our central midfield since the end of last season which is continuing onto this season. I think McKay can play in there as a playmaker linking midfield with attack. Up front we would have the 2 strikers. They would thrive on the width still provided by Wallace and Tav and the passing of our playmaker either McKay/Kranjcar/Forrester. I could see a partnership between Waghorn and Garner hitting 50+ goals easy in this kind of setup. Oh aye and another thing, fuck international football pile a shite. Roll on the 10th
  8. U20 Player Promotion to 1st Team

    Would love to see 2/3 of the u20s start in the early league cup games, particularly the games at Ibrox. Give them the chance to impress in front of a decent sized crowd and take it from there. Always felt Walsh played well whenever I saw him and was maybe overlooked after we signed Oduwa. If we are going to send some of our players out on loan I'd try sending them down to England's league 1. There's some biggish clubs in that league and with 46 league games our youngsters should be guaranteed a good bit of game time.
  9. Would We Want Europe Next Season?

    The sooner we get back to playing in Europe the better. It's a no brainer really with so many benefits. Prestige, excitement and increased revenues meaning more investment in the team, why would you not want that ? The Europa League has some tasty teams in it and it would be good to do battle with a Spurs, a Dortmund or a Marseille. Also we need to start building those co-efficient points back up again so that when we do win the league in the future our Champion's League qualifiers are as smooth as possible. Just imagine the noise inside Ibrox when we make our European return. It will be glorious.
  10. Good to see the BBC have got a programme on to rival ITV's pumpfest. Death in Paradise is currently showing on BBC 1. GIRFUY you smelly bastards.
  11. Police assulting fans in BF1

    Heard this also from my brother who sits in bf2.
  12. Bayern HT/FT to beat Madrid Leeds to beat Blackpool £5 returns £103 Also got £5 on Bayern to win 3-2 at 22-1
  13. Jelavic Thread

    fee agreed with everton on sky sports just now.