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    I live too far away to attend many matches.
  1. Charlie Adam

    Agree with this
  2. Hypnotise The Squad

    I've not been on here for weeks - some great imaginative theads at the moment Keep up the good work JamieG54
  3. Great Article by Keith Jackson

    Well played MisterC
  4. Charles Green set to block Kenny Miller

    Yep, can't argue with that
  5. Castle For Sale

  6. Admin / duff and phelps / debt

    From where ??
  7. I Hope Charles Green Answer's No To Any SPL 2 Offer!

    Our whole business plan set out to investors during the IPO was geared towards the club rising to the top division.
  8. I Hope Charles Green Answer's No To Any SPL 2 Offer!

    I'm slightly surprised Charles Green has made no comment as yet on these recent developments.
  9. Who is the Ibrox Mole?

    or Henry - the mild mannered janitor.................
  10. Bill Struth New Manager

    Apparantly installed a bird cage in the ground - FFS, "Less Tweeting - More Training !!"
  11. Murray Park

    Well said If anything we should have named after any of the following: Dave King, Joe Lewis, ENIC, NTL, etc......
  12. Sandaza suspended indefinitely

  13. Neil Murray (chief scout) suspended by Rangers

    A good post ED (aswell as the previous one you made). With regards to scouting - surely the people in the boardroom have to some sort of scouting policy/strategy in place in the first place. I think it is unfair to blame one guy over our lack of success in this, when over the last 30 years Directors and Managers have tried to buy the "finished product" to ensure we win things rather than focus on our long-term well-being. This would obviously require investment, structures and networks being put in place, confidence in our decisions, and most of all - patience (from both the Club and the fans). Sorry for going off-topic.
  14. Neil Murray (chief scout) suspended by Rangers

    And who might they be ??

    What if we are invited to SPL2 ??