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  1. Pedro is the biggest fuck up our board has made,an imposter who has bluffed his way into one of the biggest jobs in British football.He should have been sacked after the 5 1 game.
  2. Wish h'ed shut his mouth and do the talking on the park,might be saying all the right things but he's not exactly done anything to get excited about at the end of last season or the game on Thursday.
  3. Main Stand being built.
  4. Two for me,the two winners against the scum,Big Tam Forsyth and Peter Lovenkrands.
  5. Exactly mate,twice those bastards have been giving the freedom of Ibrox to do what they want,tying scarfs to goalposts putting scarfs on penalty spots,spitting on floors,not a word from our board.Spineless bastards,thes'e cunts are walking all over us.
  6. Edited my reply,dont know whos snooping,do you think the same would have happened if the opposite would have happened, fenian bastards.
  7. The home top is £15 and the white third top is £20,fuck it I'm buying one for my holidays.
  8. The Centenary scarf was the first scarf I had,got that and the tie at Christmas,feck knows why I got the tie,I was 10.
  9. Hope he takes the useless cunts he signed with him.
  10. Sums him up for me,detested the cunt.
  11. Got one as well,only got Kilmarnock before.