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  1. Ally Scott

    Wasn't the best but definitely not the worst, been some right roasters the past three to four years.
  2. Andy Goram

  3. Favourite Rangers and Loyalist Song?

    Trip to Ibrox by The Bluenotes and Free Ulster by Young Guns.
  4. He scored two against Falkirk in my first game at Ibrox,we won 2 1.
  5. No 4 Platoon ?,next request.
  6. Think they prefer the one about the Bogside lol
  7. I've a lot of furry feet friends as well.lol
  8. Ulster Story,for my big friend from the Woodstock Tartan.lol
  9. That's the one mate .FGAU.
  10. I'm a thick auld cunt, don't know how to post,can someone put on Free Ulster by Young Guns,my favourite,
  11. Miller And Kranjcar

    Played better once they came off.
  12. Ibrox Gates

  13. The cultural aspect of following Rangers

    Why do you support Rangers ? Must be closer teams to West Lothian.
  14. New away kit?

    No home tops available,no new training tops or polo shirts and a crap away top.Our retail department is a fucking joke.
  15. Worst manager in your lifetime