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  1. The Centenary scarf was the first scarf I had,got that and the tie at Christmas,feck knows why I got the tie,I was 10.
  2. Hope he takes the useless cunts he signed with him.
  3. Sums him up for me,detested the cunt.
  4. Got one as well,only got Kilmarnock before.
  5. Got 10 tonight,excellent badge.
  6. Happens for all big games,was at least 10 on our bus for cup final who hadn't been to a game all season,yet all had tickets.
  7. About 8 or 9 years ago mate.
  8. Was just about to post this,I was in the bar a few times the last time I was in Magalluf.
  9. Might find it hard to get booked on the ferries as their usually busy with folk going over for parade.
  10. Great wee club,going to miss this though,early boat back home on 13th.
  11. Seen him a few times outside Stadium,as you say suited and booted,thought he was doing the hospitality in the boxes or something like that,should never be paying to see Rangers that's a disgrace.
  12. Bought my first strip from Camerons Sports in Larkhall,came in a box with the shorts and socks lol,£5.25 ,bought with my tips off the milk run. ps was the Umbro one with the white collar with the red and blue stripes,1978 or 79.
  13. I wouldn't swap either mate,just saying they shouldn't be written off and it will be closer than what a lot of people think.
  14. So your point is we were a better team last year? Not saying that,just stating they have beaten teams from the League above while we have struggled,we have improved from last year but still think we have a long way to go and need a few signings.
  15. They have beaten Aberdeen ,Dundee Hivs and StJohnstone on their way to the League Cup Final and drawn away to Hearts in the Scottish,we have been gubbed at home and drew with both St Johnstone and Kilmarnock,two teams we beat last year easily.