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  1. GoramsLeftThumb

    ***Official Rangers vs HJK Helsinki Thread***

    It's started. Doesn't matter.
  2. GoramsLeftThumb

    ***Official Rangers vs HJK Helsinki Thread***

    Anyone know when the RTV programme starts?
  3. GoramsLeftThumb

    Glen Kamara

    But will he really put his full efforts into trying to place Killie above us? These pre-contacts are never a win win. Edit* Thought I was in the JJ post. Oops. Point doesn't really stand for Kamara.
  4. GoramsLeftThumb

    MOTM today Connor Goldson

    2 big excellent CBs, but my concern is what happens with the inevitable injury/suspensions? I guess Flannigan could slide in as CB, but who else? Stevie G has already said Ross isn’t CB and isn’t Wilson off on loan? Makes the early Cardosa pay off seem a little foolish when we could have just held on to him for a bit (even though he was mainly brutal and soft as shit).
  5. GoramsLeftThumb

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    Seemingly that ‘bee’ badge is a historic thing and for their fashion wear ...
  6. GoramsLeftThumb

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    Cracking strips. On the Rangers site it says the badges are ‘white raised rubber’ - is that the usual material?
  7. GoramsLeftThumb

    Gers in spain Rangers TV

    It works on mobile browsers anyway. I’m pretty sure that all the videos work apart from live matches ... unless they have fixed that now.
  8. GoramsLeftThumb

    Broxi rocking the Hummel

    Surely it’s just a blue tshirt with the Hummel chevrons because the Puma deal is ended and he can’t wear that one anymore ...
  9. GoramsLeftThumb

    *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Apart from refusing to use the words “it’s a penalty”. He tried to go round the houses to avoid offending his old team.
  10. GoramsLeftThumb

    Watford v Rangers

    If you think that's the best use of the hour ...
  11. GoramsLeftThumb

    Watford v Rangers

    Some of us are superficial bastards who want to know this stuff. Not to the extent of losing sleep mind you. You may want to mention that in your next therapy session.
  12. GoramsLeftThumb

    Watford v Rangers

    I attempted to ask the audience. But they appear to be fuck all use ...
  13. GoramsLeftThumb

    Watford v Rangers

    I usually perform better with multiple choice. So chuffed with that. Just seemed a tad odd when they wore the home kit in other closed door friendlies. Unless the oppositions alternate clashed. I may have answered it again ...
  14. GoramsLeftThumb

    Watford v Rangers

    Have just seen the photos from the game. Any idea why we are wearing that white training kit instead of the home one? Unless it's just because it's a training game as they also wore it against St Johnstone.
  15. GoramsLeftThumb

    *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    You did read my post, right? Here, I'll quote it for you ... "You can blame him for being in a poor position for a cross that should never have come in, but nowt else." So, yes, I DO blame him for being in a bad position ... ?? Dear lord .......