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  1. What happened to the commercial premises deal from last week? Doesn't seemed to have happened again this week and the only ones advertising that they are showing it is the Louden.
  2. I'll maybe phone them tomorrow and find out. Front of a rear stand would be ideal.
  3. Season ticket thing? I was going to get family stand tickets but just assumed it was closed because they didn't expect a full house.
  4. I have everything as showing unavailable above the front stands 🤨
  5. There's no rear option for the friendly matches ... They all show as unavailable on the ticket purchase page.
  6. That's true. All the Rear stands are closed.
  7. My only concern is he wouldn't be able to see over the person in front.
  8. I'm buying my brother in law and nephew (4) tickets to one of the friendly games at Ibrox (probably Marseille), but having only ever bought tickets for myself I'm not sure where the best place to sit would be for a small child. Any advice? I thought Row A might be good as they could see everything (albeit not the whole pitch but they get the idea) but I'm not sure. I would ordinarily go for the Family section but it seems to be unavailable (I'm assuming because they don't expect capacity).
  9. Aren't most of the English teams U23?
  10. Wasn't there 3 weeks between that and the next game? That's a long time just to rely on loyalty and not what happens during that period.
  11. Yeah, that’s fine. I’m more of a defensive minded player either way.
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