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  1. Got to be Flanagan at RB, Young Paterson did well the other night but this is a different challenge and no inch can be given chasing the league title
  2. Let’s get out the group first then - See the draw and plot from there.....
  3. Goram all day long - Unless ur young enough not to have seen Goram in his prime then this chat is irrelevant...... Is it even a discussion??
  4. Arfield is being bumped out wide - 1. due to the sale of Candeias 2. So we can accommodate Jack/Davis/Aribo/Kamara 3. We are top heavy in the middle and are now bending the shape to accommodate players/Shouldn’t have sold Candeias - Selling Candeias has had an affect on Tav both attacking wise and defending wise 4. We miss Candeias pace both on the counter and doubling back to help out Tav..... 5. Arfield could play the role but who plays right wing then?
  5. Looks to me like he misses Candeias. They had a great understanding with Tav overlapping and Candeias bombing back to help out. Let’s not forget it’s been a different 11 almost every game so far this season - His understanding will improve. That said he needs relieved of penalty duty.....
  6. Alfredo for both - Strongest team possible to start both games
  7. All that matters is 3pts, put the pressure on the unwashed and then pump them at Ibrox in the Old Firm game. Then Lennon will know what pressure is - If we can safeguard passage into Europa League group stage don’t be surprised to see Kent announced before deadline day......
  8. Sorry to read this, have truly enjoyed the videos. Sending best wishes for the fight ahead, good luck to you and your wife #family
  9. Taking the wee man who’s well excited! Morelos for Defoe and Barisic for Halliday - 3 or 4 nil Rangers
  10. Get them pumped Rangers! Long over due sending them the message. We were robbed at Pittodrie last time and rank at Ibrox when they beat us. In there faces from the first whistle and let’s take our chances in front of goal! 🇬🇧
  11. Against a limited team on a rotten pitch, we look as though we would take the draw! Get up the pitch, get Lafferty on and let’s get the win Rangers!! C’mon!!
  12. Why do we persist with Tavernier, Goss and Windass when there on to deliver set pieces - They r consistently p**h at them from decent opportunities! Raging
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