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  1. I’d imagine at £5million if that’s an accurate buy clause surely even we could move him on for a profit if it doesn’t work out long term?
  2. McGregor, Helander, Katic, Barisic, Jack, Kamara, Arfield, Kent, Defoe, Hagi, Aribo, McCrorie, Edmundson all stay If we can get Kamberi I would take him aswell as he offers something different Need to Sell Morelos, Tav for funds Goldson as he continually costs us in the weaker games. Davis is getting past it Murphy, Docherty, Halliday, Flanagan, Barker all need shipped out to raise cash and release wages Another big summer ahead and we need to massively improve our goal scorers across the team and not just relay on 2/3guys Not to sure how 1st team ready - McPake, Mebupe, Robbie McCrorie, Paterson, Nathan-Coombs are?
  3. McGregor Polster. Edmundson. Katic. Barisic. Jack/Arfield. Davis. Aribo Hagi Kamberi. Defoe Anything remotely different to the last 2 weeks would suit me perfectly - Have a feeling we will wing it with the usual frauds not fit for the jersey
  4. I’m 37 - Kids 10 and 7 and yes we are in danger of losing a generation. Turgid games at Ibrox, no trophies and no ‘box office’ players Ive been fortunate through Souness, Smith, Advocaat and even down sizing under McLeish we still had our pride and our glory years. Kids now a days - Man City, Liverpool, Barcelona etc etc TV exposure, trophies and trends dictating it. *Fully expect the bad parenting/nonsense brigade to be out in full force on this one but it’s an enormous concern for like minded parents of my age group after 8/9 years of utter dross
  5. Times up. Had some good moments but mainly shat it in the big/must win/games that matter category. Things have turned in the support and Brand Gerrard now getting damaged - There will be a parting of ways
  6. F all difference - Domestic honours at this stage over European progression. Money will be a bonus but we are all over the place.
  7. I think we definitely need to be more attacking, Morelos through the middle every game ends up being isolated and when half the teams park the bus do we need 2CB’s and a holding midfielder to look after 1 opposition striker and the odd break away?
  8. Your probably right about progressing to much further in the Europa League Wouldnt disagree to much with your choices or let’s others leave for cash
  9. Needs to be the bare minimum - How do we get some of these players to sustain it over the season though so we can win the league?
  10. Needs to be the bare minimum at this stage - How do we get some of these players to sustain it over a season though to win the league?
  11. As it currently stands the league is looking a tough task. We have the potential to knockout Braga on Wednesday and maybe best case navigate another couple of rounds (being optimistic) which then leaves the Scottish Cup as the only option for silverware and the sole justification of our season. I would imagine Gerrard getting removed is unlikely now or in the summer as we have invested in his long term vision but it’s obvious that he is blinded to his and some of the teams failings and refuses to change things to impact games. So how do we go about ensuring we are better next season in the league to stop celtic, the only change I can see is better players and hopefully mentally stronger players who can cope with the demands. McGregor - Continues to be No.1 Wes - Time to move on Tavernier - Time to sell? Not a winner? Tough to replace as lack of decent attacking wing back? Polster - Jury out/not played enough Goldson - Good for periods then inconsistent? Keep or cash in? Katic - Generally decent, young enough to improve, should/shouldn’t start each week? Edmundson - Looks strong/quick hasn’t played enough for me Helander - Slow but I think we are missing him currently Barisic - Regular LB Flanagan - Sell on/release if contract up Halliday - Sell on/release if contract up Jack - Starts every game Kamara - Still a bargain but getting caught out more domestically/cash in? Davis - Influential but needs to be driving team more Aribo - Getting better, still out muscled but long term has a lot to offer Arfield - Hot and cold for me but still has a contribution to make Hagi - At £5million looks an investment long term Jones - Massively disappointed - Sell on Barker - Looks a strange acquisition - Sell on Kent - Long term contribution but needs to up his game currently and score more Morelos - Might be time to cash in. Love the wee guy though/Build a team around him? Defoe - Has goals to offer but should be used as an impact player/needs another striker beside him to be effective? Kamberi - Looks like he realises the opportunity he has - I’d gamble as a little different to what we have Stewart - Has impacted/scored when involved but not played enough The squad isn’t that far away from being where we need it to be but defensively we still have issues - No LB cover, no settled starting CB pairing, is Polster good enough to fill in for Tavernier. The midfield don’t score enough goals consistently and we are light in the striker department. I know it’s only my own thoughts but Gerrard needs to decide who’s good enough and who’s not up for the battle!
  12. Any chance u can make sure Kamara doesn’t play as badly next time, look he’s still down about it.....
  13. He’s finished for me - No lessons learned from last year after the break. Absolute reluctance to change the formation - Morelos on his own every game, no supporting runs, to many ‘holders’ in midfield playing side ward passes Shambolic in every sense
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