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  1. ok, is that buy direct debit or card
  2. i went with 4 month option and its the same way,renewed last saturday still waiting
  3. went with 4 month option and went through no problem,just waiting for credit e-mail
  4. the only way they could show it if they move the ko to 6pm
  5. i hope you have spelt it wrong on your post instead of the top spelt wrong
  6. anytime we went anywhere near them their fans were screaming for a foul even when it was bullshit and officials bought it
  7. Match day 1 (September 20) – Villarreal vs Rangers, 5.55pm Match day 2 (October 4) – Rangers vs Rapid Vienna, 8pm Match day 3 (October 25) – Rangers vs Spartak Moscow, 8pm Match day 4 (November ? – Spartak Moscow vs Rangers, 5.55pm Match day 5 (November 29) – Rangers vs Villarreal, 8pm Match day 6 (December 13) – Rapid Vienna vs Rangers, 5.55pm according to The sun website
  8. home villareal,away rapid,away spartak,home spartak,away villareal and home to rapid last
  9. i know its probably the winter rule but spartak got 3 home games in a row
  10. osijek who covers left back (tav) maribor who(tav) aberdeen whos marking goalscorer (tav) motherwell whos marking scorers EFFIN FUCKIN (tav)
  11. why not switch the tie to play away first then they got plenty of time.
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