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  1. Are celtic really that good?

    martin o'neils celtic would wipe the floor with the current on
  2. McCoist to join BT team

    no surprise,this guy has become a whore!
  3. GSOQ on Her Majesty's Sapphire Jubilee !

    piss off fanboy ,gotta to say the statas quo bullshit
  4. Red Bull Rangers

    would accept everything training ground and stadium but NO WAY the club.
  5. Compusure? anywhere

    Why are they scared to keep the ball and panic like the balls a bomb ,chill out and play ffs
  6. Hangover cures?

    just keep drinking
  7. Why are our fans taking Halliday's side?

    at least we can see andy is fully committed in effort at least ,i've seen zero from barton
  8. Joey sent home

    halliday and foderingham
  9. In the workplace tomorrow;(the joys of living far away)

    yeah for sure i'll get pelters Monday and Tuesday alot took monday off but come wednesday when they get destroyed by Barca i will be the one smiling.
  10. I've re watched the game

    take the blinkers off
  11. After Match Thoughts

    first 20 mins we were in deepshit, fitness wise no where near full fitness, but tavs goal changed everything and controlled game
  12. Zebra finance

    it was 17th june
  13. Where Have They Been Hiding?

    the difference the other teams try to spoil and stop the play as much as possible so there is no constant play ,hence when a team "try" to play against us there is only one outcome.
  14. Livingston Game Postponed

    and you prefer tuesday football? that decision has took at least 10k off the attendance
  15. Andy Halliday....

    u bit, did have a few last night (ok more than a few) mentality wise happy go lucky. enjoy your weekend! didnt give allan a thought before or even after he's signed for them because he was never our player anyway...plus its the 2nd time he kinda snubbed us