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  1. just done it 2mins they say the channels are still available though?
  2. i would say barasic is our best technically wise why he hasnt stepped up is beyond belief
  3. all is fine if we agree to everything alfie is god ,we played excellent last night.(not) by meaning when alfredo had 2 CLEAR chances last night and other nights when he has only the keeper to beat what did he do blast the shot right at the keeper. simple logic tells you to "try" something else that is all im trying to say!
  4. having watched it some goals are brilliant of which only he would of scored🤨
  5. thats what i was talking about ,doesnt do it enough though
  6. SHOW me one goal that oozes pure class where he used is talent to score instead of placing is shot every shot he tried last night was exactly what i described.
  7. morelos his only problem ,zero technique or composure. its either blast the ball(i right keeper will shite it and dive out the way) or nothing. no dink or chip shots ,zero imagination
  8. it gets worse on tuesdays as most take the monday off one guy saying they played well!!
  9. plus how many fans have to sing anything offensive 1,50 or 1000 to get a charge
  10. so throwing missiles ie flares etc burns or blind someone only a fine but say something BAN them
  11. i thought away games cant effect home bans? and vice versa
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