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  1. Senderos doesn't have the speed, Kiiernan has neither the speed or the ability. He will be a ball watcher all his career
  2. Take him before Kiernan every time
  3. I can't help but think that bt sports resident bear baiter deserves a thread all of his own in the general sports forum. Here his gems of insight and constructive comments could be showcased. IIt's all too easy to inderestimate the special talents of this man. He is the living embodiment of Kerryfail Meltdown.
  4. lesson learned? Politicians Police & the Press The report concluded that the then Conservative MP for Sheffield Hallam, Irvine Patnick, passed inaccurate and untrue information from the police to the press The Daily Express also carried Patnick's version, under the headline "Police Accuse Drunken Fans" and giving Patnick's views, saying he had told Margaret Thatcher, while escorting her on a tour of the ground after the disaster, of the "mayhem caused by drunks" and that policemen told him they were "hampered, harassed, punched and kicked Todays events may have been a case of finding someone who wanted to believe the story enough to disregard the lack of evidence which should be readilyavailable in the age of smartphones & CCTV
  5. Nearly, He's a Sandancer
  6. Lennon Baiting should be an Olympic sport. Is there a petition I can sign to make this happen ?
  7. We've got under his skin. Now he understands what it means
  8. Your times up Lego Muncher, your yesterday's man. Obviously for Ronmie too unfortunately
  9. It's at times like this I miss Jock Wallace. I'm sure he would've had a quiet word on the refs ear pointing out his error
  10. Is it possible for the 'quality' of the reporting to decline any further? Surely that's the whole point
  11. He's Blue, He's White Etc
  12. Not just the timing of the runs that are reminiscent of Durrant, even the way he turns away after scoring reminds me of him
  13. For me the reason that Holt I shining, is that he is the player who makes the most creative runs. We have all this possession, which can come to nothing, but the movement of Holt is consistently unlocking the teams that park the bus, wither it is as provider or scorer. I would like to think that when we play teams who are prepared to have a go he will reach the heights of Durrant
  14. The Fields of Anfield Road. That tells me everything I need to know
  15. In the incident that led to DW being talked to we had 4 players pulled back in the same move . I agree with the ref playing advantage until we lost the ball, but he booked the last player for his pull and ignored the other 3. where's the logic in that