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  1. Ticket office queue now

    Anyone there the now? Queue big?
  2. Millers Agent

    I’d say that post will help get Kenny what he wants, out of Rangers. Semi final week and his agent decides to have a go at the club 2 weeks after it happened. His motive is to get Miller a move in January.
  3. Forum activity.

    Bullshit. FF is probably one of the most active forums on the internet (bar reddit etc), never seen a football forum so active. RM is more of a chat room these days tbh.
  4. Miller to train with the Kids

    Although not many would care if Miller ever played again as he is past it now, managers rarely recover from these type of incidents. Especially ones with the results Pedro has had. Just a matter of time now before he is punted, hopefully its sooner rather than later so we can salvage this season.
  5. Singing at games.

    Naw but if you were craving a negative media reaction then this one way to go about getting it
  6. Union bears display

    Nah they make all of their banners themselves.
  7. Union bears display

    So you were talking about someone pumping his sister and yer complaining he was annoyed at that?
  8. Am I watching a different game

    Young centre backs first ever start in a professional game, not to mention the biggest derby match in the world, and he stood up to the challenge and done well. Better than average.
  9. Pena

    agreed then
  10. Pena

    Did he do a job on Brown yesterday? I’m no watching it back to confirm but Brown was anonymous until Pena came off.
  11. Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    Maybe it helped get himself fired up a bit more after putting in an aggressive tackle? Who gives a fuck
  12. Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    Happens all the time, strong tackles can get the crowd and team pumped up. Kevin Thomson spoke about it as well. Just cunts looking to be negative on here about the smallest of things, usual.
  13. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    This. Depends on the photo obviously, and McAdams liking that scoreboard wouldn't be acceptable but he liked it from when he played for the tarriers so can't moan. Boys on both sides like each others pictures, woopty fuckin doo.
  14. Pena

    He was decent and showed glimpses of what he can really do. Archibald mentioned they had to change shape in the 2nd half because of the threat Pena was creating.
  15. We looked shattered last 15 of the 90 yet strolled extra time.