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  1. Naw they're no, the people who leave on 70 minutes if we're no winning after spending the full game shoutin abuse are the heartbeat of Ibrox, obv
  2. Exactly, some people are just odd. Choking for an argument on an internet forum
  3. Imagine actually having a go at the people who sing for no being loud enough, whilst you don't contribute to the singing in yer own stadium. Couldny paint a red neck on some folk
  4. The atmosphere is important. It can have a massive effect on the park, you constantly read about players saying so. And if it drowns out the fuckin moans anytime a pass goes astray then it'll benefit the players.
  5. Good luck trying to do that. If you can't see why having a large standing section where the only people in it are those who want to stand and sing for 90 minutes will improve the atmosphere then carry on mate.
  6. We stand the full 90 at every away game
  7. Rocking for 10 minutes against Hibs, tarriers or whatever until someone makes a bad pass.
  8. The "I've been alive longer than you so I'm a bigger fan" brigade are brutal.
  9. There never is after 70 minutes. Pathetic.
  10. The majority will outweigh the minority.
  11. He doesn't come back from this. The guy from the mid table Qatari team who only got the job because of Park does not ever recover from 5-1 v the taigs at Ibrox, 2-1 v sheep at Ibrox, 3-2 Hibs at Ibrox, 2-0 Progres and numerous other poor results. It was obvious from before he got the job that he wasn't good enough to get the job, and now we've let him spend about £8m on a squad. Shambles. And I'm not confident in the slightest about the next appointment (which I don't think will happen until next season). No faith in Robertson and co getting it right. We appoint any of the usual names banded about and we're handing them 10IAR, Wright, McInnes, McLeish etc and we're as well packing it in.
  12. You're honestly on another planet at the moment mate.
  13. The same way everyone who moves to it will want to stand with their friends and family? Madness.
  14. "They are pushing it for self fulfilling reasons and to make themselves more important than they are." "It's 100% self fulfilling. The question has been raised to benefit their group" "I'd bet when negotiations start the UB start getting all arses with demands." "No I'm over estimating how important they think they are." They want safe standing to improve the Ibrox atmosphere. Whats the fuckin problem with that? You're trying to make an issue of it and its very weird.