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  1. PRW.


    He was MOTM by far, unplayable today. His link up play was superb & their defenders couldn’t handle him. Getting better & better.
  2. PRW.


    He done his groin or something in the run. Had to get medical attention after the game.
  3. PRW.

    Have Hummel Subbed...

    Nah its more like the forum was littered with cranks like him which put people off Other forums still busy as ever
  4. PRW.

    Have Hummel Subbed...

    Nice to see this forum is still full of the same weird crackpots all these years later.
  5. PRW.

    Vienna at Ibrox

    Their ban is finished now, free to come to Ibrox.
  6. PRW.

    Vienna at Ibrox

    They’re not getting it, Spartak asked for the same too.
  7. PRW.

    Is Barisic the new Papac

    Are you supposed to overreact because its a forum? 🧐
  8. PRW.

    Rangers 10/1

    They spent £70m in the summer. We’ve not played a team at this level for about 8 years.
  9. PRW.

    Moscow Away

    What did they need? Just your visa, invitation letter & passport?
  10. PRW.

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    Around 1550 applied independent so far. Allocation is 2200.
  11. I’m just on it so he can tell me how handsome a am every week
  12. PRW.

    New Allocation - Atmosphere?

    Course it makes a difference
  13. PRW.

    New Allocation - Atmosphere?

    Course it won’t. First bit of pressure from the tarriers & the crowd at Ibrox will go silent and nervy. Away support sings no matter what, but its almost pointless at the piggery now. 800 are never goiny sing over 59k.
  14. PRW.

    New Allocation - Atmosphere?

    It was pish. Probably the worst its been.
  15. PRW.

    European Ticket Questions...

    There is no way, only chance is buying a home end ticket next to the away support & getting moved.