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  1. Has this all been playing on your mind for 6 years? Mate honestly you obviously are hurting over this for some reason. Go and speak to UB on their forum or at a matchday. They're not hard to get to so no need to rant to me about it. There is no point of me fighting their corner in this thread anymore as some peoples minds are absoloutely bursting with hate and what better place to let it loose on "fellow" Rangers fans on the most negative Rangers forum there is. Batter in lads.
  2. Lies again, you said you got searched. Now unless they walked across rows searching cunts where you sit then it would of been at the turnstiles. No wading in to rows. Anyway if you would let your mate get arrested for fuck all then thats your choice, some people wouldn't. This thread is still going with the same people who clearly have an axe to grind with guys who put their life in to supporting Rangers. Pathetic stuff as usual on here. Never see anywhere near the abuse on other forums.
  3. Prime example of the problem we have with the online (I stress online only because I know bears back each other up in person) support. We've got guys taking the polis side for trying to lift Rangers fans for having bottles of water or singing a song. Embarassing but thankfully I've never came across anyone like you in person.
  4. Mate away on the UB forum and ask them about stuff that happened fuckin 3 years ago. Rangers fans dislike other Rangers fans so much they're now backing the polis up over them. You are reeking.
  5. Have you ever seen a steward or polis try to walk in to a row to take a plastic bottle of water off someone? Nah, neither have I.
  6. Rangersfansmediawatch is actually complaining that UB don't let jobsworth stewards and polis wade in to BF1 to arrest boys for singing or having a bottle of water. Away you fuckin go.
  7. "Post some pictures"
  8. No suprising though, they've got boys who probably haven't been to a game of football in their life writing for them.
  9. Not to keen on Ferguson bein his local coach but he will know exactly what he is like. Mendes shared a dressing room with Barry and would of gave Pedro the lowdown on him
  10. Tarrier behaviour
  11. It was a boy from Kuwait with a Kuwait flag...
  12. I canny believe they put an advert on a few minutes before the teams come out. Wit do you expect tune wise though when ye hire an SNP, Aberdeen supporting DJ.
  13. Was not me who said that! defo mate it needs deleted.
  14. Its seriously one of the most embarrassing threads I've seen.