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  1. PRW.

    Scott Arfield

    I can see why people have been a bit disappointed at times, but he is literally the only midfield player we have that is capable of running past the striker. He is intelligent, finds space, gets beyond the striker, links up with Morelos well and has now scored 5 goals.
  2. PRW.

    Moscow Away

    Saw that on FF. Brussels Airlines let me check in and download boarding passes without any visa details.
  3. PRW.

    Moscow Away

    Cos fuck helpin you oot
  4. PRW.

    Moscow Away

    The security team got told this weeks ago about the metro when they went to Moscow to liase with Spartak & the polis. Dunno why they’ve left it last minute to tell folk.
  5. Looking forward to your first euro away wee man. Stick with me al look after you
  6. I mind that. Boy I knew got took to hospital at half time for alcohol poisoning.
  7. PRW.

    The managers baffling decisions

    “Managers baffling decisions” ”why did he not play Sadiq in defence”
  8. PRW.

    The Atmosphere

    Ibrox is a library 90% of most games. Will be same in December v them. They’ll outsing us. Will never change till we get safe standing and put everyone, wanting to actually back the team, together
  9. PRW.

    Spartak Moscow sack their Manager

  10. PRW.

    Fuck the sfa

    Exactly Cunts that need to film everything are cringey tadgers. Desperate for likes
  11. PRW.

    Go home you boys in green

    Aye they got a doing second half so fans became a bit quieter, still louder than us. Thought Ibrox was so pish poor last night apart from first 10 & last 10.
  12. PRW.

    Go home you boys in green

    Their fans are superb, one of the best in Europe by far and outsung Ibrox for 70 minutes.
  13. What did he expect? Mwi or no, you need to be a banger of the highest proportion to hit a linesman with a coin, split his heed open & celebrate it. Deserves a doin tbh, he knew Rangers would get slaughtered for it. Lucky we’ve no been fined for it.
  14. PRW.

    Ryan Jack

    Usual pish. Every single player we have is below par if we have a bad result. It’ll be Middletons turn to get slaughtered soon enough
  15. PRW.

    Acting like tarriers

    Sure you’ve spent years greeting about Dallas getting hit Was just a coin but Wouldny grass but hope hes never allowed back to a Rangers game. Fuckin rocket