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  1. You need to take a day aff. Thats a riddy of a post. You called an 18 year old winger “early doors”, who has better G+A in 4/5 months than someone like Jordan Jones has ever produced in his career. If you had a brain you’d be dangerous.
  2. He has the most successful crosses in this league per 90. Twitter has less worst takes than this forum. Frightening
  3. Looking forward to your first euro away wee man. Stick with me al look after you
  4. I mind that. Boy I knew got took to hospital at half time for alcohol poisoning.
  5. He clearly is. I heard an Ayr boy shout fuck off at Maddrn when a foul went against him, no booking.
  6. You just concentrate on trying to make at least one game this season...
  7. £280 to Moscow, £215 to Alicante & still to book Vienna. Goiny end up with all 3 for less than I paid to fuckin Macedonia
  8. Choking for Arsenal. Big away allocation, take over London.
  9. Same. Confident actually, we’re more than capable as the 3 Euro ties have shown
  10. The police have literally said they didn’t deem Osijek a big enough threat or whatever. Its their job, not the SFA’s
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