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  1. 100%. Also saw a lot of comments complaining the defence didn't get out to McGregor so this shows it was the midfields fault.
  2. Not the case regarding Hill. A player can be fit to play only 45 minutes or so, he was there incase Bates or Wilson got injured.
  3. You get "hammer throwers" in most leagues though. Dirty players are not confined to Scotland.
  4. Glad to read that. Shows there is at least some journos out there who really do enjoy football and don't just try and create a soap opera with sensationalist headlines because they lack any knowledge on football. More Derek Raes, Dougie_Analysis'. Less Keith Jacksons and Kris Boyds.
  5. You're the best wind up merchant on here.
  6. Didn't make a cunt of it at all. Talking about the tactics AFTER the match is good. I want to hear that. Before it, not so much.
  7. Has he ever looked happy though, ever?
  8. Yeah, really looks like there is a "rift" between the squad and Pedro looking at these photos from today...
  9. That was a million miles away from any press conference he has done before. Before it was all smiles, happy, cheery and very open. Today he barely managed a smile, shut down nearly every question before they finished asking it with a response but gave next to nothing away. (A bit like that Jock Wallace interview posted on here today) Can tell he is absolutely seething about Sunday, I hope the players show that on Saturday.
  10. If the football in Scotland progresses and even slightly begins to catch up with the rest of the world then more money will get put in to Scottish football, more players will be open to coming here and Scotland will develop better players. That makes Rangers stronger. If Scottish football declines then we decline with it, you've witnessed it. It needs to change.
  11. Thats true but are we just going to sit back and let our country fall ever further behind? The majority of football people in Scotland are absolute dinosaurs. We're about 15/20 years behind most countrys and showing no signs of actually progressing our football. We'll fall even further behind Our nation likes to laugh at johnny foreigner but the whole world laughs at Scotland and proceed to pump us in every competition going. It needs to change.
  12. Football has changed mate. Theres a reason only British managers think like that anymore and British national and domestic teams are so far behind. Regulary pumped out the CL, EL, WC and Euros.
  13. Hearts had 13 days off last year before the Europa, only 10 days preparation and "assessed it as a mistake". They were knocked out in the second round off a team from Malta.
  14. £1m for Kenny McLean? Nah. If we spend that it'll be another ridiculous waste of money.