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  1. Well deserved. Cunts who continue to slate him would think he is the best player in the world if he dived in to 50/50’s all the time. Gees peace
  2. OBFA to be scrapped

    Superb news.
  3. C.Company

    bam up
  4. Snippet of Rtv interview Murty

    Full interview he mentions how he think he & the team will be better off after Saturdays experience, first time sampling OF for some players & he has never heard a noise like it in his entire life when the first goal went it. Recognised that the goals we lost were basic defending and very poor.
  5. Best chance to beat them?

    The whole "bad performance" & "thats us at our worst" narrative they're putting out is complete & utter bullshit. They've played like that all season. Last season was a once in a lifetime for them.
  6. Windass

    Debatable. Had Murty waving his hands about at 2-2 trying to get the fans up for it.
  7. Windass

    He is being generous with the support being “absolutely incredible”
  8. Jason Cummings

    Agreed mate, but that’d mean a 3-5-2 (442 is out the question, terrible formation) and we can’t sacrafice 2 of John, Tav, Murphy & Candeias. We need a new striker, too much pressure on Morelos. He was never supposed to be our main striker this season. Young boy, can’t speak English, first season here, not had a break for over a year & is our main striker. Need 1/2 strikers in the summer.
  9. Jason Cummings

    “In form” because he score a hatrick against a Championship relegation fighting side? Whilst Morelos was MOTM a few days earlier against a Premiership side?
  10. Jason Cummings

    I think we definietely need another CM/DM playing, so yeah Windass probably needs sacrificed as he contrbutes nothing defensively. 4-1-2-3 is what I’d play next OF game. McCrorie sitting, Dorrans & Docherty CM with the usual Murphy, Candeias & Morelos up top.
  11. Jason Cummings

    He'll probably get his chance in one of the other old firm games. Then everyone choking for him to start instead of Morelos will see the ball will come right back to us 9 times out of 10 when he is playing up top himself against a half decent side.
  12. Two Centre Backs + Goalkeeper

    4-4-2 is a midfield 2 pairing?
  13. Two Centre Backs + Goalkeeper

    GK, CB & CM let us down yesterday. The full backs & wingers won their battles, they were let down by the spine.