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  1. Best player for me has been Ryan Jack. He won't appear in many highlight videos but the job he does is, so far, fantastic. He is the DM we have been crying out for these past few years. Calm and composed on the ball, rarely makes a mistake, not afraid of a tackle, sweeps up any second balls and also has the eye for a decent pass through to the forwards.
  2. 2nd biggest shareholder in the club. Well done to everyone who contributes to C1872. 👍
  4. This signing is so important due to the amount of foreigners we've brought in. Dorrans is a really good player, an expierenced head and a massive Rangers fan. We need him in this team and dressing room. No walking away from this, get it done.
  5. Liked the look of Candeias, very direct, pacey, won a few tackles and must of whipped 4/5/6 balls in to the box in the short time he was on. Jack strolled it yet again, and Rossiter when he came one. Morelos decent too, I think he'll take a bit of time to settle but early signs are good. Very instictive and was unlucky not to score. Again very physical and flattened their big centre half when they went for a header
  6. The player I'm most excited about seeing. Seems the complete midfielder and an absolute unit.
  7. Has a knock I think. Him, Halliday and O'Halloran were doing work with Craig Flanagan this morning.
  8. Sounds like the cunt had a good game
  9. Wiling to bet not one of them start our first league game.
  10. RANGERS: Foderingham (Alnwick 75’), Tavernier (Hodson 84’), Bates (McCrorie 61’), Cardoso (A.Wilson 76’), Wallace (Beerman 76’), Jack (Thompson 84’), Holt (Rossiter 70’), Kranjcar (Windass 61’), Dalcio (Dodoo 80’), Waghorn (Morelos 70’), Miller (Candeias 70’)
  11. You watch it mate?
  12. No doubt the same as the TNS game where we dominated but just lack goals. Morelos, Herrera, Pena & co should help solve that problem.
  13. 0-0 final score.