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  1. PRW.

    Lee Wallace - Livingston?

    Livingston literally have the budget of a League 1 team.
  2. PRW.

    Curtis Tilt (Blackpool)

    Looks more like a back up than Cooper, actually looks better in the videos too. Ipswich had a £500k bid rejected so if we can sign him for a bit more & have money for a CM & ST I’ll be happy.
  3. PRW.


    Can't beat a man? I get people just having shite opinions on here but thats actually an outright lie.
  4. PRW.


  5. PRW.


    Postcards? 😅
  6. PRW.

    In depth analysis of Rangers vs Shkupi

    Its a Scottish guy that wrote it. Loved reading that, insightful, balanced view from a neutral who clearly has a really good knowledge of football & tactics.
  7. PRW.

    14 Minutes

    What do ye expect, our fans at Ibrox are brutal Give themseves a big pat on the back and a wee facebook like for turning up to games but means fuck all when ye moan and abuse the players for most the game. tragic
  8. PRW.

    First proper game but...

    I’ll bet theres not many teams as composed on the ball in the SPL as they were at times. They definitely passed through it a few times with calm, quick, 1st time passes. Our press will get much better, only the 2nd game we’ve done it. Its not as easy as “run at the ball”. Got to be smarter about it and cut off angles/passes. It’ll come with time.
  9. PRW.

    First proper game but...

    Lucky. They sat in with 10 men behind the ball and we struggled to break them down, and when we did we didnt take our chances (Murphy x2, Windass x2, Morelos x3) Anytime they came near our box it was dealt with by Goldson & Katic.
  10. PRW.

    First proper game but...

    Load of pish that post mate. He didn’t play 2 up top because theres about 2 decent teams in the world that play it. Its an outdated formation that can be picked apart easily unless you’re Atletico Madrid. This “stick 2 up top” does not make you more attacking. In fact 4-3-3 playing a high pressing game is infinitely more attacking.
  11. No as big a rocket as cunts who cheered. Stoaters
  12. PRW.

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    Arfield was injured.
  13. PRW.

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    When a team is well organised and sits in deep with 10 men behind the ball it can always be very difficult, especially in our situation (1st game, half new team, new management). Even for the biggest & best teams in the world. We certainly weren't awful. Had most possession, dealt with any threat and should have scored more. Became lethargic in possession and gradually the tempo got slower. To be expected in football matches at the start of July. Its going to be similar on Tuesday, quick turnaround & playing in 30 degree heat, it'll be a massive test for the fitness. Anyone who comes away from it shouting we're awful or this season is going to be a disaster honestly doesny have a fuckin clue about football. Go watch cricket.
  14. PRW.


  15. Brutal mate. Honestly Ibrox is chronic, if they're no moaning at the players they're sitting on their hands silent.