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  1. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Fod Tav Alves Wilson John Jack Barjonas Holt Pena Morelos Windass Give McCrorie a rest, got a tough winter schedule coming up & he has struggled a little physically.
  2. Graeme Murty

    Aye, because paying £1m compo for McInnes is cheap eh
  3. Alves v Hill

    This Alves is pish stuff is an online myth. Same with the “he wants out” and “hes Pedros man”. Nonsense
  4. Mark Allen

    You make some mental threads mate, must get bored. WTF you wanting? He just assembled a decent sized scouting network, something we’ve not had for fuck knows how long. That is not an easy thing to do, clearly.
  5. Barjonas

    Wasn’t great last night but nobody, bar the centre halfs, was. I do like him and he has impressed me every other time he has came on, and when he started v STJ.
  6. No chance. Good result last night, but just like County, Hamilton & Dundee, it was a terrible performance. I think the players have it in them, and wilm produce the goods with a good manager.
  7. Alves

    Some harsh comments. We don’t win that 2nd half without Bruno. Yes he was very, very poor for the 1st goal but his expierence & leadership helped organise the back 3. Anything that came their way was batted back out.
  8. Windass.

    Always backed him. He is a good player. The "barrie mckay is pish" types will never fully come round to rating him no matter what he does, simply because his main weakness, tackling, is craved so much in Scottish football. Surprise, surprise when he is played in his natural position he excels. Thats him now the joint 4th top scorer in the country with 6 goals (and 3 assists). Keep it coming Josh. What was it? 100k? Steal.
  9. Junkies vs Rangers

    Who would you of started instead of Barjonas? McCrorie who just won our player of the month was never going to be dropped.
  10. Junkies vs Rangers

    Like I said, playing a diamond v Hibs is criminal.
  11. Junkies vs Rangers

    Ross County took advantage of it it and we scraped by them. Its not a formation that should be played every week. Especially when we don’t have the right personnel. Jack is key to it, Candeias can’t play CM.
  12. Junkies vs Rangers

    Can’t be playing a diamond tonight, won’t work. It worked well against Aberdeen because they’re so narrow, most the time they don’t play with wingers. Hibs play wide with two rapid wingers, they’ll rip us apart if we play the diamond.
  13. DOF signing the players from now on?

    Is it not just a case of Allen & his team drawing up lists of targets and the manager then chosing who he wants from it?
  14. Derek McInnes

    Part of it may be true. He discussed transfers targets for January with board members and was told Moult & McLean were not on the list of “potential signings” that have been identified.
  15. Derek McInnes

    He absolutely shat it. He met with board members at Mar Hall last week and discussed Jacks suspension, transfer targets and Saturdays team amongst other things. He even basically passed on how he wanted training to run on Thursday. Bottled it. But that doesn’t excuse the board taking 6 weeks to approach him & now at least another 4 to find someone.