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  1. Didnt hearts recall him?
  2. TBH if Motherwell try to flood midfield. With our setup they will get overran
  3. Bring layers! Fckin minus Moscow up here
  4. Junkies vs Rangers

    They start with 3 strikers haha, could be their downfall.. Lennon thinkning he will walk over us
  5. Junkies vs Rangers

    Think ill get 2 at the stadium ? Me and my mate goin to chance it i think
  6. Pedros Presser

    Interesting at the end where he says last time we played St Johnstone we trained at 10, they trained at 12 the day before and knew our first 11.... Basically saying one of our players leaked the 11 and gave them time to train tactically towards it
  7. News on Alves

    You sir, are an example of what is wrong with the majority of our supporters.
  8. Frank de Boer

    Hope this happens =/ only way i can see us catching them any time soon
  9. Second Statement

    People actually thought 30m investment meant on player fees only? Ofcourse it includes wages!
  10. Second Statement

  11. *** The Official Rangers V Aberdeen Match Thread ***

    Dont come back please.
  12. SPL Commision - £250K fine to oldco, no titles lost

    #54— Amy Macdonald (@Amy__Macdonald) February 28, 2013