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  1. 😅😅😅 If you fully expected Gerrard to win the league his first season your deluded.
  2. In the friendly some of the balls Morelos was putting in were great and his work rate and touch, passing were all as good as any other wide player, Just pace he was lacking.. No issues with him pushing out wide when needed
  3. You aren't very clued up on how football works are you LOL He isnt steve davis but to say hes a shitebag and has cost us dearly LOL WHEN?????
  4. Hope so mate, but he does seem really clued up position wise. And hes solid
  5. Hopefully Morelos gets the better of that young boy porteous, Seems to be a decent player
  6. TBH if Motherwell try to flood midfield. With our setup they will get overran
  7. They start with 3 strikers haha, could be their downfall.. Lennon thinkning he will walk over us
  8. Think ill get 2 at the stadium ? Me and my mate goin to chance it i think
  9. Hope this happens =/ only way i can see us catching them any time soon
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