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  1. Nobody knows except Gerard. Ojo is one of the worst players Ive ever seen in a Rangers team.
  2. Yeh he won a tackle! Sign him up....
  3. The last 6 or so games we keep giving free headers and chances right in front of goal. Coincidence that's when the Goldson Helander partnership formed?
  4. Playing like he has other issues. Hope he gets over them. Was great last season.
  5. "I'm pleased with how it went on Thursday night. I was disappointed not to have scored but I'll keep working as we have a lot of big games coming up and you need to be ready. "I think it's gone well for me so far up in Glasgow but I'm always striving for more" When did he have a chance to score? Keep working.? Going well? Lay off the crack Ojo...
  6. That pass to Davis today. Even Davis was shaking his head. We need to get rid of him asap and get a proper footballer for the right hand side. Its like playing with 10 men. How good would we be with 11?!
  7. Morelos and Jack....just luv em....
  8. He hasnt been involved the last 3 months.
  9. Need get Ojo off and play with 11 men.
  10. Ojo is an awful footballer. What does Gerard see in him?
  11. Ojo is inconsistent? He is our most consistent player. You know what your going to get every time.
  12. We had to put up with watching Ojo and Barker. We HAVE missed him.
  13. Since Ally but potential to be better with time.
  14. yeh why not bring on a guy who does absolutely nothing...
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