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  1. Defoe is quality...would love to see him and Morelos play together. Ojo offers nothing. Surely Defoe can play in behind Morelos.
  2. Huge loss if so. For me our best player this season.
  3. JograBear


    Since candyman left we have been awful on right side. Tav is struggling.
  4. He was OK but has 50p shaped heed.
  5. No point having pace if you don't have a clue what to do with the ball.
  6. On today's performance thought Jack was best player on the park and his been often this season. Both are of similar value to us right now. But yes maybe morelos will do it at a higher level than us. Would be gutted if we lost either of them.
  7. Awful footballer in every way.
  8. Cant cross, cant control the ball and cant pass. Ojo is not skillful
  9. When I first saw him he looked quality. Was surprised we didnt see more of him till now.
  10. Could it be he was simply shite last game?
  11. JograBear


    Players at 22 should show some ability to make good decisions. He is very poor considering where he is at this moment in his career. Of course players at 22 can improve but he has a LOT of improving to do to get to a decent level. Right now he is awful. Considering we need to win the league it's just not good enough for what we require right now.
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