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  1. JograBear

    Ryan kent

    I think because Kamberi starts further forward. Kent is always coming back for the ball.
  2. JograBear

    Ryan kent

    Took half a season for SG to drop Ojo. How long for Kent.
  3. He played for celtic and loved it .... yeh so what. 🤑
  4. We must be pretty bad then too considering how we are struggling.
  5. When your being picked no matter what because your a managers favourite its easier to just stroll through games. Its all about hunger. The top players never lose it no matter what. Kamberi, Jones and Stewart should be given more game time to see how they react.
  6. Still same team selection and tactics. No plan B. How about giving Jones or Stewart some game time if the team you keep choosing is playing poorly.
  7. One winger we have who doesnt go sideways isnt getting a game. SG has his favourites and no matter how shite they are they still play. Took more than half a season to get rid of Ojo.
  8. Its not only about putting 10 men behind the ball. They have worked out every one of our players weaknesses and how to play them now. Look at Kent for example. They just show him inside and he is useless. There is no plan B. We play the same way every game.
  9. Feels same as what happened to Warburton. Once they worked us out we struggled badly.
  10. Edmundson really poor today/ First time I see him having to defend. Wonder if SG will give him the same deal as Katic got.
  11. Poor first half, much better second. Kent and Davis need dropped. Id like to see Jones get some game time to see what he can do. Good to see Stewart back too. MOTM for Hagi was well deserved. Very positive player which is what we need right now.
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