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  1. He was excellent in his first game. A bit too soon for giving this sort of verdict.
  2. His goal side I thought he was poor. Probably our worst player on the day. His crossing especially in first half was shocking.
  3. With the right management and care no reason why not. They are already technically very good and play some nice football.
  4. Worth 20m+. Would love another season from him though as I think he can go on to even better levels.
  5. The invisible man. Now more consistently invisible...
  6. Dont forget Kai Kennedy player of the tournament.
  7. What a game! Fantastic. Our youth team look real quality. Great technique.
  8. Hides too much even when he was with us before. Was never a fan of him.
  9. 4th on goals and 3rd on assists says different.
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