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  1. Clunge

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Terrible call though, dint n ow what game the ref was watching!
  2. Clunge


    di Giacomo
  3. Clunge


  4. Clunge

    Steven Davis

    Edited before you posted bud.
  5. Clunge

    Steven Davis

    Not official page so not sure if gen or not. Edit. It's a bullshit account.
  6. Clunge

    Jermain Defoe

    Explains why she didn't move much.
  7. Clunge

    Steven Davis

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/badgerloyal/permalink/2156575244654005/ Medical in next 24 hours, 12k a week wages.
  8. Clunge

    Morelos - Outstanding display

    Lost count of many times he rolled boyata and won balls he had no right to today. Phenomenal shift.
  9. Clunge

    ***Official Rangers v Hibernian Thread***

    Standard bottle job sheep.