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  1. He says it's all over the grimsby forum as well.
  2. Sent these by my mate who is a Grimsby fan:
  3. I mentioned him in the suggestions thread, watched him in the play off final in the conference and he bossed it. Has a lot more to his game than garner, and would suit our style better. Watched him quite a bit as my mate is a.big Grimsby fan.
  4. Get it round ye Douglas you fat, East coast peh eating Tim cunt.
  5. Didn't realise he was at the bheasts as a youth. My mate is a Grimsby fan and has said there are quite a few league 1 and English championship sides looking at him. Reckons they will get between 2 and 4 million. I've seen him play a few times on TV and saw him play in the conference play off final in Wembley and he was outstanding.
  6. Omar Bogle from Grimsby would be a tremendous signing, banging them in for a recently promoted conference to league 2 team.
  7. Raiders through to the playoffs for the first time since 2002!! Raider Nation!!!
  8. Not worth laughing at, disgusting but no.doubt fuck all will happen. Rancid club sanctioned by the SFA.
  9. 442, both Joes' up front.
  10. Confirmed now apparently.
  11. Trump is racist: Hilary was endorsed by a leader of the KKK. Also stated young African American men were animals. Trump is a misogynist: Hilary uses dirty tactics adisparages the reputations of women sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. Also, she is bankrolled to the tune of millions of dollars by ME countries with appalling women's rights that condone and practice Female Genital Mutilation. Trump is a warmonger: Hilary was complicit in the sale of arms to ISIS and contributed to the mess in Benghazi and woukd more than likely send us headlong into another cold war with Russia.
  12. So shite you had to post about it. Sound mate.
  13. Gough then big Amo.
  14. Raiders edge another tight Win!! Not complaining, would of bitten your hand off for 6-2 at this point at the start of the season!!