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  1. I wouldn't be unhappy with that. Seriously, Tav is usually missing from right back anyway.
  2. I disagree. As others have pointed out on here and I have felt for ages, the minute we are pressed then Goldson, Tav and Helander start to become bullied. They are not tough enough at the best of times but under pressure they are soft touches in one on one scenarios. Goldson in particular does not stand up to, or bully attackers of any size or ability. The combo in the right half of defence of Tav and Goldson is a joke and the source of easy pickings for teams who attack that area. I truly fear them being swamped and humiliated on Sunday.
  3. I watched Goldson closely when he came on. I think he was sloppy, overconfident and taking his play a little too lightly. Not saying anything other than this but, compared to most others, I thought maybe his attitude was not quite with it! Hope that if he starts on Tuesday hhe has 'zoned in' and we are not discussing a howler along the way. Other than that I think Stewart, Aribo, Candeias, Katic and Halliday were back in the groove already. Roll on Tuesday.
  4. Your summation is spot on. That very last point you make is exactly the one that needs to be made, formally, by clubs, fans and players' organisations and to shut up the idiotic, paid commentators/mouthpieces of the BBC, Spotscene, BT sport, journalists (well! ) et al.
  5. That would be a good start to get his view. I really believe however, that the very basic points you have raised ought to be readily and openly answered by a national body. Anything other than that reeks of elitism and sneering at us mere mortals for having the temerity to question them.
  6. Great observation guys. Can we in any way know if either of these organisations ever have these points put directly to them for answers? I know someone will say, oh they will just ignore it, but are they ever challenged?
  7. Well put. Sorry to see so few acknowledgements for your work in posting this law. The football Authorities, as usual in this parochial, over-familiar little backwater of a cesspit land, have no clue of their own laws and are reactionary, weak minded fish out of water jumped up little cunts. I fuckin hate what Scotland has become, in all aspects of society, sport, politics and decency. Rant over.
  8. Correct, they could but dont. They only point out our songs. Surely that's the point?
  9. He is referring to the media, not fans. It's simple really.
  10. To be fair, the OP has a very valid point and one that needs levelled against the bigots in studios, newspapers and bloggers. What's your problem with raising it?
  11. I would agree that this should be the most practical outcome. We're it not for fucking agents!!! I am convinced that these twats alone are responsible for the majority of lost talent and inflated wages. Remember the days when a player said he wanted to go to a club, and could make it happen because neither he, nor especially the agent was a greedy, over inflated-ego cunt?
  12. I tend to agree. I often wonder this: an injured player at a club gets fit, comes into the first team, plays a few games, gets injured, goes into Rehab, gets fit, back into the first team, gets injured, into Rehab, gets fit, goes on loan, plays for weeks and weeks in loads of games and seems fit and not injured for months and months. WTF? 😜
  13. And you don't think anyone has already spotted the need or even tried a psychologist before now? He is surely under review and treatment already and it is clearly failing.
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