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  1. Not unless, in order to mitigate one team not having a home leg, the away rule counts for the away team in the one off match. Won't happen but it could mean the away goals rule remains relevant (in terms of sporting integrity, you understand) 😁
  2. Entirely my belief too. I truly have real hope that we now have evidence, to be validated independently, that bullying and/or bribery has been undertaken.
  3. Sometimes, a private chat is the best way to resolve matters. It removes the injection of the rest of us adding comments that one or the other either objects to, or takes sides with. Which is probably not helpful. Good luck, I hope you can both continue to post but, perhaps not involve all of us at this point. For the better?
  4. I think the club board are playing a very strategic long game here. They clearly believe they have evidence of wrong doing. They clearly believe they must not show their hand to the SPFL. They have applied for a GM which, any club chairman worth their salt should back. Any not doing so risk accusation of a fear of exposure, perhaps to collusion with SPFL key members. My one concern is this: The 7 point independent investigation queries, by accident, possibly identify the very areas of our dossier which we are trying not to declare too early and might, just might give them a heads up on what we have on them. Could they then prepare their defence and excuses/lies ahead of an investigation?
  5. I agree. In the published text, seen another channel, Dundee secretary clearly makes reference to other discussions involving Doncaster, Nelms and "Peter". If that Peter is in fact Lawell, then the killer question for me is "why was Doncaster in contact with Lawell immediately following the 5pm deadline and thereafter releasing the so called result? Fuckin stinks!!!!
  6. Not sure what you mean? The players either are or, are not with the gaffer. If the team he puts out do not perform on Sunday are you saying that some individuals are with him and others not? Sundays team may not perform but I for one seriously doubt it will be because the "dressing room is lost." Surely it's more like a lack of consistency in some, lack of skill in others, but not some collective fuckin conspiracy against the gaffer.
  7. Delete thread me thinks. Players who do not play for their manager do not get results like that. End of.
  8. Aye, cos backing the team through positive comments on here is the miracle cure. If backing gets results then everyone will be flooding the site with love bombs and kisses. Let's try it. What do you think the actual, physical result of that will be? Jeezo
  9. I wouldn't be unhappy with that. Seriously, Tav is usually missing from right back anyway.
  10. I disagree. As others have pointed out on here and I have felt for ages, the minute we are pressed then Goldson, Tav and Helander start to become bullied. They are not tough enough at the best of times but under pressure they are soft touches in one on one scenarios. Goldson in particular does not stand up to, or bully attackers of any size or ability. The combo in the right half of defence of Tav and Goldson is a joke and the source of easy pickings for teams who attack that area. I truly fear them being swamped and humiliated on Sunday.
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