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  1. Free kick for fuck all, and then we concede. This is fucking dire.
  2. Had a £5 free bet after the golf last weekend, so I've stuck it all on an accumulator on a few of the teams I like: RB Salzburg @ 7/5 Sturm Graz vs RB Salzburg Huddersfield @ 6/5 Preston vs Huddersfield Braintree @ 9/5 Stockport vs Braintree Valencia @ 11/8 Espanyol vs Valencia Lyon @ 6/4 Lyon vs Marseille Lyon @ 8/5 Toulouse vs Lyon Returns £1141.14
  3. What a quality game, loved every minute. Loved seeing the likes of Laudrup playing for the first time, and seeing the likes of Mols and de Boer again after growing up with them. Gio (should've been MotM but for Ally), Mols, Laudrup, Numan, de Boer, Amo, Marv and obviously Weir all look like they could still play at a decent level. The Goalie's antics were hilarious. And Ally's goal, that was written in the stars. The crowd were superb as well, some 47,000 people... brilliant for a Legends match. And to whoever sits in MFM 217, pleasure talking to you.
  4. If he turns up, I'll cream my pants.
  5. Keeps on getting better and better with every new player confirmed.
  6. My tickets came at the end of last week, and looking through this, it seems I've done the same as a lot of folk by going for the main stand. Me and a couple mates are going to be in MFM Row B.
  7. I've already ordered 3. Cannot wait.
  8. Lafferty! You fucking beauty! Never been so relieved!
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