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  1. Blue_Snib

    COD Modern Warfare

    Had a wee shot there, running riots with an MP5! Game seems decent so far
  2. I got that game with my PlayStation and never played it for about a year! My favourite game ever I think
  3. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/42248/Aberdeen_vs_Rangers_FC.html
  4. Fortnite is really good, not had a solo win yet though. Once it's complete it'll be an amazing wee game
  5. Hope so, it was one of their price boosts this morning the bastards
  6. Hopefully a comfortable win against this lot. Have a tenner on KranjĨar to score from outside the box @ 12/1 on skybet
  7. This is nothing more than deluded mhanks with Scotland tops on wanting their shity photo to go viral on twitter and Facebook for a few likes. They can go fuck themselves, Lee Wallace is better away from those tramps anyway
  8. Thank fuck Kenny, now get it together and get into these junkie bastards
  9. I was just about to post that,the fuckin scumbag downy looking cunt
  10. Hopefully this is true. I would also love for headquarters to make a come back, hardpoint is similar but no where near as good
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