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  1. Should have asked him how he got to milngavie then the airport in just over an hour
  2. When was the last time you were on a flight? You check in before you get to the airport. 30 mins before the flight is due to depart is all you need to be there for, they still rush you through if you're there after the 30 mins. Dunno where you're getting the hour from
  3. You know better than my Mrs that checked him onto his flight and Katic on his flight to Croatia on Sunday also. Maybe I made that up anaw
  4. Aye I'm full of shite, made the whole scenario up. Do you think because he was training today a full 3 days later proves he never flew to London?
  5. Just passing on info, weather you believe me or not that's up to you really. Why would I say Gatwick of all the airports? I've no idea why he's there and I'm not claiming I do either. He was in that flight regardless
  6. The flight was delayed from 9.20 which isn't what I'm sharing with you, He's on the plane regardless of the departure time
  7. Ok so I'm at it, does that tell you he was on the flight?
  8. Kenny Miller's neighbor is up there with the most ITK people ever I've absolutely no reason to make stories up though
  9. My bird works for swissport and told me he was on the easyJet to Gatwick, 9.50 it left Glasgow
  10. He's flown to Gatwick tonight, make of that what you will
  11. Had a wee shot there, running riots with an MP5! Game seems decent so far
  12. I got that game with my PlayStation and never played it for about a year! My favourite game ever I think
  13. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/42248/Aberdeen_vs_Rangers_FC.html
  14. Fortnite is really good, not had a solo win yet though. Once it's complete it'll be an amazing wee game
  15. Hope so, it was one of their price boosts this morning the bastards
  16. Hopefully a comfortable win against this lot. Have a tenner on Kranjčar to score from outside the box @ 12/1 on skybet
  17. This is nothing more than deluded mhanks with Scotland tops on wanting their shity photo to go viral on twitter and Facebook for a few likes. They can go fuck themselves, Lee Wallace is better away from those tramps anyway
  18. Thank fuck Kenny, now get it together and get into these junkie bastards
  19. Hopefully this is true. I would also love for headquarters to make a come back, hardpoint is similar but no where near as good
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