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  1. 2daludaludalu

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    I really hope Adrian Durham gets tore into these cunts when he's on. A statement from our board would be appreciated, however I won't hold my breath.
  2. 2daludaludalu

    UFA game - TV blackout, any rumours?

    Anyone know when the stream starts?
  3. 2daludaludalu

    Rangers v Parma Champions League 1999

    That's the best atmosphere I've ever felt at Ibrox, the place was rocking.
  4. 2daludaludalu

    Emmanuel Eboue arrested for Arson

    Aye you're no joking.
  5. 2daludaludalu

    Emmanuel Eboue arrested for Arson

    I'm surprised you can hear yourself think in those meetings, with all the rattling of the rosaries.
  6. 2daludaludalu

    Mick O’Halleron away

    Good riddance to a poisonous sleekit spy in the camp wee tarrier bastard
  7. 2daludaludalu

    Rangers are behind the 3 Lions

    As long as it pisses that bp9 cunt off that's fine with me?
  8. 2daludaludalu

    ***The Official Dundee United v Rangers Thread***

    Two words - fuckin gutless
  9. 2daludaludalu

    McCoist might not be up to this job

    I agree mate, however what he needs more than anything is the backing from his players. They need to get their finger out and fucking pronto.
  10. 2daludaludalu

    As Rfc52 said the other night

    Have you never attended an old firm game or watched a game in the boozers and joined in a rendition of the sash or the billy boys or any other loyalist song. If the answer is no then you are either - 1- a liar 2- a tarrier 3- have no mates 4- support some other team Which one is it Derek?
  11. 2daludaludalu

    As Rfc52 said the other night

    I don't think sash bashes are Derek's cup of tea. I think if he attended one he would be going round all the tables giving lectures until somebody said get this nutcase outa here
  12. Alright mate, I'm sure you must travel on the True Blues bus fae Curlys. I'm Derek Miller, Barrys brother. Gie's a shout next time, cheers. RFC

  13. 2daludaludalu

    Model The New Top

    BT will you please get the no surrenders on for the next pics you saucy little madam.
  14. 2daludaludalu

    Model The New Top

    A wee bump for BT. Btw BT, what are you going to wear next. I vote for a pair of no surrenders and bra or is that a little too slutty?
  15. 2daludaludalu

    Walter Smith to try and buy Rangers

    I will buy her a rampant rabbit if this is true