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  1. Murty speaks

    I bet he feels older. Shite from him, I’m as pissed of as anyone with some of his decisions but you know what the guy at least realised the privilledged opportunity he had and gave it ago. Watching Mcdowell when it was handed to him was unbearable. You’d have though somebody has took a shit in his shoe rather than he’d been given a crack at the Rangers job. That said - sooner we have a manager the better.
  2. Happy days at the friday Training.

    Can JJ actually move or is he just stuck in that position? Wheeled about like Hannibal Lecter.
  3. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    Imagine having people in your club saying common sense things like that. It really shouldn’t be too much to ask.
  4. Statement from A Johnston

    Everytime they fail they will hark back to where we have came from, dine out on what they view as success and console each other that they have to tolerate a support who expect to much, most probaly imo acknowledging that we just aren’t as smart as them. I have thought that of them for some time however tbh I remain stunned that he is so far removed from the feeling of the support that he has said that tonight, even if he mistakenly believes it ffs you would think he’d either lie or easier say nothing. It is truly incredible.
  5. Statement from A Johnston

    Through their own utter incompetence they are in danger of uniting our entire support. Not sure I remember when that last occurred (off the park).
  6. Statement from A Johnston

    They clearly will never get near what we expect but for fuck sake, some basic skills, read the room just a little bit. This cunt would hire Ant Mcparland to host top gear.
  7. Statement from A Johnston

    Pay up, shut up Could be the strap line for next years season book adverts.
  8. Statement from A Johnston

    No Manager, no trophies, them lording it, for fuck sake we’ve had one really good day in 6 years......all part of the master plan chaps, pay up, shut up. Off his head is right.
  9. Statement from A Johnston

    100% His words for me are representative of the relationship between us and them. Group of completely out of touch individuals. Words designed to appease customers they need but actually hold in very low regard, tolerate through necessity. I need to keep contributing my money to the club but don’t know how much longer I can do this, where is the breaking point? Say fuck all, I could just about deal with that level of contempt
  10. Statement from A Johnston

    Fucking furious mate, blood boiling is right. Condescending fucking bastard. Have a wee pat on the head and pay your money. Honestly stunned that’s what we are hearing.
  11. Statement from A Johnston

    It’s diffucult not to conclude they are trying to deliberately alienate us. How the fuck can you review the mood (our current mood) of your paying customer, when by the way you are asking them to pay again and hit out with that pish. I can honestly imagine them having conversations where they congratulate themselves on being so much cleverer than the emotive supporters.
  12. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    I’m not sitting in defence of the board with this post as TBH feel clueless as to what’s happened but I’ll be amazed if there is no justification for the action the board have taken. If the players (Wallace in particular) have been totally wronged they could have you for constructive dismissal/damages or we would have to settle with a gagging order for big bucks. If it was about deflection you would have leaked it that Miller will be released and Wallace removed from 1st team UFN Again who knows, I suppose I just find it hard to believe they would be so stupid and hasty to suspend without at least believing they are justified. To your point around joining us, agreed, none of this does our already shitty profile any good at all.
  13. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Total guess work but I bet they’re not (as in that many). Well perhaps a clique (in itself a problem) made up from players coming towards the end of their deal or not getting a game or recently subbed before half time during a cup semi. Keep saying this but If they do have the fire in their belly for a fight it’s a pity we rarely (ever?) see that on the pitch. Says a lot about them that the rag was lost, in the dressing room, versus one guy. Ach, fuck knows, we will probably never really know but I’ve definitley concluded other than a very small group I’ll not bat an eye lid when any of them leave. Steeped in failure.
  14. Glenn Hoddle

    Would struggle to do worse if it was deliberate sabotage.
  15. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    We don’t know enough to pick a side - In the absence of information let’s call it a draw and they all get to fuck.