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  1. Corrupt and stupid.
  2. There's nothing they can do, they don't have the bottle to deal with it or the quality to teach them a lesson on the pitch. The shirt is too big for most of them. As for Brown, like Lennon before him he will keep antagonising until he bumps into the wrong bear. Then he can be (will revel in being) a victim.
  3. Oh Ashley, You came, and you gave without taking, And they sent you away, Oh Ashley.
  4. Don't worry lads the Masonic refs will speak out against this. Ehm.
  5. For me that's what I want him to feel and say. What he does is far more important, but I'm glad he felt ashamed of that and glad (assuming) he has told the players as much.
  6. I think Andy will convince himself he is good enough and he just has to find his form. I'd like to think I would do otherwise however in his position probably not.
  7. The point scoring line is a classic. Is that the cops now point scoring against them too? Did the Boston Globe point score against the Catholic Church? Its fucking repulsive what went on at that club. When confessing to have been involved an adult man stated it was at times like an orgy in the boys club dressing room. Think about that! - I'm not sure more horrific words have ever been uttered in relation to Scottish Football yet it went barely noted in this country. The new tactic is a belter too, they can see its unravelling so now it's moving from didn't happen to wasn't anything to do with us anyway. Scandalous, I pray for the day it's fully exposed and the individuals and club are held to account.
  8. 1st half I was watching defenders sit apparently deliberately deep yet strikers appear frustrated and wave them forward like the plan was to press. Worrying - even if the tactics are wrong you would hope they all knew what they were.
  9. He was dreadful. Iirc Eck liked to drop Buffel for him when we played CL games.
  10. I wasn't joking, he should have declined it.
  11. Yeah, if I was him I would have said I can't accept that award. Honestly, he is surely squirming. Least when we go to sell him, we can advertise him as top scorer. Shhhhhh.
  12. He was to disrespectful for our game mate.
  13. Mate, something drastic needs to happen you are right but that wee cunt should never have the pleasure of playing for us again. I honestly couldn't take that.
  14. And the award for ironic post goes too
  15. Absolutely. Technically just not good enough.