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  1. Spot on mate. It’s part of our mentality, an admirable characteristic to look at ourselves when we come up short however I will never ever understand the mentality of ‘not the refs fault’ mentality. celtic are either playing 10 men or get a penalty last night (btw I never caught the replay but though Aribo won a pen 1st half too). Of course it matters. I don’t believe refs set out to cheat us however I think even when presented with easy calls there’s a small part of them wondering what if I’ve got it wrong’. Beaton a poor ref at the best of times cannot ref us with a clear mind as he once had the audacity to ref a game when we beat celtic. Then again I do wonder about our luck in general, add in the stone wall pens v Hamilton, Young Boys and Feyenoord it’s a fucking head scratcher.
  2. Look forward to him scoring against them but it’s only in their fucking heads that any buying club when watching him play for Columbia and run riot in European competition will pause and say.....no goals v celtic? Goals versus them do not a 20million+ price tag make. Just another example of their delusional sense of self importance.
  3. Emailed today saying delivery tomorrow
  4. markem


    Better than than the ‘glad to be proven wrong’ brigade. Mibbie a draw
  5. Just another one attempting to enhance his own self importance. An absolute pile of shit which encapsulates much that is wrong with our game.
  6. Nothing wrong with that, fair play to the young guy.
  7. Over the years they’ve pretty much been told they are untouchable. It’s a mindset they have, clearly evidenced through their absolute arrogance in this situation. Effigies, bottling kids, glorying terrorism...the list goes on. Going to get a very harsh reality check over there. I won’t be surprised if losing the morra they walk of the park - Lennon has set the scene.
  8. More and more threads nowadays Stuart, certainly ones about our players. Highly questionable.
  9. 22/1 anytime ain’t to shabby either
  10. Loving the content mate but don’t think any crystal ball was required...tbh think he will now survive 2019 but had we not fucked the OF he’d be gone, would implode. Still might.
  11. He absolutely shat it didn’t he. Big DMB bearing down.
  12. markem


    Wee man was incredible today. So effective with back to goal, a genuine joy to watch.
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