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  1. give me a few or 30 years of routinely spanking these teams again and I could prob get on board with that I do appreciate your motives btw PCG, but for now fuck them and fuck a competitive league - I want us lording it.
  2. Our songs that no one seems to have uttered a single word about in years will all of a sudden start to offend again, Refs will again be out and out cheats (anything to stop us getting 10 will be the strap line) and yes the Media will play their expected role - with any luck we will be able to sit by and laugh like fuck in the near future .
  3. To be fair they took one look at Besiktas crest - something about not liking the colours I think it was.
  4. Pers favourite was the Helicopter Sunday vid, Lenny Kravitz track I think (?)
  5. placed this one alright (Edit - my bad sir, I see you've said pens)
  6. I hear you mate however a point of satisfaction is that in the space of a few weeks there is hope, I really didn't expect to start next year with much of that. Like I say I know what you are saying, there will be champagne opened but to have a much better looking squad on paper and the anchor that was Ashley/SD removed in such a short space of time....well I don't blame any bear for feeling pretty good about that.
  7. Reckon he would. Very much agree, the thought of a midfield of Dorrans, Jack, Rossiter, Pena buzzing about, different ball game.
  8. Take it she was pished There was a story doing the rounds at the time they were renaming a local street: Letsbe Avenue
  9. Are yi Buzzin though?
  10. It's probably hard to do business with her Boss we have a fax from Ra.... CAAAAAAAAAAM ON Ehm is that a no th... LETS BE AVEN YOU
  11. Take your point Jack but jeez it's probably the best week for our club in many many a year - enjoy yourself mate.
  12. Remember that well game clearly, thinking we were onto something special with PLG Some of the challenges from those bastards
  13. Welcome to the all inclusive greatest team in the world Aiden. I am well overdue some proper reflection time on everything that has happened with us in the last 6 weeks. Just imagine a couple of months ago someone had told you we: Would have signed 8 players including Bruno every indication of more to come. We would have the retail issue sorted - Dave King would be getting pretty much all round plaudits. We would be signing Mexicans one with rosaries tattood on his arm and be fucking thrilled. We would sign a keeper from Celtic And its only fucking June - what next? head spinning.