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  1. They may appease Hearts and the other 2 with reconstruction however the three points outlined by Deans still stand up for us. It could be argued that removing our potential for a crack at the CL has greater financial impacts. What they gonna do? Isolate us and hold us up to all others as the bogey man, I’ve a feeling we will deal ok with that.
  2. Have wee seen a breakdown of clubs/votes yet? They were a tad more efficient last time round.
  3. A wee point that does strike me, six weeks ago we resembled a club with no back bone and no support in the face of a cabal. Today a 3rd of clubs lead by us have voted against them and I very much doubt we are even nearly done. That’s finally progress - it’s not anything like success but it’s a shift in the right direction. Taking the bastards on is a shift. Personally I’d hit a point where I couldn’t take any more of seeing us rolling over.
  4. Would not trust them for a second not to cook the books if the vote was anonymous. Published results please - perhaps wait till everyone has voted.
  5. The entire setup needs ripped up. A board asked to cast crucial/defining votes when there is significant conflicts of interest is not fit for purpose. An organisation that needs to take a vote on whether a bullying allegation should be investigated is absolutely staggering. A vote btw where the alleged bully’s get a vote. That second point, if the right people have the appetite and it gets its day in court will have the SPFL in deep water. It’s a complete failing to either have in place very basic procedures or (and I suspect) a complete failure to adhere to them. When harassment of any kind is alleged the accused individual must be removed from their position. At time’s when the accused is (following a investigation) deemed innocent this can seem harsh however to ensure any investigation is not compromised and there is no further risk to any colleague the person has to be removed. Imagine a work place where a female says they have been sexually harassed and the organisation saying: yeah we left the guy in the office with her, asked her to prove it before we would investigate and then when she did we let all his mates vote (some who were also harassing the girl) on whether we should bother investigating. Oh and the Senior manager was going around telling everyone it was robust flirting. The girl here has won constructive dismissal and damages. The principles are the same (bullying/harassment/discrimination) regardless of all other factors ICT have came out and said they (and others) were bullied. It’s astonishing that Neil thinks ‘it’s a mans game’ type of attitude is going to stand up.
  6. Same reason they haven’t hammered us with disrepute charges..... 👍🏻
  7. Regardless of what happens tomorrow there has been a shift in our game - the mask has well and truly slipped.
  8. It’s possible. I’m pretty sure that his successor will be being considered many. 🇯🇵
  9. Much more like the thing, finally. Demonstrating that we will not be pushed around any longer - make no mistake regardless of the outcome of this particular battle we have achieved a great deal already. Finally these bastards will know they better think twice before ripping the absolute pish out of us. We have shown we can and will be coordinated, organised and most importantly willing in going after them. Long may it continue, fucking years we’ve needed this.
  10. Don’t expect to be in ground this calendar year sadly but seat renewed. Not a moments judgment on anyone who either can’t or decides otherwise but atm can handle instalments so will throw some cash in.
  11. Caution is understandable
  12. Yup - gone in every sense, all legacy issues too is my grasp on it.
  13. My take on this lads is Ashley is gone.
  14. Following the conclusion of all existing contracts....... https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/commercial-update/
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