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  1. Dude, I’ll not be drawn into a debate with you. I learned I was no match for you when your crusade was arguing with bears about how referees were not officiating us unfairly. I’ll know where to find you if I fancy a debate, you can always be found in the same place. Look after yourself, it must be exhausting.
  2. Yeah I’ve edited mate - mate a cunt of that, my bad!
  3. In these uncertain times it’s comforting to see such absolute predictability - gaun yerself
  4. celtic as a collective can’t concede a league title in good grace when it’s been won fair and square yet they now call for us to concede a league that isn’t over. Get fucked John, get fucked celtic
  5. Del Piero though - what a player at his peak.
  6. I’m not sure mate - for some reason over the years he always appears on these lists when I think most agree with your view point. Whether I am right or wrong fwiw I totally agree with your assessment.
  7. markem


    Has the losers disease - genuinely long for a day when he’s not in our squad.
  8. Problem is with a rookie manager, despite having been in the job a couple of years there are situations that when they arise he’s having to deal with for the first time - our dip in form and confidence being shattered is a mental issue and he’s failing to deal with it, imo failing to deal with it well at all. On a side it’s I’d love to know what happened with Alfredo yesterday. If he was back in the country the decision to not play him in what was our last chance of a trophy could have been handled very differently. I like Gerard, beyond desperate for him to succeed however I think his man-management is very questionable and that is based on what we do get to see - point being what is being said when we don’t. How he’s handling things publicly is the wrong way to deal with a team and individuals who’s confidence has gone completely....perhaps not always wrong but this particular group.
  9. The cabal continues to function - C4 feature on it should have been the catalyst for sustained widespread media and political pressure insisting on justice, enquires and consequences, as it rightly would have been had it been any other club. What we have seen/heard (or haven’t) is a continuation of silence, a decades old pact instructing......not to damage the club. Those people of influence who have and continue to look the other way can consider themselves enablers, it’s that straight forward. Can anyone say for sure that there aren’t beasts still out there hurting kids who would be exposed and stopped following a full enquiry? The answer is no. Who knows what damage was done over decades past that could have been prevented. Any debate about whether that club should have been suspended pending a full enquiry ended when they continued to lie and deflect offering up the most recent fable ‘separate entity’ - let’s not forget this followed years of flat denial and was only presented once denial became impossible to maintain...make no mistake they’d still be denying had events in England not gave their victims the courage to come forward. An utterly despicable organisation who’s sins mirror the church they are closely aligned with. Closing them down would not be a harsh outcome, in modern day Scotland I hold little hope for them facing anything like they deserve, the only positive that can be taken is it looks more likely their victims will be compensated whether through acknowledgment or other methods, it’s the least they deserve.
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