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  1. I know from board right through to supporter they are obsessed with maintaining the absolute pretence that they are perfection personified however despite everything I know about them they’ve managed to once again shock me with their lack of human decency am - not one coming out and demanding that the decent thing is now done. Still prioritising their lies and ambitions above abused kids. Shameful, disgusting, vile, paedos
  2. markem

    Tom Eaves

    You’ll be slated for that
  3. markem

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    This’ll be interesting. We’re a different club. celtic Boys Club are a different club. What spin for Leigh, Peter?
  4. markem

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Be uncomfortable if any team was to have been picking up points with a player on stimulants. Cheating you might say.
  5. markem

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    For me this smacks of he’s been caught doing something. It’s the equivalent of the Celeb that runs to rehab before the headline hits. Didnt seem much wrong with him when gobbing off about us only days ago or when he’s been playing for them.
  6. markem

    H&H Dens Park Reaction + Vienna Preview

    Hot toddy I hear, sort you right out.
  7. markem

    Big Jock Knew

    Point scoring is a myth created to try and shut us up and not let it all go away when everyone else was willing to. There is only one benefactor from all of this not coming out into the open, kept a seceret to protect profile, reputation, profit and a very misguided sense of superiority. They are the only ones trying to keep score and protect points.
  8. markem

    Big Jock Knew

    I categorically believe there would be swift and sustained efforts made to pull the shutters down on us. Successful and deserved efforts. In all honesty why should they not be immediately suspended? It’s clear a ring operated from there, can anyone say with any certainty it’s now a safe environment for children? I’m serious btw, without a full investigation how is that known? If it was established a Paedo ring had been operating from a (for example) Nursery, would that Nursery be open for business as usual? Would everyone say, ach it was ages ago? Would everyone look the other way?
  9. markem

    Big Jock Knew

    The question you should be asking is not ‘why is it up to’ rather ‘why is it only’ the Rangers support who are vocal about these tragic events. We should have not a bit of shame for continuing to keep this in the spotlight and indeed lending support to the Gray family. I’ll tell you however why it’s up to us and currently only us - we have a government and media who will allow this to come to an end without those who enabled it being held to account. Sure the media are reporting the unavoidable but they’ve ignored this for decades (when we were told we were point scoring) and imo will allow this to be closed off without many of the key questions being asked and all parties held to account. The victims deserve greater justice and society deserves answers. celtic consider themselves above the law and need brought down significantly. Their desire to achieve their goals and protect their brand has spiralled so far out of control that they cannot even do the right thing by abused kids and the ongoing protection of children even today. As Rangers fans we have every right to pass opinion and demand answers for what occurs within Scottish Football and as decent people we have a civic duty, certainly right to call out horrendous wrong doing. If anyone chooses not to for their own reasons that’s up to them, those who continue to seek answers/justice are beyond reproach and to be honest its infuriating when they’re brought into question.
  10. markem

    SPFL delegate snubs Gerrard

    Totally agree mate but I’d have rather came away from that knowing we were absolute garbage and having 3 points.
  11. markem

    SPFL delegate snubs Gerrard

    It was a massive moment, equally so them going down to ten as we seem incapable of dealing with that. I know 🤯 I’m annoyed as we reserve the right to get the victory we deserved (I’ll say that in loose terms) despite being so poor but there is another part of me thinking we got exactly what we deserved from the game.
  12. markem

    Sports psychologist

    I was lucky enough to sit in a presentation by one a few years ago, work thing, anyway the guy was very interesting and it was incredible to hear the role he played in Sporting events I’d watched unfold in the years previous. To give an example he worked closely with Darren Clarke prior to him (highly unlikely)winning the open (not long after losing his wife from memory). Wild it help us? - I don’t know but why not try everything that can give us an edge. Now that I think about it SG talks about having that type of support in his career quite a bit (in his book)
  13. markem

    Why don't we....

    Edit - just noted the sub plot to the thread.
  14. markem

    Why don't we....

    Getting balls into the box from wide areas is where that falls over. I can see it right now, pish delivery straight to the opponent who would break in numbers right through our two man midfield. I agree it would be prudent to have options but this morning ‘getting balls in from wide areas’ is making me shudder.