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  1. Will never forget this, such a legend looking utterly defeated and stunned at our place.
  2. Welcome
  3. And how many will walk right into it ?
  4. Even by their own standards that is pretty stunning. What a absolute nonsense that comic has become. In all honesty, we need to forget expecting any better from them however what we should expect is a absolute ban on them, all doors have to be closed on those so blatantly enemies of the club.
  5. Sad News. RIP
  6. Totally agree, it does raise the question of what's the point? Develop your own youngsters but not to the point of being excellent.
  7. Denny this is honestly amongst the worst posts I have ever seen posted on here, and I have seen (probably posted) some amount of shite. The combination of assumed superiority and apologist behaviour is truly stomach turning. Have a word with yourself.
  8. Need to be fair to the guy mate, he can hardly be judged one iota on what that team done immediately after he inherited it. The fact that he managed to put his stamp on it after a few weeks was very impressive. The shape and heart they played with on Sunday was unrecognisable and a huge improvement - there can be no doubt the players bought into him in a very short space of time.
  9. According to the DR Pedro has the audacity to want to recruit his own team. Could be the end of football mate.
  10. They are a virus.
  11. Fortunately for Pedro no one worth giving a fuck about cares what the Daily record says. Be interesting to see how things pan out with him and the (allegedly) media in this country.
  12. Absolutely doesn't work mate. I tried this technique. Looked right at the boy and said, hey you, yes you, help me you fenian cunt.
  13. On a scale of 1 to tarrier, rate this face.
  14. It's funny until you remember they breed