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  1. 22/1 anytime ain’t to shabby either
  2. Loving the content mate but don’t think any crystal ball was required...tbh think he will now survive 2019 but had we not fucked the OF he’d be gone, would implode. Still might.
  3. He absolutely shat it didn’t he. Big DMB bearing down.
  4. markem


    Wee man was incredible today. So effective with back to goal, a genuine joy to watch.
  5. Think they will be, the question is will they get away with it? (hint: no)
  6. I don’t disagree with you tbf..... I do however think (all things considered) it’s harsh to call him a failure last year and am perplexed about the remarks of many on this thread ‘questions will need to be asked’ etc Some need to take a moment and enjoy when the going’s good. Less than 24 hours ago was a good night for the club right into....aye but he’s out if he doesn’t win the league. I honestly question some people’s motives. Albeit a huge game but we are one match away from a perfect start to the year.
  7. It’s my opinion we will do well to go forward from what we have, we are attracting a quality of player I’m not convinced we would be if it wasn’t for SG and his team. I’m not saying he has a indefinite period of time but I think there is a far more positive way to look at matters than what I’m seeing on this thread. FWIW I have no confidence at all that this board will not be back in the Mcinnes market (not him specifically granted but that level) - a board that nearly replaced Pedro with said Del. So many only seen happy when moaning, it’s the day after (another) really good win.
  8. Ffs mate....’he failed’ he inherited a farce of a squad and we’ve improved significantly in many ways l honestly wonder where people think we go next, back in for Del?
  9. Why do we constantly speculate about such negative stuff? I’m sure your intentions are decent OP but at this point of the year after a good night for the club....why? Other folk weighing in...questions will need ton be asked etc, try enjoying following your club ffs.
  10. markem


    ‘You look a 50 grand player’ ...that’ll fix him alright, should defo consider a role in coaching and development fella.
  11. Tbh I’ve mibbie made the school boy error of assuming what was being debated, hands up if I have. My take was that your view was that the incidents where incomparable...my own view being (and that of Tomato) is it’s much of the shame shit. Snide cunts being exactly that. I think my earlier point stands on how people are desensitised to what’s said online - angers me when I see something callous as that.
  12. Bud I’ve made it clear I think your principle is right and I don’t mean to condescend you at all but mibbie give the thread a wide berth for a bit ....when it gets to the point you’re wanting to leather folk it’s nae good. We’ve more that enough enemies without getting to this point with each other.
  13. Mate you make a fair point about how deliberate and premeditated the boy was at the door however both acts are howling and designed to cause real hurt. Your basis for making them so different is the audience they get when you have absolutely no idea who’s attention it got. I can’t prove it but I’d bet my life that tweet caused upset to many, directly linked to FR or otherwise. Absolute cunts behaving like absolute cunts are exactly that. They don’t deserve the courtesy of hairs being split on what was a worse act. Again imo
  14. This is part of the problem, people seem to have developed this notion it doesn’t count if it’s on the internet. It’s a 100 times worse but not the same makes no sense at all. Reality is once it’s in the media (social or mainstream) there’s every chance it’s seen by people it can cause real upset to...regardless it’s abhorrent, and can cause upset in many different ways to many people - that’s not being a snowflake, it’s a horrendous remark from the cunt. I’ll never be a fan of seeing bears get to the point that’s been reached on this but the guy is right, it’s not the exact same but it’s every bit as appalling. imho
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