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  1. Open season on our players?

    Agreed. The whole Oduwa situation summed that up.
  2. Josh Windass

    That Pedro continues to play him removes any defence for himself. Its abundently clear he is absolute garbage - I hate watching the guy play for us.
  3. It’s the double standards though. We have now seen two players sent of this year whilst opponents are kicking and elbowing us on a regular basis. That’s not a level playing field.
  4. If yesterday was just a physical game, even on the edges of the rules I’d be embarrassed with Bruno’s comments however I thought that was appalling yesterday. We need to get our own house in order of that there is no doubt but any team is up against it when that is allowed to go on. I said it after the Hibs games that I think refs struggle to award us any significant decisions as they know the spotlight and backlash that will follow. Sounds a bit paranoid I know but it’s getting beyond ‘it all balances out’ now, way beyond. That aside we had more than enough chances. Failure to fix the left hand side will cost Pedro his job
  5. Millers Agent

    Exactly. Whole thing reeks of underachievers no longer getting a pat on the back for training well and having 68% possession. I wouldn’t put Miller in that bracket to be fair, pretty much the rest. Mentality is so much of what it takes to be a Rangers player and not many over the past 5 years have had that mentality. I’ve had my issues with Barry Ferguson over the years but listen to his recent interview when he talks about winning. Kevin T also. Not sure that Wallace has said to much to get wound up about but I would say I don’t care if he’s Kennys friend or how much he feels he’s learned from him. Neither Wallace or Miller have produced any sort of form this year and that’s what should be at the forefront of his mind.
  6. 9 in a Row.

    Being that I was the other guy in the debate I’ll pitch in. What I will say is my perspective on the debate was would I rather Murray had never took control of us or not, with him being largely responsible for NIAR and the abomination that has been the last 5 years (depending on your opinion on both) Gazza you have articulated those glory years very well () and yup they were amongst the best of my life however nothing imo compensates for what has happened and continues to happen to our club and I hold Murray responsible. I am not going to lay out my views on how damaging I believe the last few years to have been (none of us need that spelled out) and indeed how many more years it may take us to recover but I stick by the point, I wish he has never walked our corridors. I sincerely hope the generation behind us get to enjoy what it felt like for us back then, it seems a long way off (on and off the park).
  7. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    That is incredible. Most of the commentators etc on there are totally transparent about who they support. We know who the sad act are.
  8. Big Clint Hill on Rangers

    Aye but that can’t be right as Kenny Millers agent says otherwise. Clint Hill - Imagine him and Alves as a partnership in their prime.
  9. Nottingham Forest

    Jesus is that a Forest fans perspective. Mirror image of posts on here last year.
  10. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    Correct. I’m not going to get into a debate about it. Anyone that can’t see that now, never will.
  11. Millers Agent

    Master Yoda?
  12. Millers Agent

    Nicky is that you?
  13. Millers Agent

    Dean your initial point in this thread was absolute speculation (Pedro was accusing Miller of being the mole and he should present proof) You’re going to do yourself a mischief with this mate.........let it go. Pedro will succeed or he won’t. Whilst he’s winning games let’s give him a chance and let’s hope he does get it right, that has to be what we all want? If he doesn’t, pffft where does that leave us?
  14. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    There is no maybe about it. We should have made the last game a battle. Rather than that we took 35 minutes to put any sort of challenge in, probably only put 3 in during the entire game and I am still waiting on Hodson thumping Roberts which should have been done early. I remain a defender of Pedro however he has to deal with the fact we look scared of them and like we do not believe we can beat them before a ball is kicked. I genuinely believe that is the case. Those cunts swan around our pitch and it has to stop. If Pedro doesn’t deal with that........ Anyway haha to the cunts tonight. I think those performances put serious question marks against the suggestion of Rodgers as a top class coach. Sure he is up against it and it’s hard to get a result, but good coaches make it difficult for teams like BM. PSG and BM have ripped them to pieces. That could have been 8 tonight.
  15. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    I am amazed that any bear can still offer a defence for that bastard let alone the NIAR one I’d give back all nine in a heart beat if it would eradicate the damage he has done. Am I walking right into this? Are you at the wind up?