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  1. markem

    Jon Flanagan

    You've just won todays 'Poster you'd most like to do a double life sentence with' competition.
  2. markem

    Jon Flanagan

    No excuse for doing that to a guy with your stiletto
  3. markem

    Jon Flanagan

    I suppose this all comes down to where you sit with 'second chances' -- this potential signing has really made me stop and think and to be honest I am conflicted. Let's assume a person is of decent character most of their days, goes out and does something completely unacceptable, admits it, is full of remorse and regret, and returns to being a decent person. Should that night of madness define them for evermore? On the other hand, there are some acts that are just (imo) unforgivable. Ok he hasn't committed rape or murder but volleying a lassie around when she is on the deck is horrible and rightly or wrongly I struggle to forgive on that (notably she has done which also merits consideration) Still not sure where I sit with this - I think, I reluctantly accept he deserves a second chance in life but that doesn't mean he needs to be allowed to pull on our jersey to get it. I know this is hugely hypocritical as it shouldn't be relevant but it would be easier to take, if we were getting a player that had played more than 60 games in his senior career, a player of proven quality. I hope SG isn't utilising us to give a mate a second chance, will have to trust that he thinks we are getting a player who can contribute - tell you what though if SG or Flanagan think he will get away from it all up here he is in for a very rude awakening. Honestly, I hope he fails his medical.........I think 🤔
  4. markem

    Jon Flanagan

    oh er - bloody hell
  5. markem

    Candeias - "I am so tired"

    I’m a bit like that - tell no cunt nothing. Tbh though I’m sure anything we put out there is standard stuff that we don’t need to be protecting.
  6. markem

    Darren Fletcher

    As if there isn’t enough it sounds like we’re dealing with a strain of Super Strength Taig. Even more Taig than the typical 100% Taig.
  7. markem

    Jon Flanagan

    A full back that can defend sounds not to bad mate - I take your point though.
  8. markem

    Jon Flanagan

    I'm not taking the piss when I say this mate, Ive read many of your posts where there is a Liverpool connection and they seem informed and balanced, you must however be very worried about this signing? Not so much about the signing in isolation but the managers judgement as he clearly rated him very highly back then and we have to assume he does so now. You reckon John and Tav are superior players as per your other post?
  9. markem

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Some of the individuals mate - it’s unbelievable. That boy hitting the one man wall there.
  10. markem

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    I’ve watched two games of utter turgid football today.......another two. This Saudi keeper looks utterly petrified and I don’t think Uruguay have tested him since his howler.
  11. markem

    Candeias - "I am so tired"

    “Yes, this is the hardest pre-season I have ever had” Good 👌
  12. markem

    Jon Flanagan

    I am not saying I support this signing nor defend what he done however there are big differences between the player and Collymore and who gives a fuck about him anyway.
  13. markem

    Jon Flanagan

  14. markem

    Jordan jones

    Killie fan I know says Hull have bud 600k for him today.
  15. markem

    World Cup bets

    For the other group a lot hinges on this first game - I reckon if Portugal could take a few Spain will go out tonight determined to do the same. Morocco looked better than that result suggested v Iran tbf. Even the 3 games to be over 2.5 if about 5/1 today.