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  1. No one can be seriously using their defeat to us as suggested evidence of him officiating them fairly. i tens not use the word cheating but hard to avoid on the 29th - he stopped just short of shouting ‘next goals the winner’
  2. Just imagine they’d came back with the multiple suspensions they should have or if Griffiths gets sent of V Hamilton when he should have. Couple that with the numerous points in our Aberdeen and Killie games that would have resulted in us getting 3 points. Is our form poor? Fucking right however it helps to be officiated fairly and when it is all the chat is ‘sign of a good team grinding out results’.......Hearts aside which was pathetic. My point is without fail when we are struggling the ref seems to have a stinker yet when they struggle he seems to do them a favour. Very few teams will play well over a whole season, people forgetting how well have done at times and overlooking the absolute shit show we are up against - all this chat about need to blow teams away, yeah great would be nice but we need to not be hindered at the first moment of struggling. Aberdeen away - late pen not given, Cosgrove should be off Aberdeen at home a joke (Cosgrove should be off) .....straight red at celtic btw...of course Killie away - where to start, where to fucking start We imo have managed to over come shocking officiating at celtic away and Hibs/Livi home Take Killie away and Livi at home. Stone wall red cards ...they are given, Mibbie we score a few and Mibbie that gets us back on track. Again I am not saying we shouldn’t be looking inward but anyone dismissing the impact of refs is imo off the mark.
  3. Coverage mostly concentrates on the one that was first to react and offer help. Right yi are 👆
  4. Game few weeks ago pitch looked sodden and cut up - we put sprinklers on it at HT.
  5. He knows all about diddy English clubs Barry....put in a transfer request to go to one.
  6. Honestly? Can see him being taken aside and advised ‘that’s not the Rangers way’ Speculative on my part - the points a good one. He’s not daft, he must see it.
  7. Fair enough you wouldn’t watch them bud but you can’t then make a point that they find a a way to overcome the same standard of refereeing? Assumimg you seen them on the 29th did it appear the ref was applying his ‘incompetence’ equally ? Trust me you wouldn’t need to watch them to know if they were dropping points as a result of Refs - it’s all you would hear, thing is ....they never do. Ok, our form isn’t great, that’s fair however if that game is reffed properly the chat tomorrow is.....sign of a good team, grinding out results etc. If it’s incompetence it’s fairly consistent how it’s applied....helps them, hinders us. We shouldn’t be having to overcome this absolute fuckery constantly ....btw we did v celtic and we did v Hibs but it’s impossible to consistently beat a ref. Sends Dicker off tonight for his dive we walk away with a several goal win ...he fails, chops their goal off or allows our to stand we probably narrowly win. Is it now accepted we have to blow teams away to defeat the ref? Clancy was the best btw, as we got to the 96th minute I thought he was going to shout.....next goals the winner
  8. We fucked it after win on 29th. We should have (from a winning position) been relentless and let it be known we won’t accept it.....we squeaked VAR would help.
  9. Let me give you an example. Cosgrove plays two consecutive games versus us he should be sent off. Once in the second minute (this is the same game Beaton apologises to our manager as he’s unable to look across a line) and in the next game he doesn’t get a yellow. He goes to celtic and gets a straight red. Game changing decisions. If you can highlight one example, just one where they’ve had to deal with the standard we have going back to when Beaton apologised to Gerard I’ll concede you have a point but you can’t. Our form is way off, it’s not in doubt but this widespread dismissal of the huge impact refs have had on our season is driving me bonkers. Let me simplify it with a question: If we had VAR in Scotland would we have a cup and how many more points? That’s a two goal swing tonight before even considering they should be down to ten in 1st half.
  10. Surely Ally played most in 80’s - all competitions ?
  11. Have lost all faith for our club to do a single thing about these pricks or their ilk - that our board based on legacy experiences (different board or not) haven’t now learned is genuinely beyond belief. Sleeping at the wheel.
  12. Struggling last week. 34th penalty to celtic. Struggling this week 37th minute red for Hamilton.
  13. Straight red at piggery - no hesitation.
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