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  1. markem

    Rangers related picture thread

    Just came across these and a few other amongst my stuff - Davies testimonial might have been my first game the other past on from my granda
  2. Let’s ask if one of their best players will stay beyond current deal and get a headline. Don’t dance for these cunts - he’s our player until the end of the year, he’s in great form and all parties will review the situation then. Dont get me wrong, Gary doesn’t say what they claim but he should be totally dismissive when they are trying to use him like that. They asking all clubs about their loan players ?
  3. markem

    Sshhh. Aberdeen Vs Rangers - Video

    Always brilliant videos however that had a genuine touch of brilliance. The editing (if that’s the right choice of word) to ensure audio and visual worked in parallel was brilliant. Class bud - thanks and get it right up them. Shhhhhhhhh
  4. markem

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    The club needs to pick our battles, I think we all get that however if we don’t have a strategy for dealing with what is without doubt a kangaroo court we might as well forget it. We can be as staunch as we like, I enjoy the no surrender attitude as much as the next bear however the climate is now that refs cannot approach games involving us without a magnitude of outside pressures and we also have this fucking diabolical hidden jury concviting and acquitting as they see fit. Make no mistake, points can and will be won and lost by the decisions that are being made and any doubt that may have remained that’s it a system designed to fuck us over has now been removed. For the sake of argument let’s just say we accept the bans we got, that’s one thing however that they move forward with no impact when their defender and captain should be banned is shocking. At a time they can’t really afford to be losing more players there will be no consequences. It stinks and as much as I accept there are no easy answers the club is going to need to take the gloves off and find a way - are we to accept that no matter what we do on the pitch we won’t be allowed to win a title? - fuck that. Put aside what I’ve said about refs and this compliance fuckery, the point has now been made that everything will be done to ensure we don’t get a fair crack at it, nothing will be off limits to stop us and if we don’t deal with that we may as well hand out the prizes now. I honestly believe it’s a fight our club would rather not be having however imo it’s inexcusable not to, we will follow regardless, it will always be that way but we absolutely deserve the right to go and see our team and have a level playing field - the responsible persons owe it to the fans and the club itself to take these cheating, corrupt bastards on.
  5. markem

    Defoe doesn't fit our style

    Know what you mean to a point bud however there is also at times the need to highlight the most stupid of posts/threads - two games in and a guy like Defoe was being written off. Does my nut in tbh, folk writing players off without giving them any real chance and then come along with the ‘glad to be wrong’ line when the player does well - what about give them a fucking chance before writing them off? This isn’t pointed at you btw, I appreciate it’s not your thread, it isn’t even just a pop at this particular thread, it happens too often. The issue isn’t those calling it out now it’s the stupid fucking thread in the 1st place.
  6. markem

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    I’ve grown to hate the very sight of Derek, hard to articulate how grateful I am the guy never ended up Rangers manager.
  7. markem

    No further action to be taken over St Mirren game

    It’s all part of their cunning isn it. Couldn’t even be considered there is an agenda in their favour whilst the narrative is quite the opposite. Right people in the media, feed their support the bullshit they’ll so willingly believe........
  8. markem

    No further action to be taken over St Mirren game

    It’s becoming the norm now to announce what won’t be happening after our games. Why not just have a press conference and go through the entire team after every game.
  9. markem

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Defending for terrier opener is beyond belief. Defender stood waiting on the ball to come to him in his own fucking box. Really was appalling.
  10. markem

    Defoe doesn't fit our style

    It’s mind boggling and you’ve barely scratched the surface there. This particular assessment is a belter, absolutely fucking mental.
  11. markem

    Press Conference : Gerrard and Jack

    Genuine question mate, and it’s not a loaded question or me trying to be wide...when you seen his name on the team sheet before Wed did you have a problem with him starting? I agree btw I expect him to start.
  12. markem

    Press Conference : Gerrard and Jack

    Not sure to much would surprise you tbh. Polster got a permit.
  13. markem

    The Media Agenda

    I’ve seen the guy take plenty stick on here, I agree with much of it and offered plenty however his work today is spot on so I’m not going to give him stick about where they chose to feature it....the debate about taking their coin will go on and that’s fair enough but not many with a platform have had the balls to write with that tone and correctly ask questions of the Clyde Tunnel 1.
  14. markem

    The Media Agenda

    Fair play to the Dude who’s just put up a blog that’ll have those cunts self harming the remainder of the day. Credit where its due, it’s a belter 😂