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  1. Many years of not being held to account for anything has created this mindset with them, literally think they are above the law.
  2. I signed up for the 9 months via finance however have now have had two payments of £140 taken
  3. And then you have Doctor Gerry McCann and the bizarre immediate political (labour government) influence over the case of his missing daughter......what’s that? John who? Reid...it’s not like he and Gerry worked together at celtic......wait, they did? BTW that might be a stretch above but my word the coincidences mount up around that club.
  4. Difficult to know where that mob are going with this, they simply have to know that the inevitable will now happen yet they are passing up (passed up) on the opportunity to do the right thing and emerge with any shred of (self appointed) credibility. Tbh I’d say they know they are bang to rights or they’d be threatening platforms like this with legal action. Does puzzle me as for all there is to hate about them they typically play the PR game well.
  5. ‘I’ve heard so many anecdotes’........another one admitting he knew now trying to get the right side of it now it won’t be stopped. To late for Gordon, too late for all to many Scottish Journalists, history will define them as willing to look the other way at best......complicit is the reality.
  6. Whether it be your official work, tweets or posts on here I had went full circle with your content, whether disagreeing or otherwise (recently) I’ve appreciated your perspective. That above however is amongst the biggest amount of shit I’ve seen written on here and you’ll agree it’s a tough competition. Historic sex offences aren’t high on the public agenda.....whit? There are a number of reasons these issues aren’t given the attention they should but lack of public interest for exposure and justice being served is absolute garbage, an assumed conclusion I’d expect put out there by one of the pricks in your industry you’ve done well to seperate yourself from.
  7. Perhaps the Daily Record will also tell us how many of their journalists have known over the years what was going on and why they choose to look the other way.........them and a long list of others media outlets.......politicians........law enforcement agencies........ Too late to try and get on the right side of this now, their complicity is long established.
  8. Blah blah blah.......nailed it alright, bravo
  9. Any suggestions that this was a retaliatory act against an incident from last night can be forgot. Yesteday morning
  10. I’ll grant you if the title was still in the balance the intensity around the game would go up a notch however my desire to beat them based on my utter contempt for them (on and off the pitch) has never been greater, and I’ve been watching this fixture for over 30 years now.
  11. Blatant ‘look at me’ - fucking idiot.
  12. Honour? celtic? That’s a belter.....seriously, not a chance - a guard of honour is about respect and they’ll get what they deserve.
  13. Somewhere in that family line someone has had more than typical sibling love.
  14. 800 bud, Wigan down to ten most of game and Leeds missed a pen
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