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  1. There's another one 14:38 and 16:49. Clumsy day. o
  2. Italia 90 - easily the best I can recall.
  3. Early opportunity to put a marker down mate. Take that advice from a guy that totally failed to do so.
  4. Title thread. Easily. Refrencing Struth whilst using language like that
  5. Please stand up, please stand up. Thats brutal from me, I just couldn't stop myself.
  6. I actually thought the guy you mentioned was one of few who got pass marks in regards to aggression. Probably tracking back to win posssion back rather than pressing as such. Regardless I agree with the point. We just looked to have no answer to how they set up in particular the second half. Problem is, we will face that time and again. Massive chance for Miller in the 1st half, I haven't seen it since however felt at time it was a good save, however he should have scored. Second week in a row a goal that would have completely changed the game Overall too slow in shifting the ball and lacking quality at crucial moments. Not willing to hit from distance and pick up rebounds, losing out on the second ball countless times. It just wasn't very clever at all. Only positives I can take is Morales looked very good and I don't feel we will concede every time a cross comes into our box anymore. There is no dressing it up however 4 from 9 is a disaster. Teams like Hearts want to have a word with themselves btw, time wasting etc on a game they had every chance of winning had they showed any ambition
  7. I agree we are a much better looking team on paper than last year and for that reason I was very much in the give him time camp, last week. What was pointed out to me by a few is that it's his in game management that's a concern and tbh I seen nothing on Saturday that disproves them. Substitutions are baffling and faced with the way Hearts set up I don't think he had any idea how to make adjustments to find the break through - we wouldn't have scored if we had played till 20:00 It's not looking good for him at all, I am not sure how many truly expected us to be challenging at the business end of this season however to be out of Europe and 5 behind after 3? Dissapointing doesn't cover it.
  8. It's just meh isn't it. Looks like they've took plain training tops and slapped our badge on it. Would have sympathised if it had been done in haste to get it out, they can't be accused of acting in haste.
  9. And the Mexican Elephant in the room........
  10. Probably 10 years + I've been posting on this site and never said anything nearly remotely like this. Ban this DFB.
  11. Fucking unbelievable
  12. Between this post and the anagram of Beaton in your name the jury is out on you. You are an H away from me going all out para Only joking mate Shite post though.
  13. It's hambergers.
  14. Just watching that video I would question whether Mcgeogh shoves the ref (and then points in his face) out the road. Shoves is extreme but he's not meant to put his hands on the ref at all, and he's definitley aggressive towards him - get that its time to move on, that's the first time I have brought myself to watching it in detail - whole game was a fucking farce.