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  1. Full marks to the young bear they are shouting at. Not a single fuck to give.
  2. markem


    Agree - wee bit concerned this very scenario will unfold and it will leave us light and I’d imagine a manager not to pleased. No different a challenge from most other clubs tbf, just hope we have a decent contingency plan.
  3. All the very best GB - you and what you do/have done is 1st class....struggling for the words to describe my appreciation and admiration tbh. Will most certainly put a donation in soon as a way of showing my gratitude.
  4. fwiw they lost only 3 times in their domestic league last year - won league, 2nd season in a row Manager is Dan Petrescu
  5. Pretty sure it’s their song and they asked us if we’d play it - we obliged
  6. It’s an utterly abysmal thread mate. 6-0 win straight online to single out a player that btw had a decent game, it’s a shocker even if he was poor but he wasn’t. I will never understand it personally but there seems to an element of our support that aren’t content if they don’t have a whipping boy in the squad.
  7. It’s no real surprise tbh - it’s appalling of course but the SNP’s apathy around this is in line with everything else they do. Persecute one Club/supporters/community whilst turning a blind eye to the other at every single turn. There are no boundaries to this, absolutely nobody can believe that this would have been handled the same if the issue was at Rangers. A full public enquiry would have been ordered and at a minimum there would have been calls to suspend the club pending that investigation....rightly so btw
  8. markem

    Rangers v TNS

    Hear that, just took huge satisfaction out of buying a ticket for a game v Oxford (no disrespect to our boat racing friends)
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