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  1. Somewhere in that family line someone has had more than typical sibling love.
  2. 800 bud, Wigan down to ten most of game and Leeds missed a pen
  3. To be honest buddy whilst I am sure they have a process I’m just not sure how they can test whether they have it in their locker to play for us unless they’ve proven themselves in similar situations, even then playing for us imo is a unique challenge...an absolute honour and should be the best time of their career but they’ll be tested in ways they’ve not before. Either way that team for me has to many that cannot cope when the going gets tough. You need at least a few that will take responsibility, a few others will look towards. We have a captain (who plays right in front of me) that sulks like a child when we are losing. They become individuals when the pressure is on.
  4. I think part of the challenge we face now is about getting players that have the mentality to play for Rangers. We do not have the budget to sign proven winners so we are signing players we believe are technically good and hoping they have the character. So many of them I think can play, when the going is good you see that however the weight of going behind at Ibrox (for example) crushes them. How many times have we won from a losing position this year ?
  5. Pretty much, there are a number of fairly easily solutions but historically the outcomes of anything involving us have been stupid, either to harsh when dealing with us or to lenient when offending against us..then what happens is there comes a point when they have to make decisions involving other teams and they find themselves screwed by precedent, the solution to that is to say...this doesn’t work, what will we do now Compliance officer is another example of this. A fairly straight forward idea, ref missed it, it’s a clear dangerous tackle, retrospect ban...but naw, we know the rest.
  6. Hilarious. Their willingness to believe the shit they are fed about everyone loving/supporting them and their mislead sense of superiority leaves them in a staye of shock when reality bites. A support made of loon balls and a new smug generation of them that really do think they are something special. Wait till they are really brought back down a few pegs on and off the park. Can’t fucking wait.
  7. Brighten your day up lads. Go and put it about that the Leicester fan boards are reporting it’s fell through. Watch the hope turn to despair.
  8. Good for him, the VERY rare occurrence of an ex player of ours telling it like it is about those sanctimonious pricks.
  9. Days between the Great Dane and Davie Cooper who’s birthday is Monday, as is another DC in Daniel Candeias.
  10. Exactly mate. What were his motives for that comment? He’s either stupid or very calculating. It was staggering tbh
  11. I am yet to colnclude whether intentional or not but Mr Clarke is emerging as a very dangerous individual, granted more as a result of the platform he has but dangerous nevertheless. Its important not to forget how many times Killie and Rangers have played. He’s been called a name one single time, once. He has just sat there bringing up alleged transfer policies of decades ago and genuinely astonishingly said ‘I could bring Mulumbu a Black Muslim player beside me today’ - Only he can explain his motives for bringing race up a second time He ‘HIM’ is stuck in a mindset of decades ago - I honestly find him a very sinister individual who has craved the spotlight , grabbed it at opportunity one and now wants to kick us around to retain it. He is a liar and that’s been evidenced twice, most prominently by his apparent obliviousness around the Boyd situation. It really is now or never for Rangers. Grow a fucking set and put our cards on the table or forever more be the play thing of bigots - with regret I think we will take the role of the latter.
  12. The corker in all of this is that Rangers are in the doc Rangers this week: Sang the word Fenian once. Yes ONCE Another Glasgow Club Repeatdly chanted Orange Bastard at a pro. Struck said player with a coin so we can fairly assume an assault driven by Sectarianism Have set fire to a Bar in again what can easily be assumed a sectarian attack - make no mistake the consequences could have been dire. Appeared on line in various videos abroad chanting their support for terrorism. Last but not least, a online video emerges where they are teaching and encouraging a child to sing a song driven by bigotry and hoping a man dies. So there you have it. 5 days, 2 Clubs and the outcome? All out attack on Rangers from all quarters. I’ll say it again, a word was said ONCE. Let there be no doubt for anyone that those so offended by sectarianism are bigots to their very core.
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