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  1. A surprise 'two for a pound' pop up shop appearing outside the Burns Mall any time soon, perhaps?
  2. Sign me up for Blackburn. Can only listen to Tam so many times a week.
  3. Even through the shite we were subjected to under Pedro, always said and thought there was a player in Docherty. Hope he is given a real chance this season.
  4. Let's hope there is no magical inflated next transfer unless we are getting a decent chunk of change.
  5. Cousin was unplayable in that match. Totally unplayable. Still one of my favourite games from a Rangers player in the 'modern' era!
  6. Anything around that is a cracking piece of business, imo. Bologna are far from being a bad team. He may have not played much latter half, but hope he transitions well to here and is a big signing for us.
  7. Milan, and then two 'easiest' teams from the remaining pots would be what I'd be after!
  8. Happy Birthday, mate. Some game day for your 70th! What a performance, they should all be proud of themselves. This is the Rangers I know.
  9. Popped into this thread hoping to see a positive update from you, FB. Great to hear you're on the up, look after yourself
  10. Cracking piece of news. This summer is off to a great start.
  11. Assuming he is fit then Murphy is a must to start. But of quality, a good out ball if we are pinned in at points. Holt may have had a few decent games earlier on, but he isn't a player I want starting regularly in games such as these.
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