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  1. Ibrox_Nights

    Are we waiting?

    Was thinking the exact same thing last night. But if we are getting additional players in regardless, then happy days. Presuming they are of the level required.
  2. Ibrox_Nights

    Union Bears Display Info for Tommorow

    Looks the ticket, lot of hard work there!
  3. Ibrox_Nights

    "A Thank You"

    Popped into this thread hoping to see a positive update from you, FB. Great to hear you're on the up, look after yourself
  4. Ibrox_Nights

    Out?: Josh Windass

    Superb news if true.
  5. Ibrox_Nights

    John off To The Swans

    Not a ringing endorsement, but you're not wrong.
  6. Ibrox_Nights

    Jack Simpson (Bournemouth)

    It's twilight zone, mate. Complete mince buying players for tens of millions. Game has gone mental there.
  7. Ibrox_Nights

    Official Scarves.

    Might not have been top priority over the 'banter years,' but the selection of merchandise really is something we quite often disappoint with. Saying that, the rubber duck was quite snazzy!
  8. Ibrox_Nights

    Kyle Lafferty

    :D Usually starts in the right fashion before descending to rat shit. Still, if you can wade through pages of tripe, still the odd good nugget of information to be had!
  9. Ibrox_Nights

    Gerrard is a tiny man

  10. Ibrox_Nights

    Kyle Lafferty

    The SFA fucked us over that year (surprise, surprise) for sure. If he does arrive, who's opening a book on his first bizarre injury? We've already had slipped in the pool, and we've done falling off the team bus. Maybe the old Sebastiano Rossi of falling over a toilet roll?
  11. Ibrox_Nights

    Cardoso off?

    It seems players have a very strange perception about what it means playing for Rangers these days. Hopefully that will change with a born winner like SG in charge. Can you imagine a player under Walter thinking they had done anything but fail spectacularly under the same circumstances. Scoring a goal against Partick and you'd think he'd fired us to a European Cup. That's showing them, Son.
  12. Ibrox_Nights

    No shirt sponsor

    That's a cracking pick of Laudrup. Loved that shirt as well, personally.
  13. Ibrox_Nights

    Kyle Lafferty

    Cardboard fox in the box.
  14. Ibrox_Nights

    Mick O’Halleron away

    Cracking piece of news. This summer is off to a great start.