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  1. Are u fucking mental , rangers would stop the free rolls , no chance
  2. quality
  3. Fuck the tims we've got buisness to attend to this evening
  4. It's on again tonight sky sports 1 at 9
  5. A remember regi blinker gettin a great reception when he came on as a sub for the vermin
  6. Can't see it happening , maybe up here but can't see the police allowing the bears into Leeds for a " friendly "
  7. Fuckin red neck haveing a go at a fellow bear for raiseing money for charity , no wonder our support is divided as much as it is
  8. Govanblue do u think these are Dingwall shirts , are you sure there not official holland home and away tops with the Nike sponsor and holland badge which Dingwall copied ? Just sayin
  9. Naw it dusny work like that
  10. U forgot to add bjk in there sumwhere
  11. Full game is on YouTube if that's any use
  12. Ultras dont fight your thinking of casuals
  13. They are the people
  14. Nae chance , refunding the fans from Sat could land us in administration