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  1. Good luck with the impending delivery of another blue nose.
  2. I don't think its nonsense, its an opinion based on our club being emptied by the previous charlatans of most of the clubs historic staff - history that we should be proud of and embrace.
  3. I don't think its an obsession as such more a nagging feeling we no longer have a club with our history and values being put on to the new guys.
  4. Why not?
  5. I have 100% sympathy for Murty, not a manager and never will be but he has been handed the proverbial shit sandwich. Our esteemed business management team have no idea - we can see it, can they, we need Mcleish or someone like him in for a couple of years to steady the ship.
  6. I don't believe we have the best man in the role, i also believe the correct person would not allow the sporadic outbursts from our club. I know we are crying out for someone to defend us and we want more transparency but so far the present incumbents have shown themselves up to be lacking an understanding in what needs to be said and when. I see many senior execs present business plans, strategy, finance reports etc on a regular basis, some are great some are poor, we fall in to the poor category, i don't believe the board have identified the type of person we need for the role and have went for "SPL experience" rather than strategic ability. We are in the middle of the biggest meltdown in our history and we haven't identified the need for a Rangers minded individual who is strategic with a strong robust attitude. Or is it that King wanted an easily controlled stooge at the helm......
  7. I would generally agree with this when it comes to most "top" managers, i am thinking we need a Mcleish/Ferguson type team in at the moment, wouldn't be overly popular but would hopefully instil some pride and tradition in the players. The standard of player we have and the lack of structure through the team is a worry, i don't know if a foreign coach with no links to the club is the way forward at the moment.
  8. Fair enough he does do that, still thought the ball back to him happened far too often - again Wilson was looking for an out ball that wasn't there, other players not making themselves available or Danny maybe a bit rusty.
  9. I thought he was left wide open for the first goal, shouldn't have even had a shot on goal - defence issue. He hesitated for the second goal, i think he was anticipating a touch, it was to late to make the save - his fault. I don't know how many times Danny Wilson played a tight ball back to him putting him under pressure. He is a decent keeper, i believe he would go on to better things if he had a better defence in front of him.
  10. Stayed up last night to watch the game, got into the office this morning like a half shut knife, one of the guys who works for me is a Gers fan from Maryhill - he guessed id been watching the game and asked how it went. Sorry to say i went through the team and struggled to give any of them pass marks, sad but Miller is our best player by some gap at 30something. Its by far the worst game I've seen a Rangers team play in, keep in mind i was there in the early 80s........ We cannot continue with Murty, we need someone in who knows the game and can identify the players that CAN step up and get rid of the rest.
  11. Ive seen better shaped amateur teams, this is nothing short of abysmal.
  12. Theres a simple retort to this if the scum want to have a go. Agree its disgusting (which it is) and advise that you want a full no holds barred outcome, "just like they have" Its not abut point scoring its about child abuse and holding those who carried it out and hid it accountable.
  13. Get it all out in the open, every last bit of it. These animals (if guilty) should feel the full force of the law, those hiding it should be dealt with as well.
  14. RDB - director of football and FDB as manager - football porn.