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  1. harry handsome

    Reply to Stewart Robertson from Susan Aitken

    Who in their right mind sends death threats to anyone, I know we have some over excitable fans but death threats, really..... Is the use of death threat (in this case by Aitken) the new sectarian card being played.
  2. harry handsome

    The Gallant 800

    I know, great isn't it.
  3. harry handsome

    The Gallant 800

    Someone put a deodorant motif on the shields.
  4. harry handsome

    Hugh Burns on Rangers radio

    Used to play down at Ballochmyle with him.
  5. harry handsome

    Hugh Burns on Rangers radio

    What course?
  6. harry handsome

    Hugh Burns on Rangers radio

    Handy golfer as well.
  7. harry handsome

    *** The Official Kilmarnock vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Its down to precedent though, if they dont have enough time to apply thats unfortunate, if Rangers have applied in time and precedent shows that we have allowed enough time but not been given them, UEFA will possibly ban the Russians. One thing about UEFA and FIFA (apart from being corrupt) they generally frown on political interference.
  8. harry handsome

    *** The Official Kilmarnock vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Im not totally against the artificial pitches, like most on here played on them over the years but, that pitch today looked horrendous to play on. The officials need to have a look at themselves, we need to be questioning the goal they never gave, even if we win we need to keep the pressure on them when they fuck up. Morales is a machine, he works his balls off and we need to keep a hold of him, we also need Lafferty (or similar) in we cant rely on one striker this season. Jordan Jones played well and offers more than some of the players we have. I also thought the Liverpool loanee (Erjia) looked better than he has done, keep the faith with him and i believe we will warm to him. All in all its good to be a Ger at this time.
  9. harry handsome


    I would open the door and usher any one of them back in if it meant we put the scum back in their place. Doesn't mean I have forgotten but the bigger picture is more important.
  10. harry handsome

    New(ish) poster

    Made me laugh, simplistic thought about them.
  11. harry handsome


    I think we were told when he signed that he needed some work and could be frustrating at times, he does try and be clever when he shouldn't do so get the OP point, but he is a player that is busy and never hides.
  12. harry handsome

    Picture(s) tell a thousand words

    Middleton has a serious Serial Killer look about him.....
  13. harry handsome

    Ryan Jack

    I couldn't mind how to spell his name, thats what I shout at the TV when he is playing 😂 He needs a staunch name anyway.
  14. harry handsome

    Ryan Jack

    We missed Big CoolBilly at times, Jack him.and Arfield will be dynamite.
  15. harry handsome

    Press Conference

    SG still knocking out the straight forward answers, no caravans or geography. He gets it.