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  1. For the press and pundits to absolutely slaughter the boy Power for that horrendous tackle. I have popcorn and beer ready for the two weeks of tidal wave condemnation from our friends in the press. I have a feeling the sell by date will come in to play.
  2. Watching from afar and having been away from Scotland for so long you have it spot on. Scotland is hating itself to death.
  3. I watched Worral with him at the end, Worral was bewildered.
  4. He reads the game well but his timing and decision making can be suspect, that will get better with time, he will go on to be a top player.
  5. We are pretty popular in Leicester- you should be ok most pubs.
  6. Boyne - Arniston Rangers, amused me.
  7. Well worded and takes full advantage of the situation by highlighting the dodgy dealings on the other side of the city. Sometimes it pays to wait for your opportunity to strike.
  8. I was there three years ago upper east side, the guys were brilliant. Also had Marco Negri in that day. Definitely worth going along and meeting the guys.
  9. harry handsome


    Or have someone within the organisation.
  10. harry handsome


    The PC pendulum has swung as far left as it can, it is going to swing back my fear is how far right it swings. The UK needs a centre right government full of Rangers supporting Proddies.....
  11. harry handsome


    Are FARE fair and equitable in their reporting. Surely they need to be fare oops fair in the amount of games they attend in all Football stadia featuring all teams in the competition otherwise its not fair oops i mean FARE. In other words they can get to fuck with their one eyed slanted view of the world.
  12. My last game at Ibrox before I emigrated was a Euro night, cant remember who we were playing but we won. Been gone 14 years plus now. The atmosphere that night will live with me forever, you just cannot beat a winning night in Europe with 50,000 bears giving it the bouncy at Ibrox. Great memories, long past.
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