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  1. Its not worth 2 Ginger bottles, i witnessed the rebuild of their shitehole.
  2. Horrible horrible bastard of a club, i cannot for the life of me work out how honest journalists are not pulling this apart. I think the standard response to all journalists who have a go at Rangers should be - if you were/are a real journalist how is your journalistic investigation going into the largest scandal to hit world football. I reckon it puts them on the spot, no bad language no personal comments just ask the question in a responsible manner.
  3. Guard of honour, for what? There is zero honour in their own club, a club that at all costs will deny their own putrid history.
  4. I think after the last game against them i felt we had let ourselves slip back in to our shell, it was extremely disappointing and i knee jerked a little. Where i see it is that we have improved but have a fair bit of work to do in certain areas. I think the manager needs to realise his stubborn streak can be a positive but its also his weak point. I don't see what he sees in Worral for instance but he has worked wonders with other players... We need a real solid no nonsense central defender and central midfielder, if we can add goals we have a fairly good team. We have improved, its all about quality rather than numbers now.
  5. Vintage 🤣 I'm thinking 1968 is vintage, showing my age.
  6. Stevie doesn't have a clue I'm sorry to say, Worrall says it all.
  7. Good score obviously, the boy Coombes seems to be a player??
  8. Lets get back to the ratchet and hoorah days.
  9. For the press and pundits to absolutely slaughter the boy Power for that horrendous tackle. I have popcorn and beer ready for the two weeks of tidal wave condemnation from our friends in the press. I have a feeling the sell by date will come in to play.
  10. Watching from afar and having been away from Scotland for so long you have it spot on. Scotland is hating itself to death.
  11. I watched Worral with him at the end, Worral was bewildered.
  12. He reads the game well but his timing and decision making can be suspect, that will get better with time, he will go on to be a top player.
  13. We are pretty popular in Leicester- you should be ok most pubs.
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