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  1. Best two players on the park Bates then Barjonas. Bates defends first, great attacker of the ball. Barjonas great engine and very strong for his age, great player.
  2. I actually think he has the mettle to deal with this himself, id prefer the board dealt with funding and the non footballing side of our business so that he can fight back on the pitch to shut them up. I get the feeling this guy won't open doors for his detractors - he doesn't strike me as an appeaser.
  3. I don't think many of them would be welcomed back with open arms, but taking the fuck them route rather than thinking fuck Celtic is narrow minded. We need as many good players at the club next season, even the deserters, to try and claw some football respectability back.
  4. FFS - OK so maybe not Gough, split hairs on names you pick one.
  5. Yip - these types of guys may be able to bring some honesty to the table.
  6. I raised the idea in a post here a few months ago and had fairly mixed views on it, everyone has an issue from trust through to financial management and the affect of the share price etc etc One issue that isn't going away is the lack of funds and where it leaves us with them across the city lording it at the moment, we can't sit back and do nothing. I live in OZ and would donate a monthly sum and i know of many here who would. As someone said at the time, putting money in with no trust of how it would be used is the main issue, given the lack of real transparency from the board and the fans representatives i think thats a fair call. So how do we do it, put aside the legal and financial guidelines and look at it in simple terms that it can be done. Lets say Walter Smith, Richard Gough, An Accountant, A Lawyer and a fan were on the committee which gave us some trust and we left them to it would it work, monthly update on funds and the legal aspect supported by two ex employees who i would say are trusted, possible annual on line voting on and off etc Several major companies run investment committees and pool the members of the committee from various fields with their businesses. if we had such a committee and those involved were NOT part of the board and clearly visible and trusted would it work.
  7. I have a fear that Pedro will try and be too clever and cost us again. Get back to the system and players we used prior to the cup game and tell them to sit on top of each and every one of their players. We pushed higher and harder in the last 20 mins of last weeks game and they didn't like it.
  8. Positional sense is fantastic, wee bit raw but stands up well and doesn't dive in. I thought his passing was better than it has been - had a better game than Beerman today.
  9. Hyndman was very very poor - i thought it may have been down to how we were set up. We didn't seem to want to get in about them at all, he's a midfielder who scavenges off loose balls etc - we didn't challenge to get any loose balls.
  10. Disgusting.
  11. Two tight in the middle with two wide and two up top, we need to win the ball in the middle or we will be in trouble as neither of the subs would be overly effective defensively.
  12. Where is Toral? We aren't anywhere near them in the middle of the park - this is like watching Warburtons Rangers with 3 across the middle and Halliday in there, it doesn't work. 4 fucking 4 fucking 2 Get closer to them in the middle win the battles and put the ball in behind them.
  13. Fucking terrible, Bates has played well as has Tav.
  14. Yip from the first whistle they've been looked after.
  15. Pedro FFS - get it changed, this is poor. We can't pick a pass when we get the ball, you have us camped in with no out ball.