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  1. Bear Andrew Gray

    Can i ask where in Australia he is?
  2. espanyolification

    So where has the money come from that they invested in the playing squad this year? I get your point about the fans putting in - they do put plenty in but the harsh fact is we don't have a benefactor willing to pump millions in, where do we find money to counter the money they are pulling in - it can only be found through existing contributors...... If you look at my original comment - i said "another 50,000 worldwide" or are we kidding ourselves on that we have they numbers around the globe.
  3. espanyolification

    Dont in any way agree/disagree what we do need to do is move past that mindset or belief otherwise we are well and truly fucked. If and when we go down the route of fan ownership it needs to be with a clear defined business plan and independent accountant/auditor in the middle of it all, we can and do need to help our club. That means we need to change our mindset of its fucked to a mindset of its fucked and we need to fix it because no one else will. Im not totally against King etc and i do feel a sense of security with our club being in his hands - i don't feel a sense of ballsy investment or for that matter that he has access to the funds to do it even if he wanted to. It has to be fan investment - we can't sit and shit all over people if we can't even agree between fan groups.
  4. espanyolification

    On many occasions i have brought up the subject of getting our club back where it needs to be and i can't see any other way to do this than pulling the fans together, this is exactly where we are and are heading unless the fan groups can sit down with each other and agree that a united fan base is the only real way we can reverse this trend. Is it more important that we call each other wankers because we see things differently or is the future of our club more important. We are in a very serious position at the moment and only money and trust can get us back where we need to be, we don't have a Knight in shining armour, it may even be that those who fucked us recently were in party with our scum neighbours. We cannot trust anyone other than ourselves. Surely there is a trustworthy dyed in the wool Rangers man that can head up such a fans group. Reading most of the comments it seems we accept that money is the problem, is it really the problem or is it our inclination to in-fight that is the problem...... Almost 50,000 plus fans turn up every other week, where is the business nous in the club to take Rangers to Australia, America and where ever else in a weekly basis via website, TV, merchandise etc we are woeful in this space. I have said before and i say it again i will pay a season ticket price plus more for free Rangers TV and a top every year to stop these manky bastards. Another 50,000 worldwide debiting 10 pounds a week into our club for the playing pool only - is it really that much an ask and is it really that difficult to see what the outcome will be if we can't put our inter fan group bullshit aside. I fear the worst at times, we talk it well we need to walk it better.
  5. Are celtic really that good?

    I think if you look at yesterdays game they are a fair bit ahead of us - i also believe its a couple of players and attitude that makes the difference, i don't think they are that far ahead of us. A couple of real full backs and a hard centre mid we wouldn't be far off, given we had a makeshift defence and the penalty could have changed the way the game evolved, but then i am always the optimist.
  6. Pena

    Some players don't click straight away and need time to get put to speed before the touch comes back - anyone of a certain era remember Jardel (i think it was) who was deemed useless at his Rangers trial.....
  7. Ryan Hardie Press Conference

    Dembele is worth a trillion - what was his big game experience prior to celtic?
  8. Im not for building bridges, I'm for burying every last single one of the stinking bastards that tried to kill us off, where i differ is how we do it. We can't fight the fight from outside the ring, we need to be in there fighting it head on. We need to be positioning our kind and take control of the cesspit. Start by having likeminded individuals running the smaller clubs in Scotland, get more ex Rangers players in lower levels coaching and managing teams. Start the revolution from within the game, not outside smashing windows.
  9. Pedro's Press Conference

    I think the MOH comments were a bit strong but i do like the forthright answer all the same - i think he was in essence saying that MOH is a one trick pony.
  10. Ryan Hardie Press Conference

    He's as sharp as a tack. I wonder if Pedro sees him and Morales as the front two working off the Man City kid.
  11. Dave King statement on "Big tax case"

    Thats a pretty decent statement from DK - what would be good is for a clear rundown on the numbers of tax avoided, i.e. tax avoided on income of X =Y is that out there for consumption, not the seville version.
  12. More Players Still To Come - Dave King

    Reckoned at the time we had set ourselves up his way as opposed to a way that suited the players - sore and humiliating as it was it needed done.
  13. Barjonas

    Best two players on the park Bates then Barjonas. Bates defends first, great attacker of the ball. Barjonas great engine and very strong for his age, great player.
  14. Pedro doesn't care.

    I actually think he has the mettle to deal with this himself, id prefer the board dealt with funding and the non footballing side of our business so that he can fight back on the pitch to shut them up. I get the feeling this guy won't open doors for his detractors - he doesn't strike me as an appeaser.
  15. How do we get the Investment needed?

    FFS - OK so maybe not Gough, split hairs on names you pick one.