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  1. No offence but you come across as a despicable human being. It's people like you and your posts give us a bad name. I feel a sorry for you cause you're a bit thick but when I read stuff like that all empathy goes out the window. I bet I've seen Linfield play more recently than you too.
  2. Apparently a bit of bother up near the Barras already according to Twitter.
  3. Looks like England will be well represented judging by the different firms arriving!! Wonder what time it's all gonna kick off at!!!
  4. Champs League Semi-Finals are thurs 24th and thurs 1st May. Chelsea go to Anfield 27th. Reckon Chelsea will rest players.
  5. Wee Brick Fists, heard there wasn't a mark on him!!
  6. Anyone got a link think it's pay per view Some shape he's in:
  7. Right guys, if you don't cut out the abuse and start being civil to each other I'm going to lock this thread.
  8. Anyone who expects to see attractive football in Scottish League One is off their nut completely. Get real.,
  9. Exactly mate. We play in League One, what you'll see is League One football and we are the best team by far at League One football. Anyone expecting a higher standard of play need only look at how EPL teams experience a drop in their usual flair when playing cup ties against lesser opposition.
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