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  1. I won't be staying up till 4am to watch a forgone conclusion. Really can't be fucked for one of the shittest fights of the year. Will be attempting to stay up for ggg canelo in two weeks time though, the actual best fight in Boxing
  2. Price could never have lasted 12 like Audley did
  3. Fucking embaressing, as big a name as ward and lewis are, they are shit teir pundits.
  4. Aparently Kid Galahad has been calling out Rigondeux, after seeing the quality of his last 3 opponents Rigo would decapitate him.
  5. Wonder Fury will be after his doping ban, didn't have much power before and without the PEDS will have even less now
  6. I'll be on team stream for tonight. Would just like to add, this is ANOTHER promotor working with a doper (Galahad) I always find it funny when these guys give doping as an excuse not to match their fighter with an opponent then are happy to make money off someone caught for doping in the past by including them on their cards.
  7. It's mismatches I'm complaining about, not walkovers. It doesn't matter if the mismatch is a matchroom fighter or his opponent. Also, spence has been Brooks manditory for AGES now and he still ducking him, he would not have been able to just take 'walkovers'. There were also multiple good fights to be made at WW even if you discount the spence manditory, vargas had the fucking brook deal signed and ready to go. Watch brook move up to 154 now to dodge Spence. Also, literally ANY top 10 middleweight would have stood a better shot against GGG, regardless of your opinions on him Eubank would have made a much more compeitive matchup and there is also the famous ducking BJS
  8. GGG Brook was so obviously a cash grab, he never had a shot.
  9. Burns vs Relik was a mandatory and Brook vs GGG was a MASSIVE mismatch , I don't know how anyone can claim otherwise. For every evenly matched fight he has put up you can bet there are another 6 mismatches or paul smith 6 rounders.
  10. Some good news finally And to think, he could have been fighting some latvian plumber on the Dec 10 undercard if he had stayed with Matchroom
  11. Hard to believe a word he says when he spouts so much bullshit. He makes so many crazy promises about great fights and then delivers such fucking shite mismatches. Price vs AJ for PPV just takes the fucking piss. Broner vs Burns also off the cards now, another fight Hearn promised Burns
  12. Aparently Bernd Boente, Klitschko's manager has said postponement of the fight had nothing to do with an injury. Looks like the press basically just run with any old bullshit kugan or hearn spout and present it as truth. I find it hilarious that people are acusing Wlad of ducking AJ when he was about to fight the p4p no1 in the div in his own backyard. Hearn should never have been telling people it was going to get made as if it was fact.
  13. You'll remember every second of it if he knocks the fuck out of broner next year
  14. Will be watching it on the Box, I could never justify paying money for an undercard that terrible. Another fucking Hearn special.
  15. Wont happen imo. Ortiz is the interm WBA champ so any shot at the regular/super titles would need to include him at some point. And he is also the guy who everyone in the how div is ducking. Haye wants an easy pay day, he has literally nothing to gain by losing to Ortiz
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