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  1. From a financial point of view, would that mean we make no money from the tie in terms of gate receipts? I’m not sure if we half the gate on European matches.
  2. Ah..... whatever the fuck happened to Sandaza?
  3. It’ll be interesting to see if the gaffer is brave enough to make a number of changes to rest players after last night.
  4. That is a different article. The one I read had his tweet as the headline of the article, calling us disgraceful. It wasn’t buried in another article. Edit: you probably knew that, but just clarifying 🙂
  5. The Scotsman is running an article with that tweet. Unbelievable....... Anyway, the irony of that tweet is off the chart.
  6. Anyone seen the Scotsman’s top article? They find a tweet by a Feyenoord fan claiming we are ‘The most disgraceful, annoying, and out of touch fans I have ever seen’. Totally weird, he goes on to accuse us of spending more time focussing on pretending to be fans of Feyenoords arch enemy rather than supporting our own team(!) The article then switches tact and mentions the supporter wearing the celtic gear in their end.... So, The Scotsman could find a Twitter about the great atmosphere etc but instead chooses to go with ..........
  7. Yup. I mentioned that in the Alf thread too. Another infuriating thing about Ojo is he will always bottle a 50/50 it seems. Not the kind of play we expect at Ibrox. I do think opposition teams will be scared of him though.
  8. BlueThunder


    I love that Alfie absolutely gave Ojo it tight in the 72nd minute when we wanted him to make a run WHILST Alfie had the ball.
  9. BlueThunder


    If he could find that wee bit of composure and make the right choices more often he’d go up a level and we’d lose him to one of the really big guns for an absolute bomb.... Having said that, he was wonderful tonight. Long may it continue.
  10. The barcode sticker is still on the match ball 🤣
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