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  1. BlueThunder

    Gerarrds Fault

    Do you actually know our manager’s name? That’s twice now. 😂
  2. It is mentioned a number of times above, within the last couple of pages.
  3. Yup, spot on. I’m glad Alf just takes the foul these days, and waits on the deck. It focuses the ref on the foul and avoids any afters on his part.
  4. Need goals from the 2 N.Irish lads please 😀
  5. Grezda has to use this match, against 10 men, to show us what he is all about. So far he has looked a bit lost other than 1 decent cross.
  6. Are here we go, lots of fouls to try and wind Alf up.
  7. Fucking cunts. Stupid fucking goal.