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  1. Righty ho.
  2. Why are some folk so convinced He isn't worth much? He is a great prospect and we shouldn't be in a rush to punt him at the first offer.
  3. Tav? Niko? Miller? Wallace? Rossiter? Those would be the only 'shocks' IMO although MW has reportedly been sniffing about Tav. (I've excluded any of the new signings) I still think the post is probably rubbish but the speculation will entertain me until the next match
  4. The highlight is another day gone without 5 'Pedro out' threads clogging up the top of the board.
  5. Jesus, just out yourself already.
  6. I absolutely hate those kind of posts (not KAI's). Some fucker says x is going to happen but doesn't fucking tell you what x is. p(x) = 1 - (p(poster a dick) . p(poster a taig) n p(poster a dick taig))
  7. We now have Rangers fans doing things we'd slaughter Celtic fans for, and we applaud them? Strange times. However, those folk are all still idiots for giving their cash away to pay for a witch-hunt.
  8. I suspect we paid much less than that. That'll be a 'final figure' type of thing.
  9. Do we know who played, who went off etc?
  10. Quick, delete this thread before ForeverAndEver sees it.
  11. From where? Both Twitter feeds have Candeias.
  12. All these Johnny Foreigners look the same. In the St Johnstone match the Rangers commentator was getting Pena, Herrera and Candeias constantly confused!
  13. Lee Wallace provided the cross.
  14. Because it literally was a meltdown on here. Thread after thread about Pedro being sacked. Threads about how our players are shit etc etc. We'll be lucky to finish 5th yadayadayada. The difference was, after the Marseille match we didn't have threads saying 'We're gonna win the league'. This place is normally boom or bust. However I don't think people were going overboard with the compliments after the Marseille match hence no 'jizzing'.
  15. We'll lose and everyone will shit themselves. Again. Nobody was jizzing themself. We were just happy for a decent performance.