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  1. BlueThunder

    ***Official Rangers vs HJK Helsinki Thread***

    Borna fucked yet again..... or is he?
  2. BlueThunder

    ***Official Rangers vs HJK Helsinki Thread***

    Is he playing this half?!?!?
  3. BlueThunder

    ***Official Rangers vs HJK Helsinki Thread***

    Release the ball Lafferty FFS
  4. BlueThunder

    ***Official Rangers vs HJK Helsinki Thread***

    People don’t give a fuck until we draw or lose, then it’s a different matter!
  5. BlueThunder

    ***Official Rangers vs HJK Helsinki Thread***

    Everyone will get on, I think.
  6. BlueThunder

    ***Official Rangers vs HJK Helsinki Thread***

    I seem to have it as part of my online season ticket. Cool. (Unless they have suddenly stopped charging for online users)
  7. BlueThunder

    Ravel Morrison

    If it goes well there will be headlines of ‘Revel more son’
  8. BlueThunder

    From now till may

    Our goal is simply to bag 4 more points than them. (Assuming they win the game in hand) having said that, this place was bad enough when we dropped points in the first part of the season, Christ knows what it’ll be like from now on! 😂
  9. BlueThunder


    No chance. I’d be extremely surprised if it isn’t a loan.
  10. BlueThunder


    Wanting to take £2m for Tav. Bwaaahahahaaaaaaaaa.
  11. BlueThunder

    Andrew Gutman

    They still haven’t got over Mojo! 😂
  12. BlueThunder

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Don’t know about his touch, but his finishing looked decent in the YouTube video I watched. I hope it is just one of those clips reels that makes the player look better than he is. Regardless, if Alf and Defoe play well we won’t have to worry too much.
  13. BlueThunder


    Surely celtic can sue since they invented the huddle? 😂 ps. I do feel sorry for younger bears who haven’t lived in a pre ‘huddle’ world.
  14. BlueThunder

    Bradley Loved the Rangers.

    You have turned a thread about the tragic death of a young boy into a bizarre ‘political’ rant. I despair.
  15. BlueThunder

    Left Back Position

    No doubt Borna is the better left back but it is horses for courses. I was pondering this after Saturday and wondered if Borna could have done a better job than Halliday on the day.