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  1. Why on earth would we attach the figures we want? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
  2. Pedro will be here next season. Let's hope he employs the right players and comes back with some sort of recognisable playing style.
  3. Embarrassing that this Dross are beating us at home. Whatever you think about Warburton, he normally got results at home. Can't say the same about Pedro... it always seems to be a slog.
  4. Sure, but does that mean we play an extraordinarily weak midfield tonight? Change the shape, or get some young guys on. As it stands the midfield is completely ineffective but, and this is my point, we could see that prior to kick-off. Plus as Ritchie mentioned MW at leat had a style of play.
  5. I understand what you are saying, but Warburton didn't pick that midfield tonight. It is blindingly obvious we'd be overrun.
  6. That isn't the worst call ever. If we are going to play shite at least let the young lads play without pressure. Hell they might even drag us back into the match.
  7. That isn't what most on here were saying at the time. Anyway, my real concern is no discernible style of play other than lump it up the park and lose possession after two or three passes.
  8. Yet another shapeless, guileless performance under Pedro I'm sorry to say. Yes we need new players, but a team with Toral, Dodoo, McKay and Windass.....? Everyone could see we'd be an easy touch in midfield.
  9. I'm obviously missing something, but why does Kenny Miller look like Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran in the YouTube images above?
  10. There were games under Warburton where we absolutely controlled it, missed chances, and the other team scored with their first attempt. Folk on here we're going mental saying possession counts for shit if we don't score.