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  1. There are some cracking threads on RM, and some abysmal ones. Alas this is the latter. No-one is saying Dorrans deserved what happened. Some folk on here must get some sort of sexual thrill by being offended with others, they are that quick to grab the pitchforks.... 😂
  2. Exactly. FWIW We don’t know anything about this attack on Dorrans but it doesn’t take a genius to work out it was probably Football and Rangers related.
  3. They tried their best. We are better now. Happy days.
  4. It almost sounds like you are thinking about what the statistic means rather than shouting ‘fuck this pish’ and claiming it an embarrassment. 😀
  5. He is right - unless we get consistency and an ability to win when playing poorly we won’t be champions next year. The filth lost a large amount of points but still won the league. We didn’t go on a decent run in the league until March, after February had already fucked us, and Alfredo forced Gerrard’s hand in reshaping the team formation. It was a promising opening season for Stevie but we really have to do much better next season.
  6. I’d be delighted if we got half the money back on Grezda and Barisic. I’d be ecstatic if we broke even!
  7. I posted after re-watching both Osijek matches that we only really remembered him because of his bandage and his goal. He wasn’t that brilliant in them but he seemed to stick in our minds.
  8. He even seemed to be defending the pitch. Lol. Bye Bye Clarke.
  9. Spot on. Immediately after the celtic match he said that there would be changes. H&H said exactly the same thing, to expect a vastly different team. Still, I do hate losing, although if it helps knock aberdeen out....
  10. Because they want him to go AND they want us to get less money for him.
  11. If it was for the league or even to finish second I guarantee we’d have seen a different match. I wonder if Clarke will mention the singing today.
  12. Hahaha. Dicker about to say Killie had no fans when he arrived but managed to catch himself.
  13. Oh well. No surprise, given the circumstances. Fuck Aberdeen.
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