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  1. I have no doubt we will sign another 2 or 3 players who will perform well in Europe but vanish during Scottish matches when the pressure is on. I don’t believe Gerrard will build a team capable of both competitions. Look how long it took Walter on his second spell to turn the team around domestically. Was it 1 window? I’m desperate to be proven wrong.
  2. It is a clean slate in that we now have a different partner who is paying us more and who we will profit greatly from. I don’t know how long SD have the matching clause but at least for the time being we are in a good place it seems.
  3. Gutted for Niko. He was obviously training hard in the gym during lockdown to try and establish a first team place. I can’t believe this was kept quiet for a week. I’d have thought it would leak immediately.
  4. I’m not sure why folk are continuing to moan. We know what to do and where to buy from. If folk are pissed off just wait until August 1st and buy from our store or buy online.
  5. Finished TLOU2 last night. Whilst I understand some people being annoyed at character motivation/plot lines, I thought it was absolutely excellent. If that is considered a poor game by some then roll on this absolute golden age of gaming.
  6. We knew it was sent at 4.48, Dundee confirmed this. However, the SPFL said it hadn't been received (around 5 or 6), then later (possibly the next day) said it was found nearer 8 ish.
  7. I only asked because of this on the Public Access page:- "Although you are not physically attending court, if you dial in to these proceedings you are subject to the same rules as if you are present in Court. Anyone failing to obey or respect the authority of the Court may be subject to Contempt of Court proceedings. In particular, those accessing a hearing: · must not record or store the proceedings · must not broadcast the proceedings · must not, during the course of a hearing, comment on the proceedings using live texted based communications (such as Twitter)."
  8. Why are folk allowed to post stuff from the trial?
  9. They wouldn't say, yeah, the tops are the real ones. Why? Folk would have knock off copies for sale within a day. Just because they refuted stories on the strips which turned out to be kosher doesn't mean that they are lying about Ashley.
  10. The pre-order (where did this exclusive bit come from) was only because we couldn’t legally sell them prior to the 1st. You have mentioned this several times. What are you trying to say? That Castore is a front for Ashley? That we are still tied to SD? It seems you want there to be more to this. And to think, everything was calming down until Eskbank suggested that our sales people missed this 1st August SD loophole and everything cranked back up again.
  11. I don’t know what type of deal has been done between Castore and SD but as folk have pointed out it doesn’t really affect us. It wouldn’t surprise me if Fat Mike did a deal to wind us up, but that is up to him. From our point of view we have to appear non-antagonistic towards SD as there are ongoing cases to be resolved.
  12. Folks rage is mental. I took it to be that we are quietly ignoring SD and they are buying some tops from Castore. That’s the extent of it. That isn’t exactly us being linked with SD. Who cares if SD are selling our top. Virtually no-one will buy it.
  13. Can you get them to change my large top to a medium please. Ta.
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