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  1. So, assuming we get past Progres we aren’t seeded? It is going to be tough to get into the groups this year.
  2. He did ok. Looked a little nervous, but had the physicality to handle himself. Not as progressive as Tav but didn’t do much wrong IMO. Hope he kicks on from this.
  3. Matt looked nervous there, probably knew someone would mention his missus. Interesting comments about the dressing room being mostly tight, and him being accepted more this season.
  4. What the hell is a teeker? 😀
  5. Alright, just back in from the Men’s Final. I think i’ve perhaps found the ‘celtic’ jersey that was mentioned a few pages back.
  6. Maybe, but we can’t really tell until the guy plays in Scotland. Same with Helander. I’d simply prefer they didn’t have a huge wad of cash to burn and had to root about to find bargains. Maybe they would use it on terrible players as you say, but i’d rather they didn’t have the option.
  7. If true then it’ll be interesting to see if/how they spend it. If they buy a replacement and spend the rest on a quality player or two we could be in a bit of bother. Naturally they’ll have to find decent players but i’d prefer they kept an injury prone player rather than selling and having a huge chunk of money to play with. If we sell Alfie I’d imagine a decent replacement is lined up, but I can’t see any more midfielders or defenders being bought. In fact i’d think the most likely course for us would be to try and buy Kent outright, which kind of feels like treading water.
  8. It would fit that Sellick fan at the beach table.
  9. Nope. The ballot. Hit paydirt after years of trying with no success! Not all good news. Just occurred to me that i’m going to miss the Marseille match.... I’ll be the guy squinting at his phone and shouting ‘yaaaas Morelos’ just before match point.
  10. That’s the thing - i’m going to the men’s final on Sunday. I’d never even consider going in a football top, nevermind one so horrendous. 😀
  11. BlueThunder

    Joe Aribo

    I’m not seeing it yet. Don’t get me wrong, he hasn’t played badly, and he had a nice turn to get out of trouble and his general play was tidy, but all i’m seeing so far is a decent player, not an excellent one. I think he will do well, but I think the plaudits are premature, that’s all.
  12. I’ll formulate an opinion after 10 or so games, thanks very much. There have been enough loan signings who started strongly only to tail off, for me to give myself pause....
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