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  1. Can I ask a silly question? What happens if the season restarts, and the virus rips through us or the filth?
  2. I see Mikel Lustig has said the title should just be handed to the filth. Well that’s that sorted then. 😂 On a side note, I think he is the ex-filth player I despise the most. Some going to get that accolade.
  3. Ah, midgitland. Beating them was a towering achievement.
  4. As Stevie Smith’s lawyer, I’d like to point out my client was exceptional in the period prior to his injury.
  5. My contract was terminated last week because of the virus decimating the travel industry, but I’ll happily pay that amount to ensure we don’t have another 2012. Thousands of us will. Regarding. Aberdeen - I don’t know how much they need on a monthly basis, but I guarantee the filth will arrange to buy McKenna (at a knock-down price) which will give Aberdeen a fighting chance. As far as we are concerned, we better have a great plan in place for whenever the footie recommences because this whole period is only suiting one club in Scotland. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.
  6. If you leave the SPFL rule book aside(assuming all that chat is correct) the obvious thing from a Sporting point of view Is to null and void the season. I can’t see how that can be argued against. If the SPFL rulebook does say that celtic should be given the title and hearts relegated then it is quite clearly wrong, regardless of whether we signed up for that or not.
  7. We’d have to ask all the clubs in the league - it seems that is what happened there. I wouldn’t feel that sellick having to give a few million away softened the blow of them getting another tainted title I’m afraid.
  8. So, looks like Alfie will in all likelihood never score against the filth for us. Would have been a great sight.
  9. I understand what you are saying, but how can they declare a winner and then fudge the situation so that there is a loser who doesn’t lose. Sellick get all the benefits of winning, Hearts none of the drawbacks. Doesn’t seem right to me.
  10. Will he still want to join? Will we have the cash after losing millions in match day sales? I like him, and hope we do sign him, but we need other players to allow him to play his game.
  11. We could fly Morelos back from his new club every Wednesday. 😂
  12. The other thread is saying there is no way the football will be reconvened. The league is finished is the message.
  13. The assumption was he has it and has been incubating it. I was being slightly facetious but legally I’m sure they would take a look at it.
  14. I am certain that in the next few days there will be a steady drip drip of the messages that the league should end as is and places should be regarded as final, suggesting otherwise would be against the ‘spirit of the game‘ and to play on would risk the health of players and fans, so declaring the season complete is the only obvious course of action blah blah blah. That’s how they will frame it. They’ll say anything to get their title. Hartson, Sutton, Lego and Lennon already saying this. Only Barry Ferguson saying otherwise in print as far as I can tell.
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