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  1. Your second last paragraph is why this is important to us - so they have nothing to hit us with, even incorrectly, and we can quietly get on with the job of fucking them on the park.
  2. Looks more like Al Partridge than Al Pacino.
  3. How can they say we only had 4 shots on target when their keeper saved at least 3?
  4. Need another to make it less nervy. Alf needs his goal.
  5. Aribo won’t want to play tomorrow without a crash helmet! If he does play I hope he uses the incident to get right up for it.
  6. I went to the final, and remember thinking it was a shame Man City were so in the shadow of Utd..... Shows how a lot of money and a little time can change things in football. Anyway, Gerrard has done an exceptional job in Europe with not a huge amount.
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