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  1. I'm obviously missing something, but why does Kenny Miller look like Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran in the YouTube images above?
  2. There were games under Warburton where we absolutely controlled it, missed chances, and the other team scored with their first attempt. Folk on here we're going mental saying possession counts for shit if we don't score.
  3. Looks like Wilson's nose is broken
  4. How did we not score?
  5. 3 seconds in and Aberdeen hoof the ball into our box
  6. He has been posting like that since day one. I think he was asked about it then. Anyway for what it's worth, getting rid of Warburton when we did looks to have cost us second, if not third. We may be better in the long run, who knows, but the transition period to Murty then Caixinha has cost us I think.
  7. I have to agree it was an act of sheer folly making 3 changes at half-time, especially the way Motherwell were kicking us about. Surely the problem wasn't so bad that all 3 HAD to come off? Make 2 changes and save a sub.
  8. Aye, that Wes is shite.....
  9. Well, it is certainly entertaining......