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  1. Kent is having a really bad patch at the moment. I’m not sure Grezda is the answer though.
  2. Guaranteed the compliance officer bans Alfie for the celtic match after he pushed Broadfoot there
  3. BBC saying replays show Clancy was right... no surprise there
  4. And Alfie misses the celtic mtch If we get through....
  5. He certainly felt in his back pocket.... Maybe it was a cross... 😀
  6. Why are folk trying to downplay how much we can look to get? Bizarre. He is worth what clubs are willing to pay. And Kevin Kyle is a fud.
  7. Haha. As i’ve got older I’ve increasingly thought about not watching tense matches at all, and reading the score - obviously watching if we win. Haven’t done it yet, but sorely tempting!
  8. Yes - but only once I had landed in australia. France and Germany on my journey didn’t work....
  9. We could have won that had we not messed up numerous counter attack. Mind you, they could have scored twice with the clearances in the box. Hopefully better from us at Ibrox. I’ll be interested to see if Sportscene focus on the Aberdeen players who could have been sent off. Or will they trawl for an incident of ‘petulance’ from Morelos that wasn’t seen by the referee....
  10. I doubt he is going to make it for us, sadly. Something seems to be missing to fit into the Scottish game.
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