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  1. They aren't mutually exclusive though. It has gone very quiet on that Spurs bloke Mitchell. Leading me to conclude we are after him but need to wait until his 'garden leave' is up.
  2. Hmmm. Not sure about BF. All depends on how much influence he is given. I'd rather have someone else frankly. Besides, wasn't he critical of the PC appointment a few weeks ago?
  3. But...but....what is the point of these loan signings.
  4. We are never going to recover properly if people are looking to get shot of the likes of Tav for next to nothing. If he was playing for the filth they'd be wanting £5m or such, whereas some of our fans would be happy with 500k!
  5. Well done. 4-0 F/T
  6. Dodoo coming on
  7. Wow, that shoulda been a goal. Cmon Kenny!
  8. Fuck me Jason. Shoulda been a goal
  9. Wallace makes a great run but yet again fails to find a decent pass
  10. I can't even get the Rangers tv site up at the moment.