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  1. If Jones and Barker get punted then we obviously have to be be trying to bring in a new winger. I think that the plan was to get that Campbell to sign and pay a little to get him early, and play him on the right wing. Mind you, if Hastie is coming back we might use him and Middleton....
  2. Aside from Flanagan, who is the jersey filling pals act? You talking about Liverpool loans?
  3. He did. We have Murphy (gone), Docherty, Polster and Jones all being linked away, and deadly silence on Ojo, Barker and Flanagan. I get we have to cut our cloth as the squad is bloated but he bought a huge amount of that squad and seems keen to get rid of the guys who will work harder for us but who he didn’t sign (Polster excluded obviously)
  4. If Polster is farmed out and we continue with Flanagan then the writing might be on the wall for Gerrard as a winning manager. He can’t let friendship get in the way of fielding the best team. If he can’t see that Polster played much better then we have bigger problems.
  5. If celtic lose or draw a match will our win go back to being meaningful again?
  6. I had to leave the forum yesterday because of the defeatist posts. Last week we are winning 55 and mocking celtic, today we are losers and will win nothing. We may not win the title this season, but the surest way to guarantee we don’t win is to spit the dummy at the first hurdle. I do wonder how many folk actually remember what a genuine title contest feels like.
  7. We were on top in that part of the game. His stupidity fucked us (as well as Goldson slipping, not for the first time I should add)
  8. Defoe is a good poacher but he does nothing much until the ball comes to him. We need something different.
  9. I think there is a reason you have 38 likes in 11 years.
  10. I think think shows this team doesn’t really have the know how to win a title. Unless they can do something in the next 8 minutes.
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