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  1. Smith has a point about Hyndman - playing him too deep. Only he and Miller have looked a threat in recent matches.
  2. Every single area of the team is misfiring. Zero confidence, zero fight.
  3. Fucking shite. Completely unmarked.
  4. Hahahahahahahha. Hahahahhahahahhaaa.
  5. Politics. He is saying this as he knows we aren't going to appoint him.
  6. That's FdB out then.
  7. Why, because The Dude's site is speculating? Where did you see this? If it was true it would be everywhere by now.
  8. Waldorf and Statler next week, apparently.
  9. I wonder if Frankie is pondering the arsenal job? The board have a big decision to make - do we hang around hoping that he will choose us or fix on a more 'realistic' target. Either way they will get slaughtered, most likely! (If he doesn't join)
  10. Not playing Senderos would have been a good place to start......
  11. I know it was fashionable for people to say they weren't looking forward to a game when Warburton was in charge, but I always felt optimistic. That feeling has gone and I don't know if it will return until we get a permanent manager or go on a run of results. I saw little last weekend to suggest we are going to improve with the current management. The way we were hanging on at the end was ridiculous. Hopefully I'm proven wrong and we get a win by a decent margin.
  12. I think we can safely conclude from this that FdB is arriving in time for next season. Huzzah!
  13. Davie Weir, I'd imagine