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  1. exactly the shagger we need in defence
  2. or it could just be in reference to the opinion that madrid are quite a materialistic club
  3. looks so bad hahahah
  4. is this ticketed?
  5. wee cunts laughing deserve a good slap, hate bullies
  6. please rangers we need this
  7. free free i just wanna be
  8. i dislike aberrdeen as much as hibs so no issue betting on who i fancy in the game. Still await the gers tomorrow for a bit of cash. Not that that will cross my mind when we pump them
  9. i backed it aye
  10. is it not your fault tactically to get completely dominated from the start, neil?
  11. hahaha listen to this cunt
  12. fuck hibs. tho this is worth a few quid imo
  13. well in beer man. Way better than shandy boy teirney who plays for them.
  14. it seems like rickie always has so many birdies but also often makes a complete arse of a hole somewhere in these tournaments. wish i could bet on him making a triple bogey or worse in this round
  15. The email i get emailed from Rangers with is fucked so can't check. Have yous been charged as well? If so it would seem i haven't got one