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  1. *** Official NBA thread ***

    every tweet reply from now till the end of time on american twitter sports pages will be about this if they blow it again lol
  2. *** Official NBA thread ***

    ehh no they didn't. this warriors would have been the first. lakers went 15-1 back in 2001
  3. *** Official NBA thread ***

    Preety confident on this. Curry usually doesn't even play in the 4th because its usually a blow out by that point lol. But tonight he should see a lot of minutes.
  4. *** Official NBA thread ***

    in 5 sorry
  5. *** Official NBA thread ***

    excited for tonight. Cant see past the warriors. i think they'll win it in 4
  6. Tiger Woods

  7. Tiger Woods

    still a swagger
  8. Atletico's card display last night

    or it could just be in reference to the opinion that madrid are quite a materialistic club
  9. Bars open early tomorrow

    is this ticketed?
  10. ManVFat Glasgow

    wee cunts laughing deserve a good slap, hate bullies
  11. ***** The Official Taigs v Rangers Match Thread *****

    please rangers we need this
  12. The 'U'...

    free free i just wanna be
  13. Hibs

    i dislike aberrdeen as much as hibs so no issue betting on who i fancy in the game. Still await the gers tomorrow for a bit of cash. Not that that will cross my mind when we pump them
  14. Hibs

    i backed it aye
  15. Hibs v Aberdeen

    is it not your fault tactically to get completely dominated from the start, neil?