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  1. Charles Manson absolutely murdered their midfield in that second half
  2. would fucking love him to score Sunday.
  3. honestly who gives a fuck with all these shite polls. same with all the stuff bet365 post on twitter
  4. surely you could easily get spotted if your from Glasgow as well
  5. making my skin crawl even thinking about it. Imagine all the taigs around you jumping up and down and you have to do it with them, Jesus
  6. http://live.harleyquinnwidget.com/freelivematch/600936010447730.html. if you don't mind watching in Russian haha
  7. http://www.sportingvideo3.com/20180812/wv5b6fd583c51aa707605713-2012156.html that is good
  8. every tweet reply from now till the end of time on american twitter sports pages will be about this if they blow it again lol
  9. ehh no they didn't. this warriors would have been the first. lakers went 15-1 back in 2001
  10. Preety confident on this. Curry usually doesn't even play in the 4th because its usually a blow out by that point lol. But tonight he should see a lot of minutes.
  11. excited for tonight. Cant see past the warriors. i think they'll win it in 4
  12. The email i get emailed from Rangers with is fucked so can't check. Have yous been charged as well? If so it would seem i haven't got one
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